Jericho, Crittenden County, Arkansas






Taken from “A History of Crittenden County, Arkansas”

 by Margaret Woolfolk, Jericho chapter




Stephen Stonewall James died in 1894 and in his will asked that he be buried in his garden at Jericho. The James home and garden also were east of the railroad.  If a marker was erected there, it has long ago disappeared.  His wife and twins also were buried in the garden.


Another James burial plot, now in the middle of a soybean field, is northeast of Gilmore where the family also owned property.


Stephen Stonewall James’s children included a daughter, America Cassandra (Cassie) and two sons, Joseph Newman (James) and Stephen (James) II.  The latter married Lilly Clement in 1888. She was one of the eight children of Anthony Marion Clement, a North Carolinian, and his wife Mary Catherine Patrick, who had settled east of Jericho in 1869.  (See Clement Cemetery)


Stephen S. James II, and three daughters, Lucy A., Mary E., and Martha J., all of whom died as children, were buried at Greenock Cemetery.


Joseph Newman James was the first husband of the late Essie (Mrs. Tom) Williford of Marion, and chartered a train to take his bride to Memphis for their honeymoon.  He reportedly was quite a gambler and lost his father’s family fortune, requiring him to take bankruptcy.


Daughter America Cassandra (Cassie) James was one of the four wives of Captain J. G. Sands. Captain Sands is buried at Fennel Cemetery along with two wives; Martha J. (Mattie Wallace Osborn) and Mary C. (Mary C. West); two daughters, Mollie M. and Hadie S., who died as infants, and two sons, John B. and William B., who also died as infants, and John J. Stephens, the husband of Gertrude Lyon Sands, another daughter.




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