Located northwest of Ripley, off New Hope Road

Transcribed October 18, 2000 by Danny Lunsford and Deborah Lunsford Yates

All visible markers in this cemetery were recorded.  Evidence of numerous unmarked graves exists.

Updated March 2, 2001


(House located on New Hope Road, Ripley, Lauderdale County, Tennessee)



Edited by Kate Johnston Peters, 1957 --

Just how and when New Hope Methodist Church was organized we have no record but there was a church in 1832.  The first building was made of logs, puncheon floor, split log pews, stick and dirt chimney and board roof held in place by weights.  It stood on the hill in what is now the cemetery.  During the Civil War guns were conveniently stacked about the church as the people worshipped.  In 1867, a box house was erected at the foot of the hill.  This was used for 19 years.  The third frame building was erected in 1886 and served until 1945, when the present building was erected in Central

These earlier settlers of our community did not have the modern conveniences which we have today.  They traveled to church in ox wagons or walked -- many times barefooted until they neared church, so as to conserve their shoes.  On "wash day" the wash block and battling stick were much in use.  The clothes were stirred in hot water, placed on wash block and beaten with paddles called battling sticks. Soap was made from grease and lye from ashes.  Cooking was done on an open fire with old iron skillets and dutch ovens.  Men hewed the logs to build their houses.  The houses had no glass windows.  The doors or shutters could be opened for light.  Grease lamps were also used.

During pioneer days school was taught in Grace Baptist Church.  Mrs. Hurt was one of the early teachers.  In extremely dry, hot weather the cistern which furnished the water supply "went dry."  The scholars took buckets down the hill to New Hope Spring to get water--a distance of about one-half mile. 

 Some of the elderly people recall that there was at one time a county home for the poor on the McKeever land, on top of the hill from old New Hope Church.  There was also a brick kiln in that vicinity.





The New Hope Methodist Church began in a brush arbor in the Central community, but the date was never recorded.  By 1832 a frame building had been erected on the hill where the "old" New Hope Cemetery is now located.  This church was made of logs, puncheon floors, split log pews and had a stick and dirt chimney.  Nearby was a fenced-in shed for hot weather services, and a spring of water was located across the road where camp meetings were often held.  (Clara Jordan recalled to her daughter memories of her family's taking food and other supplies, including live chickens, to camp at the spring during the one or two-week-long camp revivals held even into the early 1900's.)  This first church may have also been used as a school, for one historian mentions occasional spelling matches at the church.  Throughout the years there have been four church buildings at three different locations.  Members tell that during the Civil War guns were stacked at the back of the church while worship services were being conducted.




North East Section of Cemetery


BYRN, Charles, Dec 5, 1870 - Sep 21, 1897, Son of G.W. & H.M. Byrn

BYRN, Claudius E., Jul 19, 1872 - Oct 9, 1888, Son of G.W. & H.M. Byrn

BYRN, Clement V., Feb 28, 1878 - Sep 24, 1881, Son of G.W. & H.M. Byrn

(Triple stone with Presley Byrn and Minnie A. Byrn)

BYRN, F. R., May 29, 1867 - Dec 12, 1902 (Felix R., son of George W. and Hannah Byrn) (see obit)

BYRN, G.W., Sep 21, 1839 - Jan 20, 1892 (George W., Double with Hannah Byrn)

BYRN, Hannah M. , Jul 29, 1842 - Feb 2, 1912, Wife of G.W. Byrn (dau of William & Mariah Lunsford) (obit)

BYRN, John Green Sr., Dec 19, 1864 - Oct 2, 1898 (son of G. W. & Hannah Byrn, no stone)

BYRN, Mary Allie (Johnson), Aug 16, 1874 - Apr 25, 1906, Wife of J. G. Byrn (John Green Byrn, Sr.)

BYRN, Minnie A., Feb 16, 1874 - Apr 8, 1877, Daughter of G.W. & H.M. Byrn

(Triple stone with Presley Byrn and Clement V. Byrn)

BYRN, Presley, Oct 3, 1875 - Oct 2, 1882, Son of G.W. & H.M. Byrn

(Triple stone with Clement V. Byrn and Minnie A. Byrn)

CALDWELL, Roland, Nov 6, 1909 - Aug 30, 1910, Son of H. D. (Henry Dabenor) and C. B. (Cora Byrn) Caldwell

DENNIE, Charles Alic, May 6, 1873 - Aug 8, 1909, Father (son of David Dennie & Elizabeth Byrn)

DENNIE, David, died Oct 15, 1901, Age 68 yr, 7 mos, CSA-Co. G, 4th Tennessee Regiment

(Second Stone - born Apr 16, 1837 - died Oct 15, 1901 - son of Alfred Dennie)

DENNIE, Dora A., Dec 2, 1877 - Dec 24, 1943, Mother (Dora A. Garrett, wife of Charles Alic Dennie)

DENNIE, Elizabeth, Dec 11, 1843 - Jan 12, 1906, Wife of David Dennie (Aquilla Elizabeth Byrn)

LUNSFORD, Emma, Apr 29, 1869 - Aug 4, 1902, Wife of J.W. Lunsford (Emma M. Byrn)

LUNSFORD, W. P., Apr 9, 1889 - Oct 4, 1916 (Presley, son of Joseph Wyatt and Emma Byrn Lunsford)

STEWART, Oct 8, 1884 - Nov 11, 1884, Infant (Triple with A.W. Stewart)

STEWART, A.W., Jan 10, 1882 - Jan 25, 1882, Infant, Son of J. A. & F.E. Stewart

STEWART, Infant, Oct 8, 1884 - Nov 11, 1884 (Triple with A.W., & J. A. Stewart)

STEWART, J. A., Mar 5, 1861 - Apr 12, 1894 (John A. Stewart, husband of Francis E. Byrn)

THOMPSON, ?????, ??? 27, 1864?, ??? of G. A. & A. S. Thompson

THOMPSON ??lie, Son of G. A. & A. S. Thompson, Jun 27, 1890 - Sep 17, 1890

THOMPSON, Albert S., Jan 27, 1867 - Mar 5, 1908 (son of John G. Thompson & Isabell J. Monett) (see obit)

THOMPSON, Five Children of J.G. and Isabell J. Thompson

THOMPSON, Isabell J., Oct 30, 1839 - Sep 23, 1912, Age 72 yr, 10 mo, 7 da  (see obit)

THOMPSON, John G, Sep 30, 1833 - Nov 26, 1915  (see obit)


Center Section of Cemetery


CASTELLAW, Wm D., Feb 2, 1861 - Nov 8, 1886


South West Section of Cemetery


AKIN, H.B., Sep 1853 - Nov 6, 1898

AKIN, Octavia, 1858 - 1944, Mother

BRASFIELD, Bessie Newman, Apr 11, 1895 - Nov 26, 1963 (Double with Luther Guy Brasfield)

BRASFIELD, Linnie E., TN Sgt US Army Korea, Sep 14, 1928 - Jan 27, 1971

BRASFIELD, Luther Guy, Jun 11, 1893 - May 17, 1947 (Double with Bessie Newman Brasfield)

BRASFIELD, Rebecca I., Aug 20, 1920 - Jul 1, 1941, Dau of L. G. & Bessie Brasfield

BRASFIELD, W. D., born and died 1927, 9 months old

BROWN, Ezell Langley, Jul 23, 1912 - Jan 10, 1915

BROWN, Solon A., 1908 - 1943, "At Rest"

BURNHAM, C. M., Apr 27, 1892 - Sep 28, 1893, Son of R.L. & M. L. Burnham, "Sweet Baby Gone Home"

DUVALL, B. F., Feb 29, 1852 - Nov 30, 1922 (Double with Josie Duvall)

DUVALL, Josie, Feb 7, 1852 - Jun 16, 1932

FARMER, John H., Tennessee, PVT 153 Depot BRIG, Feb 20, 1928

GRAMMER, Infant Son, 1922

GRAMMER, Keltner, 1911 -1912

HERRON, John Ed, 1902 - 1936, Father, "At Rest"

KELTNER, Elma (included on stone of Jacob Green Keltner)

KELTNER, Green, Oct 7, 1849 - Jun 11, 1908 (Jacob Green, son of James S. Keltner & Priscilla Jennings) obit

KELTNER, James (included on stone of Jacob Green Keltner)

KELTNER, Minnie (included on stone of Jacob Green Keltner)

KELTNER, Okley (included on stone of Jacob Green Keltner)

KELTNER, Sophronia E. Osteen, Apr 9, 1854 - Aug 1, 1915, Wife of J.G. Keltner (dau of Joseph Lafater Osteen & Amanda Lunsford) see obit

KELTNER, Walter (included on stone of Jacob Green Keltner)

LUNSFORD, Bertha, Jun 7, 1884 - Oct 22, 1884 (sister of W.R. Lunsford)

LUNSFORD, Dora, Apr 3, 1875 - Jul 19, 1878 (sister of W.R. Lunsford)

LUNSFORD, G.C. (Green C.), Nov 12, 1845 - Jan 6, 1898 (Husband of Mariah L. Lunsford) see obit

LUNSFORD, Mariah (Norris), Dec 23, 1809 - Jul 11, 1890, 80 yr, 6 mo, 18 da (Wife of William Lunsford)

LUNSFORD, Mariah L., Apr 9, 1843 - Oct 21, 1917, Wife of G.C. Lunsford (Mariah Louise, daughter of Robert Thompson and Emily Norris)

LUNSFORD, W.R. (William Robert), Jan 19, 1868 - Mar 3, 1890, Two sisters on the left, Dora & Bertha ---

Children of G.C. and M. L. Lunsford (grandson of William & Mariah Norris Lunsford) see obit

LUNSFORD, William, Oct 8, 1805 - Apr 27, 1884 (Husband of Mariah Norris Lunsford) see genealogy

LUNSFORD, William G. (Green), Oct 7, 1863 - Sep 22, 1892, Husband of Josie Lunsford, age 28 yr, 11 mo, 15 da (son of Aris Riley Lunsford & Margaret A. Brimm, grandson of William & Mariah Norris Lunsford)

MANERS, Ada, Dec 9, 1887 - Feb 20, 1905, Wife of J. I. Maners

MILLER, Jno W., Apr 19, 1852 - May 8, 1888, 36 yr, 19 da

MILLER, John G., Jul 8, 1909 - Jul 12, 1967

MILLER, Margaret, Jun 1826 - Jan ????, Wife of W. Miller, Born in Germany

MILLER, Mattie Osteen, Jul 8, 1886 - Jan 22, 1975

MILLER, Napoleon F., Oct 10, 1881 - Sep 6, 1945

MOORE, Alice B., 1869 - 1934, Wife of J.W. Moore (Alice Bell Lunsford, wife of John Wesley Moore, daughter of Green C. Lunsford and Mariah Thompson)

MOORE, Ella, Jul 31, 1856 - Dec 28, 1904, "He Giveth His Beloved Sleep"

NEWMAN, Robert Wallace, Jan 10, 1863 - May 27, 1950

STEWART, ? W. , Feb 27, 1857 - Jun 14, 1891

STEWART, Ella R., Sep 28, 1890 - May 16, 1891, Daughter of B. C. & M. L. Stewart

STEWART, Elizabeth A., Mar 12, 1831 - Jul 7, 1885, Wife of J.I. Stewart

STEWART, J.I., Jan 21, 1827 - Mar 22, 1900 (Iverson Stewart)

THOMPSON, James W., Feb 1, 1847 - Aug 13, 1895, Husband of Rebecca A. (Stewart) Thompson

THOMPSON, Opha M., Apr 6, 1908 - Apr 26, 1908, Son of C. B. & Ora Thompson

TURNER, Rosa L., May 25, 1873 - May 6, 1901, Wife of W.L. Turner, "Gone but not forgotten"




Burials from Burgess Funeral Home Records, various, incomplete, no stones


BROWN, Ruby, Aug 28, 1931 - Feb 7, 1932, parents - Solon Brown and Florence Langley

DUVALL, Mrs. Josie, Feb 7, 1852 - Jun 16, 1932, sons - Mack Duvall, Jack Duvall, Guy Duvall

HERON, Infant Daughter, Nov 22, 1931, parents - John E. Heron and Mary Langley Heron, Stillborn

HERON, James Lewis, Jun 22, 1929 - Oct 4, 1933, parents - J.E. Heron and Mary Langley

WILSON, Rebecca Ann (Stewart), Oct 12, 1853 - Apr 1, 1933, parents - John Iverson Stewart and (Elizabeth) misc Widow, (Rebecca Ann Stewart, first marriage to James W. Thompson)


Burials from Lauderdale County Enterprise Obituaries, various, incomplete, no stones


ADKERSON, William, died Apr 1915

BYRN, Miss Cora, died Aug 1911, daughter of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. Byrn (John William Byrn & Byrdie Hobson) obit

BURNHAM, John, died Nov 1900 (brother of W. R. Burnham)

BURNHAM, Lucinda Meadows, wife of W. R. Burnham (buried left of C. M. Burnham marked grave) obit

BURNHAM, W. R., born 1832, died 1915 see obit

DUVALL, Mrs. Maude, died Jan 4, 1903 see obit

GRAMMER, Infant of Edward L. and Irene (Keltner), died Feb 1921 see obit

HAISLIP, Mrs. J. G., died Wednesday, Sep 25, 1912 see obit

HALFACRE,  Sarah (Farmer), born Oct 5, 1857, died May 29, 1921 see obit

HARRISON, Dr. W. D., born Dec 23, 1874, died Friday, Oct 18, 1912 see obit

HARRISON, Emily, died Saturday, Dec 15, 1916 see obit

HAYNES, Andrew, born Jan 17, 1854, died Apr 14, 1918 (son of John E. Haynes & Mary Youngblood) obit

HAYNES, John, died Nov 5, 1906

JORDAN, Infant of Mr. & Mrs. Gus Jordan, June 12, 1908 (Emmerson Augustus Jordan & Clara Stewart)

JORDAN, Mrs. Dee, died Thursday, Jan 12, 1911 see obit

LANGLEY, Child of Edgar Langley, born Aug 1912, died Jan 1915 (Lauderdale County Enterprise, 15-Jan-1915)

LANGLEY, J. W. Jr., died Sep 15, 1925, age 24 yr, 11 mo, 12 day, parents - Mr. & Mrs. Johnnie Langley

LANGLEY, Mrs. William, died Jul 19, 1904, sister of W. T. Andrews

LEDBETTER, Mrs. Charles (Norah J.), born abt. 1880, died May 8, 1906 (lived Chickasawba, AR, no stone)

LUCAS, John, died Dec 1915 at the home of Dan Underwood, age 84 see obit

PIERCY, Nettie Meadows, died Jan 18, 1908 see obit

RICHARDSON, Clara Barton, buried Sep 11, 1908 see obit

WARREN, Andrew J., died Aug 13, 1910, age 42 see obit

WARREN, Mrs. Matt, died May 27, 1911, 72 yrs old (first wife of Jesse Thompson, 10 children, 4 surviving -

Mr. Gordon Thompson, Mrs. Virgie Turner, Mrs. Ben Osteen, Mrs. Bud Osteen) see obit


Other Burials from family submissions, no stones


Lauderdale County Enterprise Obituaries


BURNHAM, Lucinda Meadows


            Lauderdale County Enterprise - 30 Jun 1915 - Mrs. W. R. Burnham died Saturday in Yarbro, Ark. and the remains were brought here and laid to rest in New Hope cemetery Monday.  Deceased was in her 80th year and resided in this county prior to May of last year when she went to live with her daughter, Mrs. T. N. Lott, in Yarbro.


Lauderdale County Enterprise - 7 July 1916 - Mrs. L. M. Burnham, wife of late W. R. Burnham, was born in Middle Tennessee February 20, 1837, and died June 24, 1916...she was first married to Mr. Nathan Grear, and both of her husbands were Confederate soldiers.  For about 40 years she had been a member of the Methodist church at New Hope where she still retained her membership at the time of her death and it was here she was laid to rest by the side of her late husband who preceded her to glory land only eight months...Mother liked old time singing, old time preaching and old time shouting. "Jesus Lover of My Soul" was her favorite song, and the one she requested to be sung at her funeral....She is survived by four children, G. N. Grear, J. D. and R. I. Burnham, and Mrs. T. N. Lott and one brother, Mr. Jones Meaders.....It was the wish of mother that she be brought back to be laid to rest in New Hope cemetery.  Rev. Kelly attended the burial, as did also a large assemblage of friends and relatives.....T. N. and M. W. Lott, Yarbro, Ark.




            Lauderdale County Enterprise - 29 Oct 1915  - Mr. W. R. Burnham died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. T. N. Lott, in Yarbro, Ark. Last Sunday night in the 84th year of his age.  The remains were brought here Monday and laid to rest the following morning in New Hope cemetery.  Rev. J. A. Kelley conducted the funeral in the presence of a large gathering of friends and relatives.  Mr. Burnham resided in Lauderdale county over half a century, only leaving last May for Arkansas to live with his daughter.  He is survived by his wife and daughter and two son, Messrs. R. L. and J. D. Burnham.


            Lauderdale County Enterprise - 5 Nov 1915 - W. R. Burnham was born in 1832 and died Oct. 24, 1915, at the home of Rev. T. N. Lott in Yarbro, Ark.....He had been a member of the Methodist church about forty years, and for a long time was a steward of New Hope church.  He was also a Confederate soldier in the truest sense, and when he would notice the death of one of his old comrades he would say, "we will all be gone soon."....He leaves to mourn for him his aged wide, one daughter, Mrs. T. N. Lott, and two sons, R. L. and J. D. Burnham; also 16 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and a host of friends.  At this request his remains were carried to his old home in Tennessee and laid to rest....(Signed) T. N. and M. D. Lott




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 11 Aug 1911 - Miss Cora Byrn, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Byrn, died at her home four miles north of Ripley Tuesday afternoon of typhoid fever.  She was buried at New Hope cemetery Wednesday. [Note: Cora Byrn was the daughter of John William Byrn and Byrdie Hobson, she was the granddaughter of George W. Byrn and Hannah M. Lunsford]




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 12 Dec 1902 - Mr. Felix Byrn, age 34, died at home 3 miles north of Ripley of typhoid fever after an illness of 5 weeks.  He was buried at New Hope; was a Methodist.  Left a young wife.  (Another item says J. W. Byrn and family of Brownsville, attended the funeral).




Lauderdale County Enterprise09 Jan 1903 - Mrs. Maude DuVall died at home near Ripley Sunday of typhoid fever; was survived by her husband; buried in New Home (Hope) Cemetery.





Lauderdale County Enterprise - 18 Feb 1921 - Arp – Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Grammer’s little baby was buried at New Hope last Friday.  (Feb 11, 1921)




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 27 Sep 1912 - Mrs. J. G. Haislip died at her home near Bexar Wednesday morning [Sep 25] after an illness of two months.  She was buried yesterday morning at New Hope.  She is survived by a husband and three children.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 16 Dec 1921 – In Memory of our Mother – On Sunday night, May 29, 1921 at 12:30 o’clock, the death angel bore away the sweet spirit of our mother, Mrs. Sarah Halfacre, after two weeks’ illness of pneumonia. Her remains were laid to rest in New Hope Cemetery to await the resurrection. Mother was born Oct. 5, 1857, had been a member of the Baptist church since 13 years of age, and lived a consistent Christian life. On Nov. 9, 1874, she was married to Mr. John C. Farmer. To this union were born seven children, two of whom, when quite small, preceded her to the great home above. Papa died in January 1902…On Oct. 12, 1906 she was married to Mr. J. F. Halfacre who survives her.  She was a faithful wife and kind and loving mother. Three of her children were present at her death:  Mr. W. B. Farmer of Ashport; Mrs. Arch Stewart who lives near Ripley; and Mr. John Farmer, Jr., of Stuttgart, Ark.    ---- Her Children.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 25 Oct 1912 -- Dr. D. W. Harrison died last Friday [Oct 18] of rheumatism after an illness of eighteen months, and was laid to rest in New Hope cemetery the following day.  He was born Dec. 23, 1874, and was married to Mrs. Daisy Younger in June 1899.  He is survived by a wife, three children, father, mother, three sisters and four brothers.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 21 Jan 1916 - Mrs. Emily Harrison died Saturday at her home in the 14th district.  She was buried Sunday at New Hope.




Lauderdale County Enterprise19 April 1918 - Mr. Andy Haynes died at his home near Central Sunday after a lingering illness and was buried at New Hope Monday.


Lauderdale County Enterprise – 26 April 1918 - In Loving Memory of Mr. Andy Haynes - Mr. Haynes was born Jan. 17, 1854, and died April 14, 1918. The remains were laid to rest the following day at New Hope. Bro. Stokes conducted the funeral services assisted by Bro. S. Y. Bagby.  Mr. Haynes and Miss Jane Ledbetter were married April 15 [12], 1878 and he is survived by his wife, two daughters, Mrs. Pearl Underwood and Mrs. Clara Brown, and two sons, Mr. Louis J. Haynes and Mr. Elworth [Ellsworth] Haynes, and one granddaughter, Mrs. Mollie Hancock.  Two children preceded him in death [Isabel Haynes Gilmore].  He also leaves one brother, Mr. W. G. Haynes of Ripley.  He joined the church when about 24 years old and for the past eight years held his membership at New Hope.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 20 Jan 1911 - Mrs. Dee Jordan died at her home near New Hope on Thursday [Jan 12] of last week and was buried there Friday.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 24 Dec 1915 - Mr. John Lucas died at the home of Mr. Dan Underwood three miles east of Ripley.  He was 84 years of age.  He was a member of the Methodist church and the funeral was conducted by Rev. J. A. Kelly at New Hope Tuesday.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 04 Mar 1904 – New Hope – Mrs. Ida Miller, wife of Jessie Miller, died at her home near New Hope Church Saturday. (Unknown if this burial was actually at New Hope Cemetery)





            Lauderdale County Enterprise - 31 Jan 1908 - Mrs. John Piercy (nee Miss Nettie Meadows) died at her home in Macey, Ark., January 18, 1908, and was buried the following day at New Hope.  She leaves a husband and five children.  (A memorial on March 6 says she was the wife of J. E. Piercy and daughter of S. G. and A. E. Meadows, that she was born and reared in Lauderdale Co., and joined the Methodist Church at Mt. Pleasant at age 14. Six loved ones had preceded her in death.)





Lauderdale County Enterprise - 18 Sep 1908 - The family of Stephen A. Morris attended the burial of Clara Barton Richardson at New Hope Saturday afternoon.  Mrs. Morris remained with her son, Charlie Richardson, who has malarial fever.






Lauderdale County Enterprise - 13 Mar 1908 - Mr. Albert Thompson died at his home near Curve on Thursday of last week and was buried at New Hope Cemetery Friday.  A wife and daughter survive. (A resolution on May 1 by Strawberry Camp of the Woodmen of the World, signed by A. B. Ford, E. B. Rainey, and John A. Parker, states that Mr. A. S. Thompson was born Jan 27, 1867 and died March 5, 1908.)




Lauderdale County Enterprise, September 27, 1912 - Mrs. J. G. Thompson, Sr. died at her home near Curve Monday night after a brief illness of congestion.  She was as well as usual on Sunday and attended church.  In the afternoon she ate some watermelon, was taken ill that night, and died 24 hours later.  She was a Methodist ... is survived by her husband and three sons. She was about 70 years of age.  Her remains were laid to rest in New Hope cemetery Tuesday afternoon. [An item the next week reads:  "Isabell Jane Monett, wife of John G. Thompson, was born Oct. 30, 1839, in Guilford County, NC.  Her father moved to McNairy County, Tenn., about 1844, and in 1852 her parents both died, leaving her an orphan up to Sept. 24, 1856, when she was married to John G. Thompson...death occurred on Sept. 23, 1912..."]




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 3 Dec 1915 - Curve - Early last Friday morning death removed from our community one of our oldest and best citizens, Mr. J. G. Thompson, in his 82nd year.  Impaired in mind, and his body racked with pain, the last months of his life had been full of suffering .... He had lived many years in Curve .... Mr. Thompson was a Confederate soldier and moved here from McNairy county just after the war.  He was a member of the Methodist church holding his membership at New Hope before it was removed to this place.  The remains were laid to rest in New Hope cemetery Friday afternoon, Rev. J. A. Kelly conducting the funeral service.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 19 Aug 1910 - Bexar - In the death of Mr. Andrew J. Warren which occurred in the Sixth District last Saturday [Aug 13], there passed away one of our oldest and best loved neighbors and citizens.  He was 72, came to Lauderdale County from Middle Tennessee in 1872 and lived with Mr. John Hancock for a number of years, and was praised by him for his many good deeds.  Interment was at New Hope cemetery Sunday morning.  He was a member of John Sutherland Camp, UCV and was buried with camp honors, many veterans attending from here.  Rev. T. N. Lott conducted the religious service.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 4 Aug 1911 - Mrs. Matt Warren died May 27, 1911, and was buried the following day at New Hope church cemetery.  She was almost 72 years old and was sick only a few days. She was born in Hardeman Co., and moved to Lauderdale in early life; joined the Methodist church at age 12. She married Jesse Thompson after moving to Lauderdale and had 10 children -- four of whom survive: Mr. Gordon Thompson, Mrs. Virgie Turner, Mrs. Ben Osteen, and Mrs. Bud Osteen.  After Mr. Thompson's death she married Mr. Andrew Warren who died in July 1910.


Lauderdale County Enterprise - 2 June 1911 - Curve - The entire community was saddened by the death of Mrs. Warren.  She was sick only a few days and died Saturday.  Her remains were carried to New Hope for interment Sunday.  She leaves three daughters, Mrs. G. B. Osteen, Mrs. Ben  Osteen, and Mrs. Walter Turner; one son, Mr. Gord Thompson, and a number of grandchildren.




Lauderdale County Enterprise - 30 Mar 1917 – On March 22, little Eddie Miller Wilson, seven month old son of Mr. and Mrs. George Wilson, died after more than two weeks suffering with pneumonia.  Funeral services were conducted at New Hope church by Rev. S. B. Morrison, pastor of Curve circuit.  [Note: not stated if this burial actually took place at New Hope Cemetery]



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