Location:  Travel west on Hwy. 64 from Marion, Arkansas.  At the caution light, turn left towards Crawfordsville.  The cemetery is located on the left side of the street, before reaching downtown, with the bank building on the left.


Survey made 1994 by Paige and Polly Miller


Taken from Crittenden County History

 by Margaret Woolfolk:

First Catholic Mass celebrated at Crawfordsville by the Rev. J. O’Niel Doyle of Osceola at the J. T. Haden home which continued to be used for services for about 4 years.  Father Meigham came from Little Rock, Ark. in 1913 to serve Catholics as Pastor, under whose direction a small frame Church was erected on the Haden property on east side of Main Street, North of Bay Ferry Road in summer 1915.  It was dedicated by Bishop John D. Morris, Nov. 7, 1815.  Adjacent to the edifice was a church cemetery which is today known as the Haden Cemetery.  This building burned in June 1946.


(Document located at Crittenden County Library, Marion, Arkansas - 2001)





BIRD, Carrie Haden, daughter of Dr. J. T. and Sallie Haden, born 1886, died 1818


HADEN, John T., Pvt. World War I, born Aug. 12, 1888, died Jan. 12, 1942


HADEN, John Tate, M. D., born 1852, died 1917


HADEN, Sallie Egg, born 1861, died 1948


JENKINS, Carrie A., born 1838, died 1823


JENKINS, John R., born 1832, died 1888






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