(Tyronza Township)

Location: North on Hwy 149, about 5 miles from Earle, to Hwy 42, Twist intersection. Turn left, go about 1/4 mile, HOOD farm on right. Cemetery is on Hood Road, private land, old HOOD Home Place.

The stones are numbered.  NS after entry means no stone erected.

The notes are from Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hood.

Compiled by Pat Isabel Brown

Additional information provided by Theresa Frazier Smith


BARCLIFF, Rufo (husband of Gertrude Hood, she's not here) NS

BRANUM, Mattie Crim - Apr 25, 1912 - Dec 1928 (Wife of Charlie) NS

BROWN, Mother & Father of Nancy Ella Brown Hood NS

CRIM, Dau of John & Louetta (all the Crim Family) NS

CRIM, John Franklin, Dec 15, 1883 - Dec 15, 1927 NS

CRIM, Louetta Gunn, June 10, 1883 - Mar 1952 (wife of John) NS

CRIM, Oscar, Dec 30, 1915 NS (twin of Edgar who died 1999 in California)

FULLWOOD, May Brown Rush (Amelia Cloar's mother) NS

HOOD, Bluford (son of R. S. & Minnie) NS

HOOD, Cash Roman/Perkin? (wife of J. W. Hood) NS

HOOD, Charles , Dec 4, 1930 - Nov 2, 1931, 11 mos (son of J. R. & Dolly)

HOOD, Charlie W., Oct 25, 1888 - Jan 4, 1946 (son of Bud) #VII

HOOD, Dolly Robertson, Nov 9, 1896 - Jan 22, 1934 (Wife of Jerome R.)

HOOD, Dora Jane Place (wife of Edward Parker) NS

HOOD, Eddie Sterling (son of E. P. & Dora Jane) NS

HOOD, Edward, May 4, 1922 - June 23, 1937 #III (middle name William, son of Jerome R., Edward Hood died at the age of 15 when he fell off a mule and was dragged to his death.)

HOOD, Edward Parker, (son of Sterling & Rhoda) NS

HOOD, Emma (dau of E. P. & Dora Jane) NS

HOOD, Esther Carter (wife of J. W. "Bud")

HOOD, Hillery (son of E. P. & Dora Jane) NS

HOOD, James Sterling, died about Spring 1947 (son of J. W. & Cash) I have a ? on this

HOOD, James Wesley (son of Sterling & Rhoda, thinks he is here) NS

HOOD, James Wesley Jr. (son of J. W. & Esther) NS

HOOD, Jerome R., Oct 17, 1896 - Jan 13, 1952 #I

HOOD, Jerome Richard "Jack", Aug 1923 - Feb 11, 1932, age 9 yrs (son of J. R. & Dolly) NS

HOOD, John (son of E. P. & Dora Jane) NS

HOOD, Minnie (wife of Robert Sterling) NS

HOOD, Nancy Ella, July 11, 1882 - May 6, 1947 (wife of Charlie; Married 1st Edward Parker Hood, then 2nd Charlie) #VII

HOOD, Paul Erwin "Little Brother", Feb 9, 1927 - Dec 5, 1999, Son of Clarence Robert Hood Hyacinth Dovi Lee Borton, husband of Mary Ruth Herrell and father of Paul Ruth, Michael Keith, Robert Lynn and Lee Erwin.

HOOD, Rachel (dau of R. S. & Minnie) NS

HOOD, Rhoda, Aug 15, 1829 - Mar 11, 1911 #V

HOOD, Robert Sterling (son of Sterling & Rhoda) NS

HOOD, Rosie Lee (dau of J. W. & Esther)

HOOD, Sterling, 1818 - 1893 (by side of Rhoda)

HOOD, Velma Humphrey, Mar 17, 1905 - Apr 18, 1939 (wife of Everett) #VI

HUMPHRIES, Elizabeth Ann - Stillborn in 1929, oldest child of Lum Augusta Humphries and Maurine Elizabeth IRWIN. 

HUMPHRIES, Paul Douglas - Born and Died in 1939 in Baptist Hospital in Memphis, TN.  Son of Lum Augusta Humphries and Maurine Elizabeth IRWIN.  Data on these two children given by their sister Caroline Humphries.

MC COY, Minnie [maiden name unknown] PITTMAN - NS - b. abt 1886, d. aft 1920.  Mar first to Mr. Pittman and had children Bill and Walter.  Mar second to Limon? McCoy and had Inalee, R. R. and Thadius.

MURPHY, Maudie Lee Prince Borton, Jan 19, 1881 - June 1, 1932 (Married 1st Oscar B. Borton; 2nd T. J. Murphy; Hyacinth Hood's mother)

PARKS, dau of Nancy Parks (not wife of Bobby Lee)

PARKS, Son (2 years old) of Bobby Lee Parks

PITTMAN, Walter - NS - b. abt 1904, son of Minnie _____ PITTMAN MC COY.

PLACE, Jennie Mae Carter (wife of John A. ) NS

PLACE, John Alvin "Ab" (brother of Dora Jane) NS

RUSH, Benjamin Franklin, Nov. 22, 1842 - Jan. 7, 1928 (husband of Nancy Jane) NS

RUSH, William R., died Nov. 19, 1941, age 71 (son of Ben & Nan Hood) NS

RUSH, William S. "Bill, born Jan 1870 - died abt. 1937; age 67 (son of Ben & Nan Hood)

RUSH, Nancy Jane "Nan", born aft. Jun. 1, 1850 - died bef. Jun. 1, 1900 (dau of Sterling & Rhoda Richards Hood)

SWINDELL, Son James B., Dec 9, 1934 - Dec 10, 1934

SWINDELL, Mother Mildred S., June 19, 1915 - Dec 14, 1934 (dau of Eddie & Betty Shannon) This was a double monument with James B. Swindell



(Note:  Mr. Clarence Hood died in 1982.  His wife, Hyacinth, died in 1987.  They are both buried at Crittenden Memorial Cemetery in Marion, Arkansas. Because of their living next to the HOOD CEMETERY for so many years, they have been included on this page.)


HOOD, Clarence Robert, Jan 22, 1900 - Feb 21, 1982,  Son of Edmond Parker Hood and Dora Jane Place, husband of Hyacinth Borton and father of Clarence Robert Jr, Paul Erwin, Dora Jane, Maude Ella "Harriet," Imogene, Hyacinth, Ginger Virginia, Barbara Ann "Snug," and Ronald Borton.

HOOD, Hyacinth Dovi Lee, Jan 7, 1905 - May 1, 1987, Daughter of Oscar Benjamin Borton and Maudie Lee Prince, wife of Clarence Robert Hood.


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