Earle, Crittenden County, Arkansas



Combined Research & Transcriptions

by Pat Isabel Brown and Debbie Lunsford Yates

2002 - 2006

        Pat Brown [email protected]   Debbie Yates [email protected]



This is one of the oldest cemeteries in Crittenden County, AR. It is located in Tyronza Township about two miles north of Earle on Hwy. 149. The cemetery surrounds a small white frame church. Part of the cemetery is across the road. There is still disagreement among the local people about whether the paved road was over the graves. The cemetery is still being used, but it is hard to dig a grave without hitting another one. Many of the markers were funeral home markers, some in fairly good condition but many had deteriorated because of weather and were nearly unreadable. They are now gone. Some of the monuments are broken and many are hard to read. The majority of the people buried here do not have tombstones. When the railroad was being built several workers were killed and they are buried here. Included are some names and dates given by families of persons who are buried here with no marker.


The cemetery remains active. A sign has been erected on the north side of the church, naming the site as a Historical Landmark. Relatives of people who are buried here continue to maintain this cemetery through voluntary donations. Several years ago, a fund was established to provide maintenance for Gibson Bayou Cemetery. Several local people have served as chairman of the project, beginning with Mr. Clifford Chisum who kept the cemetery in the 1960s and 1970s, Bill Baker, and others. Currently, Jack Stepp is in charge of the maintenance project.


The church itself has been the victim of two separate accidents in which vehicles have left the highway and collided with the building. Since no repairs have been made to the church building during the past several years, and it being in desperate need of restoration, a Homecoming Fundraiser was held in April 2002. The structure had shifted from its foundation, causing moisture damage, and was in immediate need of repairs in order to slow deterioration. After several inspections, it was determined that the church could not be saved. It has yet to be decided what to do with the money that was raised, but perhaps go toward reconstructing the building, using what good materials might be salvaged from the present church. It would be quite a large and costly project for someone to undertake. If you would be interested in contributing towards the reconstruction of the church, or maintenance of the cemetery, donations can be made to Gibson Bayou Funds, c/o Jack Stepp, 755 Crook Road, Earle, AR 72331


If you would like further information, you can also contact Janis Lancaster who serves as Secretary of the Gibson Bayou Fund. Janis Lancaster, 424 Hwy 149 N., Earle, AR  72331-9550. 


Pat Brown started copying the stones and markers in 1967 and has added and made corrections in the years since. She and Debbie Yates have been working together recently to complete and correct the entries. 


D = double monument, NS = no stone, FHM = funeral home marker, SSDI = Social Security Death Index, Twp = Township, FUMC = First United Methodist Church (records furnished by W. Joe Wood), brackets [ ] around a name or date indicates this data is not on the tombstone. Entries taken from data of Paige and Polly Miller will be designated PPM. New surnames in an entry will be capitalized just to make them easier to find when scanning entries.


A special THANK YOU to the staff of Roller-Citizens Funeral Home in West Memphis for their graciousness and hospitality in allowing us to research their records for Gibson Bayou burials.


And a very special THANK YOU to all the families who have submitted their own information.


"They would bring the caskets in by water to Gibson Bayou and to the

Hood Cemetery and ask to bury their dead." 


                                                              - - - - Clarence Robert Hood and William McCoy





~ A ~


ABBOTT, Calvin [Hile] – Nov. 16, 1900 – Jan 1, 1965 [Age 65] Son of J. R. and Minnie. Husband of Thelma SNELSON Abbott. Had daughter Iona who married Clarence Goodbar. Calvin died in San Jose, CA.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. H

ABBOTT, Doskie M. – June 13, 1907 – May 14, 1992 GONE HOME (D with Wallace) Death date taken from SSDI and is not engraved. From Parkin. Was cremated. Sec. H

ABBOTT, Easter – Apr 27, 1906 – Feb 13, 1907 Daughter of J. R. and Minnie Williams Abbott. Sec. B

ABBOTT, George T. [Thomas] – Mar 18, 1898 – Oct 21, 1918 Son of J. R. and Minnie Williams Abbott. Iona Abbot said he died from the flu. Sec. B

ABBOTT, J. R. – Aug 3, 1875 – Dec 23, 1959 At Rest (D with Minnie A.) Full name was James Roseman according to Iona Abbott. J. R. and Minnie had Calvin who was born when they lived in Jasper AL, Wallace, George Thomas, Easter, Chloie, Dovie and Claude. (Pilgrim Abbott, 33 all born AL, was found on the 1880 census of Winston Co., AL with wife Sarah A. 30, Mary J. 9, Thomas M. 7, James R. 4 and Rebecca E. 2. In 1900, Rossman Abbott, age 23, was living in Winston County, AL with 20 year old wife, Minnie Abbott, 3 year old Thomas Abbott, and 1 year old Calvin Abbott. His widowed mother, Sarah Abbott, was living next door with children; Rebecca age 21, Martha age 19, Ruben age 17, Alice age 14, Marrion age 12, and Silvester age 9. James R. Abbott, 35 born AL, was found on the 1910 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Minnie, 30 AL, and children Thomas 12 AL, Calvin 10 AL, Wallace W. 7 Indian Territory?, Dava Bell 2 AR, Rubin L. 10 months plus sister Mary WILLLIAMS 17 AL and boarder Auther Seawell 73 TN. J. R. Abbott, 45 born AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Minnie, 40 AL, and children Wallace 16 OK, Dovie 12, Rubin 10, Claude 7, Clora 1, all born AR, and mother Sarah Ann 71 AL. James R. Abbott, 52 b. AL, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Minnie J. 50 AL, Claude 18 AR (looks scratched out), and Clorrcy 11 AR. Claude Abbott 21 AR was listed next with wife Fay 18 AR.) Sec. H

ABBOTT, Minnie A. [Alzora] – Oct 18, 1879 – Mar 25, 1959 (D with J. R.) Daughter of George WILLIAMS and Martha (Mary Ann) BURNS. –Citizens Funeral Home record. Sister to Claude Williams. Found on 1920 census with husband J. R. Sec. H

ABBOTT, Thelma [Artie Ewell] – Mar 26, 1903 – Feb 14, 1993 (D with Calvin) Daughter of J. B. and Rebecca SNELSON –1920 census) Excerpt from obit: member of the Assembly of God, leaves a dau Iona Abbot of West Memphis, two sons, J. R. of Batesville and J. B. of Red Bluff, CA. Full name from Iona who said Thelma died on Valentine’s Day, the 14th. Sec. H

ABBOTT, Wallace W. – Feb 26, 1903 – June 29, 1976 Gone Home (D with Doskie) Son of J. R. and Minnie Abbott. SSDI gives last residence as Forrest City. Has a married daughter Millie Jean who lives in Huntsville AL. Sec. H

ADAMS, Buford R. – Born Feb 14, 1935 in Parkin. Died Jul 28, 1946 from diphtheria. Son of Noah Adams, born Belmont, MS and Dovie (maiden name not given) born Baldwin, MS.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Dovie said (17 Sep 2002) that she did not have an infant to die and this is the only child that she has buried here. Her children are Buford, Nell, Chris and Billy Roy who was born Aug 9, 1948. Dovie’s parents were from MS. Her father died when she was a little girl and she could not remember his name. Her mother was Savannah. Her sister’s were Gracie, Alice, and Lillie. Dovie was the youngest. Sec. H

ADAMS, ?[Ma]ry Modelia, dau of T. & Mary - ?? (stone broken) Sec. G

ADAMS, W. T. – NS – Died Dec 14, 1947 Aged 91 y, 4 m FHM not found in 1999. Calculated birth date is 14 Sep 1856. Buried between Joseph W. Holmes and Walter Edward Holmes. Sec. E

AKINS, G. W. – Sep 1852 – Feb 1929 Benjamin Faucher and Matthew Brian Akins on WorldConnect gives name as George Washington Akins born 6 Nov 1860 in GA, died 21 Jan 1929 in Earle, married Mattie Elizabeth Jones on 2 Jan 1862 in Palmetto, Fulton/Coweta Co, GA. Father given as John Akins. Mattie Jones was born 2 Jan 1862 in Palmetto, died 5 May 1900 in Bowden, Carroll Co, GA, buried Midway Community Church. Children of G. W. and Mattie given as John Albert, George Burnie, William Edward, Estelle Elizabeth, Tobe B., Thomas Watson, Mamie Myrle, Freeman Clar, and Katie, most born Carroll Co, GA.. Sec. E

AKINS, Josephine [Verle] – Apr 27, 1945 – May 3, 1945 Funeral home marker read "Josie Akins, Aged 1 week Died May 7th. By side of William. This child was one of a set of triplets. The other two were Jody (now deceased) and Joseph. Children of Tobe and Willie (KIMBRELL) Akins. Middle name taken from Citizens Funeral Home record which stated she died in Methodist Hospital. Sec. E

AKINS, Lizzie "Wife of Tobe AKINS" (possibly Isabel)– Mar 16, 1893 – Jun 13, 1918 First wife of Tobe. Sec. E

AKINS, Phillip – 1917 – 1921 Son of Tobe and Lizzie Akins. Sec. E

AKINS, Tobe B. [Bryant] – Dec 23, 1889 – Aug 31, 1978 SSDI gives birth year of 1890 and last residence as Turrell. Tobe Akins was married three times. His first wife was Lizzie; second wife was Annie Belle Fennel and third wife was Willie KIMBRELL. Jerry Akins, youngest child, gave data on this family in Sep 1999. (T. B. Akins, 30 born GA, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Annie B., 21 born MS, and children Freeman 9, Burlie 4, & Philipp 2, all born AR. Tobe Aiken, 41 born GA, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Annie Bell 39 AL, and children, all born AR, Louis 9, T. B. 5, Tom 3, Mattie 2, Geo. W. 1/12, Freeman?, dau 19, and Burley 14.) Middle name taken from Citizens Funeral Home record which gave birth year as 1887. Listed father as George Akins and mother unknown. Lived at Turrell since 1910. Church was Assembly of God. Information from Glenda Middleton gives second wife of Tobe Akins as Annie Belle Fennel born October 1899 in Tupelo Lee Co. Mississippi. Daughter of Charles Houston Fennel and Elizabeth "Bettie" Hopper. Children of Tobe Bryant and Annie Belle Akins were:  Louis, Thomas, Tobe B. Jr., Mattie, and Geo. W.. Tobe Bryant Akins and Annie Belle (Fennel) Akins were divorced about 1933. Sec. B

AKINS, Tobe B. [Jr.] – Jul 28, 1925 – Jul 19, 1990 Age 64 (SSDI gives 23 Jul 1924 as birth date. Roller Citizens marker; son of Tobe by his second wife) Sec. E

AKINS, Willie [Verle] – "Wife of Tobe AKINS" – Nov 14, 1908 – Aug 3, 1973 Born in Crittenden Co. Daughter of Joseph M. KIMBRELL and Eva STANTON. Lived at Turrell. Member of Assembly of God Church.–Citizens Funeral Home record. She was the third wife of Tobe Akins. Sec. C

AKINS, William – Oct 1941 – Jun 11, 1946 Called "Little Bill." Was the oldest child of Willie and Tobe Akins. Citizens Funeral Home record gives name as Willie Edward, born Oct 27 1941, age 4. Died from congestion of liver. Parents given as Tobe B. Akins, born Union, GA, and Willie Kimbell, born Earle. Sec. E

ANDERSON, Clara – NS – Born Jul 22, 1863 in Grayville, IL. Died Oct 8, 1950 in Haefer at age 87 yrs, 2 mos, and 16 days. Father was Thomas RODGERS. Mother’s name not given. –Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

ANNIS, Daniel C. [Clark] – [Jul 27] 1862 – [Nov 22]1947 Son of Robert R. Annis. Husband of Elizabeth HARRIS. Earle Epic gives July 22 as birthday. (Dan Annis, 51 born Jun 1848 in TN, was found on the 1900 census living in Courtland, Lawrence Co, AL with wife Aby 25 born May 1875 in AL, with children, all born AL, Willie, 10 born Mar 1890, Robert, 7 born Oct 1892, and Caty L., 3 months born Feb 1900. Dan was a fisherman. They had been married 12 yrs, had 3 children with 3 living. Rented their home. Daniel C. Annis, 54 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Varner Twp, Ripley Co, MO with wife Issebell, 44 born TN, and children, David D. 18 born AL, John W. 10 born AR, Mary T. 8 born AR, and Harold V. 3 4/12 born AR. Sec. C

ANNIS, David D. [Daniel] – [Nov 27] 1902 – 1924 Son of Daniel Clark Annis and Elizabeth HARRIS. Brother of Harold Annis. –Evelyn (DREW) Annis. Sec. E

ANNIS, Elizabeth H. – [May 19] 1874 – [Feb] 1949 Earle Epic gives maiden name as HARRIS, born May 19. Wife of Daniel Clark Annis. 1900 census gives name as Aby. Sec. E

ANNIS, Harold V. [Vernon] Jr. – [Oct 15] 1938 – [Mar 20] 1942 Son of Harold and Evelyn Annis. Sec. E

ANNIS, Lynda K. [Kay] – [Sep 12] 1942 – [Mar 17] 1945 Daughter of Harold and Evelyn Annis. Sec. E

ARTHUR, John D. – 1861 – 1925 This is father of Fred Arthur. Fred’s first wife was Ella (SMITH) Arthur. She has a sister buried here. Need her name. (John D. Arthur, 58 born MO, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Mary, 50 born AR, with children Freddie E. 15 born MO, and Sadie M. 15 born MO. By 1930, Mary J. Arthur, a widow, was living in the household with her son, Fred, age 28, and his wife, Ella, also age 28. They were living on Barton Street in Earle. Mary J. Arthur was listed as age 58 and born in KY. Also in the household was a 2 year old daughter, Nova Arthur. Is Mary J. Arthur, wife of John D. Arthur, also buried here?)Sec C

ASHBURN, Rev. Earnest – NS – Nov 30, 1922 – Mar 12, 1999 – Was a former pastor of Gibson Bayou Church in mid-1960s and was the stepfather of Pamela J. JUERHEE CRIM, wife of Raymond Lee Crim. His wife died late 1970s. He had children by his first wife. They live in CA. –Rev. D. G. Daniels. Sec. ?

ASHBY, [Richard] Frank – Oct 5, 1919 – Jun 2, 2001 Sec. B

ATCHLEY, James J. – Jun 3, 1940 – Aug 19, 1981 Sec. E

ATKINS, Lonia, dau of H.[enry] A. & Mattie Atkins – Dec 7, 1894 – Aug 25, 1898 Stone is broken and piled by a tree. (H. A. Atkins, 35 born Jun 1864 in AL, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife M. J., 35 born Aug 1864 in AR with children Thomas 13 born Sep 1886 TX, Lillie 11 born Sep 1888 TX, Ophelia 10 born Apr 1890 TX, Zonia 5 born Jan 1892 in TX, Jimmie 4 born Jan 1896 in TX, and Odis 1 born Apr 1899 plus brother-in-law, J. C. Aston 17 born May 1883 in AR.) Sec E


~ B ~


BAILEY, Allie Leona – NS – Born Feb 14, 1892 in Marked Tree. Died May 28, 1961 in Earle. FHM now gone. Wife of George Bailey. They resided in Parkin.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

BAILEY, Bertie Lavon – Mother – Jan 23, 1909 – Mar 10, 1975 Born in Sumner, MS. Died in Brinkley, AR. Name spelled Berdie. Daughter of William NOLEN and Aslee JENKINS. Wife of John H. Bailey. Children listed as Mrs. Thelma Gilless, Mrs. Elizabeth Galloway, Mrs. Barbara Morse, Mrs. Chris Glidewell, William Carlton, Billy Carlton, and Larry Carlton.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. B

BAILEY, George D. – NS – Died late 40’s or early 50’s. (William MCCOY said he was an old man. He helped dig his grave. Back then neighbors or people who lived close to the cemetery would get together to dig the graves.) Sec. ?  -- George Irvin Bailey was born 1874 and died Dec 18, 1949 in Crittenden County at the age of 81. See Earle Enterprise Obituary.

BAILEY, W. [Wylie] Glenn – Nov 22, 1952 – Apr 22, 1972 "The Good Die Young" Letters painted in black; initial or all numbers not readable. Born in Lexa, AR. Died in West Memphis, AR. Son of John Henry Bailey and Birdie Nolen. Husband of Hazel Lynette Whitaker of Heth, AR. He was a Vietnam veteran.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. B

BAKER, A. C. Moore – Feb 9, 1865 – May 15, 1936 Earle Epic gives name as Athey Carolyn MOORE. Married W. R. Baker in 1885. Sec. B

BAKER, Frank M.[Franklin Marion] – [Dec 27] 1894 – [Dec 24] 1949 Son of William Robert Baker and Athey Carolyn MOORE according to the Earle Epic. Two graves to left of this one unmarked. (Will Baker, 47 born AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Axi?, 44 born MO, with children, all born AR, Walter 21, Jim 19 and Frank 15 plus boarder Tom RAULSTON 23 AR. Frank Baker, 25 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Lizzie 21 AR, and children Violet 3, and William 1. Frank M. Baker, 35 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Lizzie 31 AR, and children, all born AR, Violet 13, William 11, Daisey 9, James 7, Herman 5, Robert 3, and W. R. 2.) Sec. B

BAKER, James H., son of W. R. & A. C. Baker – Jan 27, 1890 – Jan 9, 1911 Earle Epic gives middle name as Finne. Sec. B

BAKER, W. R. – Mar 7, 1861 – Oct 13, 1928 Earle Epic gives name as William Robert. Children listed as Walter Murray born in Earle, James Finne, and Franklin Marion. (W. R. Baker, 39 born Mar 1861 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife A. C., 35 born Feb 1865 in TN, and children, all born AR, Walter 12 born Apr 1888, James 10 born Jan 1890, and Frank 5 born Dec 1894. A. C. had three deceased children. W. R. Baker, 59 b. AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife A. C., 53 TN.) Sec. B

BAKER, Walter M. – 1888 – [June 4] 1944 According to Earle Epic, he married Veda C. COLE January 3, 1916. He worked as an auto mechanic for Ford dealer … in Earle. His children are Clara Mae, Ruby, Margaret, Walter Irby, Jack C., Sidney, Johnny, Lionel Murray "Bill’ (mar. Margaret MILLER) and Beverly. (Walter Baker, 32 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Veda, 28 AR, and children Clara May 2 8/12 AR, and Ruby 1 3/12, also brother A___ Cole 20 AR and sister Lillie Cole 17 AR. Walter M. Baker, 43 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Veda C. 33? AR, and children, all born AR, Clara M. 12, Ruby M. 10, Margaret 9, Walter I. 6, Jack C. 4 and Sidney 2.) Sec. ?

BANKS, Margaret E., dau of Mr & Mrs G. K. Banks – Jan 27, 1934 – Feb 23, 1934 Sec. C

BARKER, Nettie A.[Almeta], wife of R. H. Barker – 1875 – 1914 (enclosed with iron fence) Daughter of John Nathan CHAFFIN and Elizabeth Almeta FORD of Lunsford, AR. Wife of Richard Hardy Barker. Sec. A

BARNES, Gladys, born 1930, died 1930 – a marker was purchased and place on this grave in July, 2002

BARRETT, Johnie L. – 1902 – 1935 Sec. B  The 1930 census of Crittenden County, AR shows Leon Barrett, age 27, born MS, and his wife, Maud Barrett, age 20,  born MO, living on a cotton farm in Wappanocca Twp. Not sure if this is the correct family, and if the middle initial “L” may have represented “Leon”.  The age would have been correct. Can anyone help with identifying this man? 

BECK, Albert Wendell – US Army - 1940 – [Mar 30] 1995 Excerpt from obit in Osceola paper: age 54, of Fort Mill, SC, formerly of Earle, member of Assembly of God; husband of Betty Beck, dau, Shelley Beck of Fort Mill, sisters, Iva LAMBERT of Madera, CA and Loraine JOYCE of Osceola; three brothers, James E. Beck of TN, Johnny Beck and Travis Beck, both of Proctor. His grandmother was Bertha MARTIN ZACHARY. Sec. E

BECK, William A. – Jun 5, 1883 – Nov 20, 1948 God Bless (William A. Beck, 37 born KY, was found on the 1920 census living in Keevill Twp, Monroe Co, AR with wife Mattie J. 38 KY, and children Elsie R. 12 KY, Ina M. 8 KY, Ann L. 6 KY, and Homer C. 2/12 AR.) Sec. E

BECK, William Murray – Dec 2, 1963 – May 1, 1982 – Forever With the Lord Sec. E

BELCHER?, ? ac ? ee ? – Died Jan 15, 1946? Age 1 y, 11 m, 9 d - Pieces of stone now gone. Buried near Mamie Forehand who was buried next to Donna Lee Forehand. This child may not be a Belcher. Can anyone help? FHM next to this one unreadable. Sec. H?

BELCHER, Henry – Apr 14, 1910 – Apr 1, 1980 (D with Lullean) Listed as James Belcher on SSDI, last residence Cherry Valley, Cross Co. Children of Henry and Lullean are James, Jacob Elihu, Joseph Simon, Abner, Ammon, Helen SMITH, Beulah Maie BATTLES, Isaack, Samuel, and Willie. Henry had brothers John and Isaiah. Henry Belcher married Luella Simms in Crittenden County on Dec 23, 1936. Sec. B

BELCHER, Infant – NS – Born & Died Mar 26, 1967 – Buried next to Isaiah Belcher; Sec. H?

BELCHER, Isaac (Izik) – NS – Feb 6, 1952 – Feb 6, 1954 Son of Henry and Lullean (SIMS) Belcher. Died from cancer of the eye. Sec. ?

BELCHER, Isaiah L. – NS – Died ? Age 60 y Son of Noah and Rhoda Belcher. Buried near the Belcher? child above. Grave between the child and Isaiah. Infant Belcher on Isaiah’s other side. Isaiah had a twin. Sec. H?

BELCHER, John – NS – Son of Noah and Rhoda Belcher. Believed to be buried here. Sec. H?

BELCHER, Joseph Simon – NS – Aug 1, 1942 – Dec 1, 1945 Son of Henry & Lullean (SIMS) Belcher. Died from diphtheria.

BELCHER, Lullean – Dec 25, 1916 – 6 Feb 2002 – this date not engraved (D with Henry) Daughter of John Acy SIMS and Estelle WELCH Sims. Name given as Lizzie L. Belcher on SSDI which is source of death date, last residence Wynne,. Supposedly was 18 when her mother, Estelle Sims died. Said to be half Choctaw from her mother. Sec. B

BELCHER, Mary Elizabeth – NS – Born Jul 15, 1897 in Welch, WV. Died Dec. 16, 1969 in Cross County Hospital in Wynne, AR. Prior residence Earle. Daughter of Manuel ROSE and Sarah Alice JARRELLS. Wife of John W. Belcher. Children listed as Clarence Belcher of Cherry Valley, John Belcher of Vanndale, Emmett Belcher of Haynes City, FL. Brother was Jesse Rose of Cherry Valley. Sister was Ella Mae Sizemore of Kimbell, WV.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

BELCHER, Noah – NS – Born Apr 1864 – Died in 1930s? Husband of Rhoda Roseanna. (Noah Belcher, 36 born Apr 1864 in WV, was found on the 1900 census living in McDowell Co, WV with wife Roder, 27 born Feb 1873 in WV, and children, all born WV, Garrett 6 born Jul 1893, Alice 5 born Jun 1894, Neffie [Manerva] 4 born May 1894, John 2 born Apr 1898, Cora 1 born May 1899 and Ezra [Isaiah?] 1 born May 1899. One child was deceased prior to this census.) Other known children of this couple born after this census are Simon, Henry, Alafair and Sylvia. Sec. E?

BELCHER, Rhoda Roseanna – NS – Feb 13, 1873 – Nov 2, 1959 Age 86 Citizens FH record gives birth year of 1871, but census listed under Noah gives 1873 which would make her age at death correct. Born in McDowell Co, WV. Died at Rt 4, Forrest City. Had lived there 3 years. Prior residence Parkin for 4 years. Daughter of Jarrett LAMBERT and Mary RUSSELL. Wife of Noah Belcher. This family moved to AR from WV in 1924 living in Osceola, Earle and Haynes near Forrest City. Children listed as Simon Belcher, Isaiah Belcher and Miss Alice Belcher of Forrest City, Henry Belcher of Earle, John Belcher, Mrs. L. V. Coleman, Mrs. Silvia Coleman of Cherry Valley, and Mrs. Manerva Church of VA.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Buried on NE corner of the church. Sec. E

BIGGS, Robert Alexander – July 26, 1870 – Oct 31, 1928 Baker’s grandpa. Had ?bros. Bob, Danny, Pete. –Melvin Watson. Sec. C

BLYTHE, Jacy, little son of J.[ohn] J.[efferson] & Annie [Virginia] Blythe – May 9, 1902 – Dec 24, 1905 (Jeff J. Blythe, 32 born Jun 1868 in MS, was found on the 1900 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Annie, 22 born Apr 1878 in AR, with children Jessica, 1 yr. born Sep 1898 in AR, and Edward C., 0 months born June 1900 in AR, plus a boarder Sallie Stewart, 12 born May 1888 in AR. Annie V. Blythe, 40 born in AR was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town, next door to her brother Charles Franklin FULLWOOD, with children Jesica 21 born AR and E. Carey 20 born AR plus lodger Earnest E. Cottrell 16 born MS.) Sec. E

BOBO, James A. (by side of Mary) – NS – Died 1961 Aged 75 y Date from FHM. May be buried next to Betty Catherine Winders Sec. E? 

In 1910, Alcorn County, MS, James A. Bobo was listed as age 24.  His wife was Bettie A., age 26. In 1920 James A. Bobo, age 35, was living next door to President N. Bobo in Alcorn County, MS. His wife was listed as Bettie, age 16?? (36), no children in the household.

BOBO, Mary – NS – Died Dec 29, 1960 Aged 77 y Jonesboro FHM. Buried next to James.  (Was her name Mary Elizabeth?) Sec. E?

BOBO, P. N. "Bud" – NS – Born Jun 27, 1862 in SC. Died Apr 12, 1953 in Crittenden Co. Age 90 years, 9 months, 13 days. Son of Jason Bobo and Rose BAILEY. Children listed as Irvin Bobo of Proctor, Allen Bobo of Earle, Mrs. Hubert Price of Walnut, MS. Brother was Hubert Bobo of Corinth, MS. Sisters were Kitt Wilbanks and Sis Forsythe of Corinth, Orie Roten, Mrs. John Pickens and Mrs. Matt Boyd of Walnut.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

President N. Bobo married Margery Wilhite on Jun 29, 1884.  Bobo Family Association


1910 Alcorn County, MS – Piney Precinct Beat 5 - President N. Bobo, age 47, born SC, Margret A. Bobo, wife, age 49. She had given birth to 8 children with 5 living. Two children were in the household; Ervin C., son, age 16, and Aurilla? L, daughter, age 12. 

1920 Alcorn County, MS - President N. Bobo, age 62, born SC. Margie Ann, wife, age 62, born MS.  Also in the household in 1920 was 26 year old Ervin C. Bobo and his 20 year old wife, Emily, and a daughter, Reldon?, age 1 6/12. 

1930 Alcorn County, MS - President N. Bobo, age 69, farmer born SC, Maggie, wife, age 69, born MS, Allen J. Bobo, son, age 45, born MS.  Ervin Bobo was living in the next household along with 28 year old wife Emily, 11 year old daughter Della, 9 year old daughter Jinie?, and son Clisto, age 8/12.


BOLDEN, Hariet Elizabeth – NS – Born Sep 9, 1913 in KY. Died Feb 2, 1976 in Marked Tree. Daughter of Samuel DUNCAN. Wife of Willie R. Bolden. Children listed as James Samuel Bolden of Grady, AR, Ivan Franklin Bolden of the home, George Thomas Bolden of Parkin, Jimmy Carson Bolden of Rockford, IL, Jerry Wayne Bolden of the home, Monty May Milton and Helen Elizabeth Abernathy of Rockford, IL.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

BOLDON, Lois Mae – Nov 30, 1923 – Dec 26, 1956 Daughter of Robert and Mattie LINDSEY. Buried by side of Luther Lindsey, her brother. Sec. B

BOLIN, Old man – NS Melvin Watson said BOLINS so not sure if has an S on Bolin or not. Sec. C

BOLIN, Old woman – NS Sec. C

BOLIN, Children – At least two, all buried on south side of Harrison fence in early 1950’s. Sec. C

BOREN, Aslee B. – Dec 27, 1880 – Apr 5, 1934 Sec. C

BOX, Alma A. – NS – Born May 7, 1908 in AL. Died May 31, 1944 in Heth, AR. Daughter of G. W. MILLER and Ida BREWER. Wife of Sam Box. Children listed as James, J. W., Beatrice, Melba Jewell, Wallace Kenneth, Johnie May and Charles Ray.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

BOYD, Jerry – Dec 19, 1936 Little Brother Sec. B

BRIDGES, Elsa May – NS – abt 1907 – abt 1922/23 Gertrude "Mem" Bridges SPEARS, sister of Elsa May, said that Elsa May, Franklin and Della all died with "the fever" (malaria or typhoid?) within about 6 months of each other. Elsa died first, then some months later Frank died and in a few weeks Della died. Sec. E

BRIDGES, Georgia "Della" NEWMAN – NS – abt 1877 – abt 1922/23 --Melvin Watson. Wife of J. Franklin Bridges. Sec. E

BRIDGES, James Franklin – NS – abt 1873 – abt 1922/23 (J. F. Bridges, 46 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Della, 42 MS, and children, all born TN except youngest, Bart 20, Ethell 18, Candler 16, Homer 15, Elsa May 13, Girtrude 9, and Rathel Lee 4 born in AR.) There were three other children in this family: Effie Bell the oldest who married Ed JACKSON, Wilford who died at age 2, and a stillborn son who was a twin to Gertrude. Sec. E

BRIDGES, Shirley J.[Joyce] – Aug 20, 1943 – Dec 14, 1945 Daughter of Tula Homer Bridges and Elsie Mae WATSON. Elsie was daughter of Bill and Minnie (MARTIN) Watson. Buried by side of Tula Homer. Sec. H

BRIDGES, Tula Homer – [Jun 10] 1905 – [Dec 22] 1977 In Loving Memory Born in Selmer, TN. Died in West Memphis. Son of Frank Bridges and Georgia Della NEWMAN. Daughter was Della Mae TURK of Chicago. Surviving siblings were Canler Bridges of Visalia, CA, Gertrude SPEARS of Earle and Ethel MEYERS of Memphis. Niece was Georgia (LUNSFORD) NELSON.–Citizens Funeral Home record. He was called "Hot." Brother of Rathel Lee (Bridges) GLOVER) who died a few months before him. Homer Bridges and Elsie Watson were married in Crittenden County on Dec 23, 1937.  Sec. H

BROUGHTON, Brinda – NS – Died 18 Oct 1948 Age 11 m, 9 d FHM gone in 1999. Marker to left unreadable. Calculated birth date 9 Nov 1947. Daughter of Jack and Meaddie CRIM Broughton. Buried beside her brother Robert T. Broughton and near the Medders. Sec E?

BROUGHTON, Jack R. – NS – US Army – [Apr 14] 1894 – [Nov] 1978 Husband of Meaddie CRIM Broughton. Birth and death month and day taken from SSDI which gave birth year as 1895. (Jack Broughton, 34 born in OK married, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with his mother Mary Broughton, 61 born in AR, widowed. Was Jack married before he married Meaddie Crim? Jack Broughton and Meddie Graham were married in Crittenden County on Mar 17, 1934. Sec. ?

BROUGHTON, Meaddie – NS – 25 Apr 1912 – 16 Jan 1998 Dates taken from SSDI, last residence was McCrory. Daughter of John Franklin CRIM and Louetta GUNN. Wife of Jack and mother of Robert T. Sec. ?

BROUGHTON, Robert T. – NS – 26 Feb 1940 – 24 Dec 1955 Son of Jack Broughton and Meaddie CRIM. Stone broken, painted in red, now gone. Buried between Brinda Broughton and Martha Howell and near the Medders. Sec. E?

BROWN, Bill Turner – NS – Born Aug 6, 1939 in Florence, AL. Died Jul 24, 1976 in Lakeland, FL. Son of Buster Smith and Minnie Viola BROWN. Husband of Elizabeth GREENWOOD. Stepfather was Thomas LINDSEY. Children listed as Billy, Darrell, Diana and Regina, all of New York. Sisters were Betty POWERS of Coldwater, MS and Judy STEVENS of Canada. He was a carpenter and resided in Earle.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

BROWN, Callie Velma – NS – Died Jan 18, 1969 Aged 52 y, _ m, _ d Date taken from FHM. Buried beside John Earl Parks who buried next to the Riley’s at back of cemetery. Sec. E

BROWN, Joseph – Mar 24, 1877 – Mar 4, 1933 (unmarked concrete block to right) Sec. H

BROWN, Marvin – Nov 12, 1911 – Dec 19, 1966 Sec. H

BROWN, Minnie E. – Aug 24, 1912 – Mar 12, 1997 Age 84 SSDI gives birth year as 1914. Never married. Sister to Herman Brown. Sec. C

BROWN, Pamela J. – NS – 1964 – 1964 Jackson FHM. Buried beside Robert Eaton. Sec. C

BROWN, Sarah – Apr 6, 1886 – Aug 23, 1941 Sec. H

BURHILL, Bob – died abt 1934 He was old blind man. A trailer of cotton fell on him. He was a single man as far as Melvin Watson knows. Sec. ?

BURNETT, Nelson B. – NS – b. May 23, 1901 in Duncan, Bolivar Co, MS – d. Dec 25, 1933 Son of Godfrey B. Burnett and Flora TUCKER. From The Commercial Appeal: "Deaf Farmer Is Shot by Two Highwaymen, Thugs Shoot When Earle Man Fails to Hear Commands" When his deafness prevented his hearing commands to hold up his hands, Nelson Burnett, 32, farmer, living near Earle, was shot through the stomach by highwaymen Saturday night at 11:00 o’clock. He was walking home from Earle at the time. He was found in the road about 45 minutes later by James Roe, farmer, who was passing in his car. Row returned him to Earle, where a Holt ambulance took him to Baptist Hospital in Memphis. His condition is critical. He has a family. Burnett said that two young men, dressed in overalls, approached him in the darkness and when he asked them what they wanted, one of them opened fire. One bullet penetrated the stomach. Then they robbed him of about $4 and fled. Officers at Earle today had found no trace of the assailants. Nelson died the next morning on Christmas Day. He is buried in an unmarked grave in "Gibson Bayou Cemetery." "His wife was Elizabeth [Lizzie STONER] Burnett. I have been told by my aunt who was nine years old at the time that the night watchman at the Earle Train Depot was also robbed and killed that same night. According to his older sister, he was buried in the back of Sec. E near the line bet E and C where there were some trees." --Mary Nell Burnett of Houston, TX.

BURTON, Lurette Frances, dau of John Robt. & Mary A. Burton – Dec 21, 1873 – Apr 5, 1906 Age 32 y, 3 m, 14 d Sec. C  (The family of Lurette Frances Burton was found living in Jackson County, AR – Cache Twp – Dist 132 at the time of the 1880 census; Robert J. Burton, age 40, farmer, born VA, father born VA, mother born NC; Mary A. Burton, age 30, born MS, father born GA, mother born MS; Sarah E. Burton, age 12, born MS; Eliza A. Burton, age 11, born MS; Morgan Burton, age 9, born AR; Laurette F. Burton, age 6, born AR – By 1900, Mary Burton was a widow, age 50, still living in Jackson County, AR.  Her daughter was listed as Rette Burton, age 26 and single, born Dec 1873 in AR.  Also in the household was two granddaughters; Dora Larman, age 10, born Dec 1889, and Lena Burton, age 14, born Mar 1886. Both granddaughters were also born in AR.  Mary Burton was shown to have given birth to 4 children with only 2 living at the time of the 1900 census.  Is John Robert Burton and the two children who died prior to 1900, also buried in Gibson Bayou Cemetery?)  --Debbie Yates

BYRN, E.[dgar] L. – Sep 29, 1868 – Nov 29, 1930 He was a blacksmith. (Levi W. Byrn, 42 all born in IN, was found in Harrison Co., IN living with wife Rebecca 37 and children Mary E. 17, Mildred A. 15, Edgar L. 11, Cora L. 9, and Henry T. 4. The child Edgar L. is the exact age of this man. Edward Byrne, 51 born IN, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle with wife Estella, 44 IL, and children, all born AR, Irine Harris 17, Freddie Harris 14 and Eddie Harris 13. Edgar Byrn, 62 born IN, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle, listed alone, occupation blacksmith. Then an E. L. Byrnes was also found on same census living in Earle, 56 born IL, widowed, occupation none, with children Eddie Harris, son 21 b. AR, cashier/barber shop and Freddie Harris, son 24 b. AR, clerk/drugstore.) They appear to be the same person. Sec. C

BYRN, Estella HARRIS – July 28, 1875 – Mar 21, 1957 (by side of E. L. Byrn) First marriage to A. A. Harris. Sec. C


~ C ~


C., J. W. – Stone with initials only, beside grave of John Samuel Linville, possible footmarker. Sec. ?

C., N. A. – Initials N. A. C. only. Sec. H

CALDWELL, Johnie Frank, son of J. H. & Burnice Caldwell – June 5, 1920 – Feb 7, 1921 Sec. I

CAMERON, Elise (SMILEY) – 1910 – 1933 -  Wife of James E. Cameron, Sr. Mother of James E. Cameron, Jr. --Shirley Turpin Cameron. Sec. ?

CAMPBELL, Billie James – Jan 24, 1968 – Apr 13, 1970 Born in Rockford, IL. Son of Billy Junior Campbell and Linda DOBSON. Spelled name as Billy.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. B

CAMPBELL, Charles A. – ARKANSAS - PVT STU ARMY TNG CORPS WORLD WAR I – Oct 15, 1888 – June 22, 1968 Aged 79 y, 8 m, 7 d Charles Albert was the son of Bettie HAMPTON and Albert Hiram Campbell. (Charlie Campbell, 43 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Willie M., 31 born MS, and children, all born AR, Louise M. 10, Chas. Jr. 8, Chester L. 6, and Eugene 4/12.) Citizens Funeral Home record gives birth place as Heber Springs, AR. Died in VA Hospital. Church was Earle Baptist. Sec. H

CAMPBELL, Charles A. [Jr.] – SGT US Army World War II – Oct 20, 1922 – Sep 29, 1986 Excerpt from obit: Charles Albert Campbell Jr., a farmer, a lifelong resident of Earle and a Baptist, leaves three sons, Richard of Marion, D. Wayne of West Memphis and Christopher of Byhalia, MS; two daughters, Mrs. Peggy Floyd and Miss Patricia Campbell, both of Marion; two brothers, Chester L. of Memphis and Eugene of Earle and 3 grandchildren. Sec. H

CAMPBELL, Stillborn daughter of Charles A. and Willie Mae CAMPBELL – NS – Oct 1932 Sec. ?

CAMPBELL, Willie Mae STEVENS – NS – 1893 – Oct 1932 (The following persons were found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp and appear to be living in one house: H. G. Holland, 29 born MS, and wife Eddie May, 17 MS; J. B. Stevens, 47 born MS with wife Viola 45 MS, and child John Louis 28? MS, widowed; child Willie May Campbell 20 MS; son-in-law, Charley Campbell 20 AR; son, Ward Stevens 15 AR; Ward Stevens, 39 TN.) Sec. ?

CARPENTER, Minnie Ruth, Jul 11, 1936 – Sept 1, 1939

CARPENTER, Willie – Dec 6, 1879 – Feb 20, 1945 Sec. C

                WILLIE MARY SMITH CARPENTER was the mother of EDNA JESSE CARPENTER LINDSEY. She was born in Prentiss County, MS; a daughter of JOHN J. SMITH and SARAH SUSAN BARNES SMITH; and widow of RUBEN EDWARD "ED" CARPENTER, who died in Prentiss County, MS on 7 Nov 1916. At the time of her death she was survived by her children: Noel  Lambert (Mrs. Wilburn); Edna Lindsey (Mrs. Guy); Howard E. Carpenter; Rufus M. Carpenter; Luther P. Carpenter; and Hubert B. Carpenter. She was predeceased by a son, Ruben W. Carpenter.  Information supplied by Patsy Carpenter Craig, granddaughter of Willie Carpenter.

CARPENTER, Willie Merle, Jul 16, 1942 – Sep 2, 1943

                Minnie Ruth and Willie Merle CARPENTER were children of Howard Earl CARPENTER and Lula Edith EATON. Howard Earl was the son of Willie Mary Smith Carpenter and Ruben Edward “Ed” Carpenter, and a brother to Luther Porter Carpenter and Edna Jesse Carpenter (Mrs. Guy) Lindsey. Howard Earl Carpenter was born in Prentiss, MS. His wife Lula Edith Eaton was sister to Lillian Ozora Eaton.  Information from Patsy Carpenter Craig

CARRIER, Ceacle D. – Aug 16, 1914 – Aug 19, 1916 Budded on Earth to Bloom in Heaven Sec. A

CARRIER, James A. [Alvin] – PFC US Army – Jan 26, 1911 – Jun 19, 1974 His father William A. Carrier was on 1920 census living in Earle. Citizens Funeral Home record gives residence as Tyronza, mother as Nettie LUNG. Husband of Mary Alice GIBBS. Sec. E

CARRIER, Mary Alice – Dec 2, 1914 – Oct 31, 1994 Mother [Age 80] Sec. E

CARRIER, Sharon Sue Our daughter – Oct 16, 1946 Sec. E

CARTER, Benjamin Roger – (no dates, stone placed in 2000) Sec. C

CARTER, Damon "Monk" – NS – born abt 1909 – died abt 1923 Son of George and Nanna Carter. (Damon F. Carter, 24 born in AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Black Oak Twp, Crittenden Co, with wife Ada O., 23 born in AL, and daughter Clora A., 11/12 born AR. This man cannot be the son of George as he is too old. Perhaps George’s brother?) Said to have died after a fall from a pecan tree. Sec. ?

CARTER, Ester Lorene – NS – Sep 8, 1930 – Jul 17, 1932 Sec. ?

CARTER, Florence Ethel – Born Aug 8, 1882 in Germantown. Died Oct 23, 1976 Wife of Robert Lee Carter. Children listed as Minnie Lee KING and Willie Mae DREW of Forrest City. Member of Gibson Bayou Church of God.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Willie Mae’s husband was Rector Drew. Her handmade stone has deteriorated. Sec. C.  Paula Huie ([email protected]) is the great granddaughter of Florence Ethel Carter and added the following information:  “I am great granddaughter to Robert and Florence Carter, also granddaughter of Minnie Drew. (Rector was my step grandfather)  The last time I was at Gibson Bayou was my grandmother's funeral.   G. A. Carter was a witness on their marriage certificate and I believe they were brothers but I do not know the names of Robert's parents.  Florence was born Florence Ethel Allen in the Germantown, TN area and raised by a family named Layton.  She thought her parents died but was too young to remember.  She left Germantown with a few belongings at about 17 and walked, ferried and caught wagon rides until she settled in Earle and later married Robert.  They were sharecroppers somewhere in the Gibson Bayou area until he died, then she worked in a sewing room in Earle. Carroll Cloar did a painting of Florence.  I have a snapshot I took of Minnie Drew and Carroll Cloar standing in front of her painting when it was on loan for exhibit in Earle.  Florence lived with my family and she always stayed with my grandmother each year she was alive and able to attend the singing and "supper on the ground" at Gibson Bayou.  It was a place very dear to her heart.”

                She also added the following family members buried at Gibson Bayou:

Rector Drew  b. Feb. 1911  d. July 1980 ( son of Robert L. and Bessie M.)
Minnie Drew b. Aug.11,1911  d. Jan. 1,1999  ( wife of Rector, daughter of  Robert Lee and Florence Allen Carter)   Robert Lee Carter  b. July 17, 1880  d. Oct. 9, 1933  (brother of G. A. Carter I believe)

Florence Allen Carter b. Aug. 8, 1882  d. Oct. 23, 1976  (wife of Robert L.)

(At one time there was a homemade marker on Florence's grave. Robert Lee should be near the base of the tree nearest her.) 

Around the tree are 5 of their children listed below.

Carie Lee Carter                                Apr. 17, 1904 to Apr. 30,1904

Ollie May Carter                  Mar. 16, 1908 to July 12, 1908

John Thomas Carter         Dec. 13, 1913 to Mar. 31, 1914

Mable Claire Carter           July 25, 1915  to  Aug. 10,1915 

Robert Lee Carter Jr.        born and died  Mar. 28, 1918

CARTER, George A. – NS – Sep 1871 – died aft Jan 1, 1920 Melvin Watson said he was buried closed to the road. (George A. Carter, 28 born Sep 1871 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife N. A., 24 born Oct 1875 in Ar and son George A. Jr. 10/12 born Aug 1899 in AR, sister Alice Reed 26 born Jan 1874 in AR, neace Velma H. 3 born Dec 1896 in AR, sister Jimmie M. 12 born Oct 1887, brother James B. 10 born Apr 1890. Geo. Carter, 45 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife N. A., 44 AR, and children, all born AR, Alfred 20, Charlie 15, Harrold 13, Daman 10, Homer 7, Mirtle 9, Euva 6, Mabell 3, and Emma 1. Also on this census living nearby was R. A. Carter, 17 born AR with wife Cordie 17 AR.) R. A. may be Archie, grandfather of Abby Conerly. Daughter Mattie listed below. Terry Clancy’s data states Alfred as middle name for George. He also has son Alfred listed as George Alfred Jr. born 4 Aug 1899, died 17 Aug 1971 in Yazoo City, MS. He gives Charlie Wesley as born 24 Nov 1903 in Earle, died 19 Dec 1961 in Tyler, Smith Co, TX. Sec H

CARTER, Lee – Jul 1880 – died after his brother George in the 1930’s --Melvin Watson. (Lee Carter, 19 born Jul 1880 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp as a boarder in the home of W. W. Fulkerson.) Sec. H?

CARTER, Mattie M., Infant Dau of G. A. & N. A. Carter – Died Sep 4, 1898 age 6 m, 14 d Marker is now a pile of broken stone. Calculated birth date 18 Feb 1898. Sec. H

CARTER, Nanna A. [PUGH] – Oct 18, 1875 – Sep 18, 1922 Wife of George Carter. Nanna supposedly "caught her long, long hair on fire while she was stirring a pot, making soap. She was severly burned and died three days later. It was said that George put his kids in an orphanage and remarried." According to Terry Clancy, Nanna was born in Logan Co, AR. There is an Isam Pugh family living in Dry Town, Izard Co, AR with a daughter Nancy A. age 4, who fits the age of Nanna A. Sec. H

CARTER, R. L. – (homemade stone, no dates) born abt 1881 – died aft Feb 1920 (R. L. Carter, 39 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Florence, 32 AR, and daughter Mary Lee 8 AR. Robert L. Carter, 49 all born AR, was found on the 1930 census of the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Florence 43, and children Minnie L. 19, Winnie L. 9, and Mary E. 1/12.) There is also a Richard L. Carter, born Jan 19, 1935, died Sep 14, 2000, last residence Earle from SSDI. To which of these men does this stone belong? Sec. C

CHAPMAN, Raney Jane – NS – Jun 22, 1885 – Sep 1, 1950 Age 66 y Daughter of Samuel Chester Linville and Charity Adeline MEADOWS/MEADORS. Raney married first to James Franklin SPEARS, second to Charley NEWTON, and third to John CHAPMAN. Myrtle Spears Richardson said her mother died in May 1950 in Earle and was born June 22 which agrees with the 1900 census of Logan Co, KY that gives June 1885 as her birthdate. Death date and age taken from funeral home marker. Family states she was 65 at death. Buried next to Sarah "Sally" Isham. Sec. H

CLAXTON, Estelle M. – NS – 1903 – July 1931 Dau of Ruben Early and Sallie M. MEDDERS. Wife of Oliver Claxton. Mother of William Peyton and Louise who married Clarence Robert HOOD. Estelle died in childbirth and the infant boy is probably buried with her. Buried between Gilbert W. Taylor and Jim McMahon.  A marriage for Estelle Claxton and William Johnson in Crittenden County, dated Aug 15, 1937. Is this her daughter? Sec. E

CLAYTON, Janice Annette – Born Dec 25, 1953, Died Feb 14, 1954, Dau of Floyd Clayton and Jean Needham Clayton, sister of Cheryl Clayton Linville, Sec. E

CLOAR, James Carroll – NS – Born Jan 18, 1913 on Cloar Plantation – died 10 Apr 1993 in Memphis, TN. Ashes spread on Gibson Bayou Cemetery. Son of Charles Wesley Cloar and Julia Eva "Evie" DAVID. Carroll was married to Patricia "Pat" Sandstead.

CLOAR, Susie [Malva SIMCOX], wife of J. F. CLOAR – Nov 28, 1857 – Jan 22, 1884 Grave enclosed by iron fence and is across the road from the church. John Franklin Cloar was son of Thomas Jefferson Cloar and Amanda AYCOCK. (John F. Cloar, 26 born in AR, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife S. M., 22 born in VA, with daughter Anna Lee, 1 born AR, brother Charles W., 16 born AR and mother-in-law Sallie Sincox, 63 born NC. Sec. G

COFFMAN, Bettie Ann – NS – Born Nov 9, 1947. Died Nov 11, 1947 at St. Joseph’s Hospital. Resided in Earle. Daughter of Cecil Coffman and Marcelle WILSON.–Citizens Funeral Home. Sec. ?

COLE, Jack Richard – Apr 10, 1894 – May 29, 1964 Age 70 y Husband of Eller FRANKLIN. Buried between Walter Edward Holmes and Donna Lee Forehand. Father of Carol and Cecil Richard Cole. Birthdate and middle name from Dickey Daniels. Sec. E or H

COLE, Infants – NS – Three infants of Jack and Eller Franklin Cole born and died in 1930s. Sec. C

COLEMAN, Harriett Melissa (MC HANN) – NS – abt 1867 – Feb 16, 1924 Death date taken from AR Death Index which shows name as H. M. Coleman. Sec. ?

COLEMAN, J. Richard – NS – abt 1863 – aft 8 Jan 1920 (J. R. Coleman, 57 born in MS, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife H. M., 54 born in MS, with son M. 29 MS, and daughter Maggie 25 MS.) Richard was killed by a train. Sec. ?

COLEY, S.[Scott] S.[Samuel] – Dec 6, 1856 – Jan 18, 1918 Second marriage was to Bettie Mae HAMPTON, on 29 Nov 1891, widow of Albert Hiram CAMPBELL. He was stepfather to Charles Albert Campbell who married Willie Mae STEPHENS. Scott and Bettie had children William and Clarence. Gertrude was a daughter of Scott’s by a previous marriage. (Scott Coley, 21 born in GA, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Fanny, 18 born in AR and a male boarder J. F. Smith, 40 born NC. S. S. Coley, 47 born Dec 1852 in GA, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Bettie M., 40 born Nov 1859 in AR, and daughter Gertrude 14 born Apr 1886, stepson Charley Campbell 9 born Oct 1870 in AR, and son William Coley 5 born Mar 1895. Scott S. Coley, 53 born GA, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Bettie M., 53 AR, with stepson Charlie Campbell 20 AR, son William A. Coley 15 AR and boarder Eugine A. Webb 18 AR.) Bettie Mae is also probably buried here. Sec. E

COLLINS, Geraldine – NS – Born Nov 9, 1947 at Twist. Died Apr 23, 1961, Age 2 yrs, 10 mos, 26days. Daughter of James C. and May "Alice" (MILLER) Collins.–Mary Brown and Citizens Funeral Home record which gave siblings as Gene Aubrey, Joyce Marie, Jewell and Betty Jean. Grandparents were Mrs. Burl Medlin of Haefer and Mrs. Aubrey Goodman. Sec. ?

COLLINS, Herschall – NS – Aug 23, 1949 – Dec 25, 1949 Son of Alice and James Collins. Sec. ?

COLLINS, James Cleo – NS – [Sep 29] 1929 – Dec 2, 1989 Excerpt from obit: Marked Tree – farmer, was a Pentecostal…three daughters, Joyce CRISWELL of Crawfordsville, Mary WILHARTE of Turrell and Betty WINFORD of Earle; sons Gene and James C. both of Earle. SSDI gives birth date of 29 Sep and death date of Dec 1. Sec. ?

COLLINS, May Alice – NS – May 11, 1932 – May 18, 1984 Daughter of John MILLER. First husband was Freddie REEVES of Earle. Sec. ?

COLVIN, Georgia [PALMER] – NS – died Sep 12, 1927 Wife of John Colvin. John is not buried here. --Dorothy McCOY SNELSON) Sec. ?

COLVIN, Earl – drowned abt age 18, died Jul 10, 1932 --Dorothy McCoy Snelson. Sec. ?

COOK, John Patrick – NS – born June 11, 1893, Lawrence Co., AR near Sedgewick. Died June 6, 1926 in Memphis, TN at Veterans Hospital from a gunshot wound at a loging Campsite near Heafer and Turrell, AR. A worker under him who John was trying to collect a debt from, shot him. He had mar. Jessie Mae GRIFFIN from Blue Mtn., MS who moved to Crittenden Co., to teach in county school at Heafer. They had four children. After his death she and the children moved back to Blue Mtn. to be near her family. She never remarried. She is still living at age 103 in nursing home near Jackson, MS in 1993. John is buried beside his mother, Annie DECKARD SWEET. (PPM) Sec. ?

COOKSTON, Nellie Willhite – Jan 10, 1907 – Dec 26, 1925 At Rest Daughter of Ben W. and Lucy WILLHITE. (Ben W. Willhite, 48 born in TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle with wife M. Lucy, 33 born MS, and children, all born AR, Lucille 18, Lester 15, and Nellie 13. Sec. ?

COWARD, Amanda (HOOD) CARTER – NS – 19 Mar 1848 – 2 Dec 1916 Buried to right of her daughter Dora (Carter) ROBER(T)SON. Amanda was the daughter of Elizabeth DROKE and William HOOD and wife of Alfred Carter and W. W. "Coon" Coward. Grandmother of Ethel and Willie ROBERTSON. Ethel married Hamp ISABEL. (Mandy Coward, 51 born Mar 1849 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with W. W. and Mary Jane "Aunt Puss" Fulkerson.) She was Aunt Puss’ first cousin and helped her keep house. Sec. H or E may be on the line between the two.

COX, William C. "Bunk" – NS – Oct 1854 – abt 1908 Married Malinda Palestine EDWARDS on 3 Feb 1895. Father of Maggie (Cox) GUNN. --Bobby Jack Gunn. Sec. ?

CRAWFORD, Charles Edward – NS – Jul 2, 1951 – Jul 2, 1951 Son of Mary (MILLER) Crawford BROWN by her first husband R. T. Crawford. Sec. ?

CRIM, Eva May – 1918 – 1918 Daughter of John and Louetta (GUNN) Crim. Died from the flu. Sec. ?

CRIM, James F. [Filmore] – [15 Oct] 1910 – [Mar] 1986 (D with Robbie) Month and day of birth and death taken from SSDI. Son of John Franklin and Louetta (GUNN) Crim. (J. F. Crim, widow-female, 45 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the south central part of Tyronza Twp on Band Mill Road with children, all born AR, Philmor 21, Meaddie 18, Edgar 16 and Oscar 16.) The censustaker made an error in listing J. F. who died 24 Sep 1927 when it was his wife Louetta who was living with the children. Sec. B

CRIM, John A.[lfred] Sr. – Oct 3, 1937 – Dec 26, 1987 Son of Filmore Crim and Robbie MAPLES. Husband of Mary GRAHAM. Sec. B

CRIM, Oscar – NS – 30 Dec 1915 – 8 Oct 1935 Son of John and Louetta CRIM. Had a twin brother Edgar, brother Filmore, sisters, Meaddie BROUGHTON, Mattie and Eva May. He died in a car accident. Sec. C?

CRIM, Pamela Juerhee – Jan 15, 1950 – Jul 19, 1995 Wife of Raymond Lee CRIM. Excerpt from obit: Father [stepfather], Earnest Ashburn of Des Arc, MO; brother, Stephen Shook of West Memphis and grandmother, Loren Luman of Memphis; member of Faith Chapel of Colt. Dickey Daniels said her mother was named Mildred. She died in the early 1980s. Sec. B

CRIM, Raymond Lee – NS – [Jul 31] 1952 – [Dec 26] 1998 age 46 Son of Filmore Crim and Robbie (MAPLES) Crim. Roller Citizen FHM. Sec. B

CRIM, Robbie O.[Opal] – [Mar 12] 1916 – [Jan 11] 1984 Daughter of Clarence and Stella MAPLES. Wife of Filmore Crim. Sec. B

CRUMP, Dewitt -- NS -- born Feb 27, 1920, died Jul 17, 1929 in Crittenden County, Arkansas - Death Certificate # 362. Son of John Thomas Crump and Elanore Lang Crump.  He died of Typhoid Fever and was buried at Gibson Bayou Cemetery, next to his father.   (Death certificate information submitted by Ray Owens)

CRUMP, John T. (Thomas) – Sep 12, 1876 – Mar 5, 1930 [The following information submitted by Ray Owens, October 2004, grandson of John T. Crump] John Thomas Crump was born Sept 12, 1876 in Mecklenburg, Co NC to Hugh and Eunice Crump.  He died on Mar 5, 1930 in Crittenden County AR after drinking poison.  He was buried behind a church at Gibson Bayou. His son, Jack, put up a marker for him. John Crump’s son, Dewitt, was born between 1920 and 1924. Dewitt died at about age 10 from Rheumatic Fever.  John Thomas Crump married Elnora Lang on Oct. 10, 1919 in Guntersville, Marshall County, Alabama. At the time of his marriage to Elnora, he already had a family of 5 boys. He and Elnora had 4 children; (1) Dewitt Crump 1920/1922 thru 1929 (2) Abraham Crump, born Dec. 5,1923, Birth Cert. 4829 Rondo Pond, St. Francis Co., Ark. (3) Virginia Louise Crump, Sep. 26,1926, (mother of Ray Owens) Crittenden Co. Birth Cert. # 1092, and (4) Simon Peter Crump, Mar. 30, 1928 No Birth Cert. One of the half brothers, Coley Blease Crump, is currently living in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Sec. E

CULBREATH, Elizabeth Baker [BIGGS] – Aug 18, 1898 – Mar 17, 1973 First husband was Frank BAKER. Two of their children live in Earle, Bob Baker and Mrs. Joe (Betty) TURNER. –note by PPM. Dickey Daniels said her younger brother John Biggs was an Assembly of God preacher. What was Mr. Culbreath’s given name? Sec. B

CUNNINGHAM, Edna, infant dau of J. Y. & M. L. Cunningham – Oct 28, 1901 – Dec 16, 1901 Sec. C

CUNNINGHAM, M. L., dau of M. T. & M. E. Solomon – Apr 9, 1881 – Oct 30, 1901 Sec. C


~ D ~


D., H. Stone with initials H. D. Star engraved on stone. Sec. C?

DANIELS, Charles Philip "Chuck" – Born Jun 6, 1939 – Living Sec. C

DANIELS, Claudie May – NS – Died in Summer 1938. Daughter of Gertie Daniels. Sister to Walter Daniels. Buried near Clay Daniels. Sec. C

DANIELS, Clay – Sep 2, 1861 – Jan 16, 1938 Father of Rev. Walter Daniels and husband of Camilla "Millie" (SHANDS) Daniels. Sec. C

DANIELS, Dickey Gene, Bishop – "A Gospel Preacher since Apr 16, 1953" – Born May 20, 1940 – Living Sec C

DANIELS, Eva Ruth – Apr 14, 1926 – Jun 19, 1927 – Infant daughter of Rev. Walter and Mildred (FRANLIN) Daniels. Stone placed in May 2001 by her brother, Rev. D. G. Daniels. (Walter Daniels, 28 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Mildred, 23 born AR, and children D. W., 2 AR, and Mary F., 3/12 AR.) Sec. C

DANIELS, Infant Son of Rev. and Mrs. D. G. DANIELS – 1967 FHM read Baby Boy Daniels Died 27 Oct 1967 Aged 2 ½ hours. Sec. C

DANIELS, James P. "Jimmy Paul" – Sep 23, 1936 – May 7, 2002 Excerpt from obit: Jimmy Paul Daniels of Hermitage, TN, a self-employed insurance agent, was a Presbyterian. Son Frank Daniels of Old Hickory, TN; sisters, Doris AUSTIN of Summit, IL, Carolyn HARRISON of Manooka, IL, and Linda CARAJOHN of York, IL; brothers, William "Bill" of Downers Grove, IL, Charles "Chuck" of Barlow, KY, and Dickey G. of Wichita, KS; and a grandson [Charles Wesley]. Sec. C

DAVID, Jack – NS – Brother of Jefferson Monroe. Lived off when he died and brought back for burial. He was married. Bill McCoy said he had a son Aaron who married Fay. Lived at Fisher, AR and had children Jack and Amy. Sec. ?

DAVID, Jefferson Monroe – NS – Feb 15 or Nov 1874 - May 24, 1947 Birthdate taken from 1900 census of Tyronza Twp where he was living with his brother William David and family (see below). Dorothy McCoy Snelson gave birth date of Feb 15. Date of death for Jeff taken from funeral home marker. Age not readable. He died out from Manila, AR at Lost Cane and was brought back for burial. He was a blacksmith. He was the father of Charlie, Liddie MCCOY, and Nancy by his first wife (name not known). He had Elmer, Odie, and Fay by Vinie, his second wife. He did not have any children by third wife Bell. Fay was married to a Leonard and had a son Jim. Then she married Hugh Kelch and had seven children of whom Kenneth was the oldest.

(Henry David, 59 born TN, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Lydia, 33 born KY, and children, all born in MO, W. [William] I. 10, Rhoda J. 7, and J.[Jefferson] M. age 5. There were several other families living in the house with Henry and Lydia. Rufus Drew, 26 born KY, with his wife Susan, 21 born MO and their daughter L. A. B. born MO. Also James Casey, 23 laborer born MO, and W. H. Cooper, 27 born TN, with wife Rebecca, 18 born MO.) It appears that these people all left MO together and came to Crittenden Co. Living with Thomas David in 1910 (detailed below) was Rachel Drew, his grandmother. So somehow the Davids, Drews, and Sheppards were all related.

(In 1900 Jeff David was living with his brother William listed below. J. M. David, 46 born in MO, was found on the 1920 census of Phillips Co, AR living in West Bart Tappan Twp with wife Vinie, 38 born AR, and children, all born AR, Charlie 16, Littie 13, Nancy 10, Elmer 8, Ottis 7 and [Minnie] Fay 5. Jeff’s son Elmer David, 25 born MO, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with his brother Odie, 24 MO.) Bill McCoy said Bob Drew was his mother Liddie’s cousin, but wasn’t sure how.

(J. S. David, 42 born Aug 1857 in MO, was found on the 1900 census Tyronza Twp with wife Tressie, 36 born Jun 1864 in KY, and children, Charley 16 born Nov 1883 in MO, Jer? Son 12 born Jan 1882 MO, Bo__ F___ son 7 born Feb 1873 in AR, George L. 2 born Nov 1897 in MO, nephew James Drew 19 born Aug 1880 in AR, cousin Andrew Sheppard 15 born Sep 1884 in MO. John S. David, 52 born MO, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife of one year Mollie, 39 born TN, and children George 14 born AR, Robert 7 born AR, annd stepsons Lee Mallory 8 AR and Aron Mallory 5 AR. J. S. David, 62 born MO, widow, was found living four houses away from J. M. David in Phillips Co in 1920 with son Arron 14 born AR. J. S. owned his farm. Arron was actually his stepson, listed as Aron Mallory in 1910.)

(William David, 30 born Jan 1870, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Fannie, 26 born Jul 1873 in MO and stepdaughters Martha A. HUNT? 4 born Jul 1895 in AR, Ada T. 1 born Nov 1898 in AR plus brother Jeff David 25 born Nov 1874 in MO.)

(Thomas David, 27 born in MO, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with his brother Dude?, 23 born MO, grandmother Rachel DREW, 72 born KY widow, brother Benjamin F., 17 born AR plus boarders Albert and Pearl Murrell.)

Bill McCoy said that Jeff had a brother named Jack. Is John S. David the same as Jack? Was James Carroll David, born MS, who married Rhoda Richards related to this family? They were also here in 1880 with one child Florence, 8 born in AR. James Carroll’s father was born in TN as was Jeff David’s father Henry. Sec. H

DAVIS, Richard W. – Died Mar 5, 1943 Aged 60 y, 6 m, 6 d Calculated birth date is 30 Aug 1882. Buried between (or near) Delana Ellen Scott and Dan W. Scott Sec. H

DEHERT – NS – Died 1900 Age 31 yrs Sec. ?

DEMONEY, Jimmy – May 8, 1932 – May 23, 1935 Sec. C

DILL, Georgia (Fennell) – Died Apr 19, 1938 Aged 33 y, 10 d Stone or FHM missing in 1999, calculated birth date 9 Apr 1905. Buried beside Sam B. Mettler. Sec. H or E

DILL ? , C ? (broken stone) - ? 28th 1895 Age 62 years Sec. E or H

Ψ        On the 1880 census, William and Phoebe Fennell were living in Marion County, AL.  William (listed as Fenel) was age 50, born NC.  His wife, Phebee, was age 46, born AL.  They had 3 sons (Phinas, age 18, Houston, age 15, and Thomas, age 8, all born AL).  They had 2 daughters (Margret, age 22, Elizabeth, age 13, also born AL).  Two grandchildren were also in the household (Phebee Fenel, age 6, and James Fenel, age 1, both born AL).


Ψ        By 1900, Phebe Fennel, now widowed, was in Lee County, MS, Plantersville. She was a farmer, listed as age 69, and was married for 40 years.  She was born January, with the birth year difficult to read, but looks like 1835. Based on the 1880 census, she was probably age 65 in 1900, and the birth year of 1835 would probably be correct. She was listed as being born in MS although the 1880 census shows she was born in AL, her mother born SC. Five of her children were still in the household, all single;

Phebe Fennel, head, age 69, born Jan 1835?, farmer

Tom Fennel, son, age 27, born Dec 1872
Margret Fennel, daughter, age 25, born May 1872
Jim Fennel, son, age 20, born Jan 1880
Mertle Fennel, daughter, age 14, born Feb 1886
Nettie Fennel, daughter, age 12, born Nov 1889

On the census, Phebe’s children were all listed as born in Mississippi, but based on the 1880 census, they were born in Alabama.

Ψ        On the 1900 census of Lee County, MS, Houston Fennel and family were living in Richmond Precinct.  Houston Fennel, age 35, was born Apr 1865, was a farmer, and had been married for 7 years. His wife, Elizabeth, was age 30, born May 1870 in MississippiHouston Fennel was also listed as born in MS but would have been born in Alabama.  They had 3 daughters listed in the

Mittie, age 5, daughter, born Nov 1894 in MS
Lonie, age 3, daughter, born May 1897 in MS
Annie B., age 8/12, daughter, born Oct 1899 in MS


Living next door to Houston Fennell was Elias Morgan.  He was age 72 and born in SC.  There appears to be a relationship between Elizabeth, the wife of Houston Fennell, and this Morgan family. These families lived near each other for several census years. Two other sons of Elias Morgan were also living next to Houston Fennell.  These were Alexander Morgan, age 37, and William (Will) Morgan, age 34. I would suspect that Elizabeth Fennell may have been a child or grandchild to Elias Morgan, but in 1880 Lee County, MS, the only female of the correct age, living in the Elias Morgan household, was Isabella Morgan, age 11.

Ψ        By 1910, Phebe Fennel, now listed as age 68 and a widow, was living in the household of her son, Tom Fennel.  Tom Fennel was age 32, born AL, and still single.  Martha A. Fennel, his sister, was age 41 and also single.  The household included a 13 year old niece, Myrtle Truelove.

In 1910, Charles Houston Fennel, age 38, was living next door to his mother and brother. He was shown to have been married for 16 years and born AL.  His wife, Elizabeth, was age 36, born MS, married 16 years.  She had given birth to 9 children with 8 still living, all daughters, and all born MS.

Mittie Fennel, daughter, age 15
Velonia Fennel, daughter, age 13
Annie Fennel, daughter, age 11
Florence Fennel, daughter, age 8
Lillie Fennel, daughter, age 6
Larela Fennel, daughter, age 5
Georgie Fennel, daughter, age 3
Evie Fennel, daughter, age 6/12

Ψ           By 1920, Houston's mother, Phoebe, had died, as had his wife, Elizabeth Fennel. Houston Fennel and his children were living in the household with his brother, Tom Fennel who was now 46.  His sister Margret Fennel, was also in the household, now age 58.  They were living in Beat 4 at Plantersville and Tupelo Road.  Houston, Tom and Margret were all shown to be born in AL,
their father born NC.

J. Tom Fennel, head, age 46, farmer, home farm, single, born AL
Margret Fennel, sister, age 58, single, born AL
Houston Fennel, head, age 54, widow, born AL
Lillie Fennel, daughter, age 17, single, born MS
Georgie Fennel, daughter, age 13, born MS
Bessie Fennel, daughter, age 9, born MS
William Fennel, son, age 6, born MS


It appears that only one son was born to Houston and Elizabeth Fennell, William, who was also the youngest child.  Larela must have died by 1920, since she was no longer listed.

Ψ        In 1930, Houston Fennel was living in the household with his daughter and son-in-law in Black Oak Township, Crittenden County, AR. They were living on Plantation Road. Winfield Dill was a tenant cotton farmer. Both parents of Winfield Dill were listed as being born AL. 

Winfield Dill, head, age 24, married at age 19, born AL

Georgia Dill, wife, age 24, married at age 19, born MS

Uni??? Dill, daughter, age 1, born MS

Houston Fennel, father in law, age 67, widow, born MS


The name of the 1 year old daughter was possibly Unice?
She was shown to be born in MS.  The birthplace for Houston Fennel, and both
parents of Georgia are shown to be MS, but should have been AL.

DOHERTY, A. F. – NS – Died Mar 10, 1900 Aged 31 y FHM now gone. He is probably buried beside his son who has a marker. Sec. E?

DOHERTY, John L., son of A. F. & Ella Doherty – Apr 10, 1898 - Dec 20, 1899 Sleep On Dear One and Take Thy Rest in Jesus Sec. E

DOTY, Grace PANNELL– Died July 15, 1947 Age 45 y Grace was wife of Frank Doty and sister of Dovie Adams. [Note: the graves of Frank and Grace Doty were marked by Pat Brown and Debbie Yates] Sec. E?

DOTY, Benjamin Franklin “Frank” – born Oct 4, 1898 in Prentiss, MS, died May 9, 1944 in Baptist Memorial Hospital, Memphis, Shelby County, TN. Tennessee Death Certificate #1638 shows that he was the son of Preston Doty and Christine Donnell, both of Prentiss, MS. He died of respiratory failure and Peritonitis due to a ruptured gastric ulcer. An autopsy was performed. He was a farmer and his wife was listed as Grace Pannell Doty. He was by buried by W. N. Holt of Earle. The informant on his death certificate was H. W. Doty of Route 1, Nettleton, AR. According to William McCoy, Frank used to raise goats and would bar-b-que one every 4th of July. They were very good. Sec. E?

DOYLE, Lydria – NS – Born Aug 31, 1919 in Selmer, TN. Died Apr 17, 1975 in John Gaston Hospital in Memphis. Daughter of Samuel B. METTLER and Mary Susan RUSSOM. Wife of Clyde Doyle who resided in Memphis. Sister was Mrs. Louise Harrison of Odessa, TX. Brother was Burley Mettler of Marked Tree, AR. Graveside services were held Apr 19, 1975.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

DREW, Bessie M.[Mae] (WINNINGHAM] – Mother – [Feb 11] 1895 – [Sep 1] 1961 (D with Robert L.) Born in Tyronza. Died at residence in Earle of heart attack. Daughter of John Winningham and Sally MITCHELL. Wife of Robert Lee Drew, Sr., deceased. Children listed as Mrs. Harold Annis, Mrs. Richard Gibson, Mrs. Jim Meredith, Rector Lee Drew and Robert Lee Drew, Jr. Sister was Mrs. Lon Webber. Brother was F. D. Winningham. Funeral held at Earle Assembly of God Church on Sep 3, 1961.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. C

DREW, Minnie L.  [Lee CARTER] – Aug 25, 1911 – Jan 1, 1999 (D with Rector Lee) Sec. C (wife of Rector Lee Drew, daughter of Robert Lee and Florence Allen Carter, granddaughters; Toni, Meyer, Heath, Minnie, Lee)

DREW, Rector L. [Lee] – Jan 18, 1911 – Jul 12, 1980 (D with Minnie L.) Son of Robert L. Drew and Bessie M. Winningham. Sec. C

DREW, Robert L. – Father – [Jan] 1892 – 1951 Called "Bob." (D with Bessie M.) Son of Rufus and Susan Drew. Father of Rector Lee, Janie Evelyn ANNIS, Rosie Marie (COX) GIBSON, Rebecca May MEREDITH and Bobby Jr. (deceased). Cousin to Liddie DAVID. (Robert Drew, 25 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Bessie, 24 AR, with one child Rector Lee 9 and father Rufus 69 born OK. Robt. L. Drew, 38 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in the south central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Bessie, 35 AR, and children, all born AR, Rector 19, Evyline 9, and Rosie 6.) Bob was First Assembly of God preacher. (Rufus Drew, 26 born KY, father born Cherokee N, mother born KY, was found on the 1880 census of Tyronza Twp with wife Susan, 21 born TN, daughter L. A. B. 1 born MO and James Corey, 23 born MO, works on farm. Rufus Drew, 42 born Nov 1857 in KY, was found on the 1900 census living in South part of Clay Twp, Dunklin Co, MO with wife Sousin, 38 born Jan 1862 in MO, with children, all born MO, James 18 born Aug 1881, Anna 16 born Dec 1884 [should be 1883], Oscar 15 born Mar 1885, Luther 11 born May 1889, Solly 9 born Nov 1890, Robert 8 born Jan 1892, Shelby 6 born Feb 1984, and Sousin 4 born May 1896. They had been married 21 years. They had 9 children with 8 living.) The oldest daughter must have died and it appears a child was lost between Oscar and Luther and would have been born about 1887. Sec. C

v                   Robert Lee DREW, World War I Draft Registration Jun 5, 1917, Crittenden County, AR

Born Jan 8, 1891, Earle, AR, age 25

Residence: Earle, AR – wife and 1 child

Claimed draft exemption for religious creed, war forbidden

Medium height, medium build, brown eyes, black hair, one eye almost out,

Occupation: farming for self.


DREW, Shelby – NS – Feb 15, 1892 [should be 1894]– Apr 7, 1949 Son of Rufus and Susan Drew. Husband of Lola Adline ISHAM. (Shelby Drew, age 15, was found on the 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with Ab and Jennie Place. Shelby Drew, 40 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the south central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Lolly, 28 AR, and children, all born AR, Littie 10, Thelma 8, and Rufus 7. Sec. ?

v                   Shelby DREW, World War I Draft Registration Dec 19, 1918,  Phillips County, AR

Born Feb 15, 1899, Elaine, Phillips County, AR, age 18

Residence: Elaine, AR – single, Next of kin: R. Drew, Earle, AR

Occupation: Timberman for C. T. Blake, Elaine

Short height, medium build, gray eyes, red hair


DUNAVANT, William E. – Oct 27, 1880 – Nov 18, 1937 ( Wm. Dunavant, 39 all born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Edith 33, and children Hazell 12, Edna 7, Loise 3 and Eula May 4 months.) Sec. I

DUNCAN, Frank – Father – Jan 8, 1893 – Jun 16, 1944 (Frank Duncan, 25 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Norvell Town with wife Nettie 21 MS. In the same house was John Duncan, 20 born AR, and wife Jennie18 MS with son John H., 3 months AR.) Sec. E – June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - Son of Sterling "Sam" Price Duncan and Bessie Duncan, Husband of Nettie Duncan. Brothers; William S."Will" Duncan, Wes Duncan, John Duncan, Sisters; Corie Snyder, Gertrude Payne, Sudie James.  Sons; Carlton, Lewis, Wayne and daughters; Clara Mae and Gina.

DUNCAN, James A. – 1884 – 1950 Sec. ?

DUNCAN, James M. – 1916 – 1979 Sec. C – June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - Duncan, James M. (Mayer) 1916-1970 - Married to Ginny Pearl Duncan,  Son of William S. "Will" Duncan and Minnie A. (Ann) Duncan, Twin brother to W.C."Cliff" Duncan and sister Mary A.(Ann). Son; Will Duncan, Stepson; Junior Duncan, daughter; Mary Duncan

DUNCAN, Maudie M. – Mother – 1902 – 1936 "There are no partings in heaven" Published in Cross County Times, Parkin, AR that Maudie Duncan died March 1936, age 32, buried Gibson Bayou. AR Death Index gives death date as 1 April 1936. Sec. H -  June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - Wife to John Duncan,Sr.

DUNCAN, Minnie A. – 1884 – [Jun 30] 1950 (D with William S.) FHM gave name as Minnie Ann who died June 30, 1950 Aged 65 yrs., 6 mos. Betty Lou (Duncan) MARTIN said 1884 incorrect for birth year. What was her maiden name? Sec. C – June 2007, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - Duncan, Minnie A. (Ann) (McClain), Born in Jasper AL 1884 - (June 30) 1950 wife of William S. "Will" Duncan, Mother to twin sons W. C. "Cliff" and James M. (Mayer) Duncan and daughter Mary A. (Ann) Duncan James.

DUNCAN, Nettie – Mother – Aug 16, 1898 – Aug 4, 1953 (Husband was Frank Duncan) Sec. E – June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - Duncan, Nettie - Aug. 16,1898 - Aug 4, 1953 "Mother" Wife to Frank Duncan, Mother to Sons Carlton, Lewis, Wayne and daughters Clara Mae and Gina

DUNCAN, S. P. – Jun 6, 1865 – Dec 29, 1949 (Funeral home marker gave name as Sterling, same death date; aged 86 years; Betty Lou said his full name is Samuel Sterling Price Duncan; Sudie’s father) Sam Duncan, 56 b. TN was found on the 1920 census living in Norvell Town with wife Bessie 54 MS. Also living in the same house was Lizzie Adkins, widow 34 OK, and dau Oma May 12 AR, Cora Adair, widow 31 b. MS and her children, all b. MS, Tammie 10, son Jewel 6, and James 4 4/12.) Sec. E – June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - Sterling Price P. "Sam" June 6,1865 - Dec. 29, 1949 wife to Bessie Duncan. Father to sons; Wes, John, "Will" and Frank Duncan, daughters; Corie Snyder, Gertrude Payne, Sudie Ashby James

DUNCAN, William Lamar, son of W. C.[Cliff] & Modell – Jun 21, 1937 – Aug 15, 1937 Sec. C – June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - Duncan, William Lamar, June 21,1938 - Aug.15,1938 (2 months old), Son of W.C. "Cliff" and Modell Duncan, There is a chip missing from his headstone, but Cliff said not enough to worry about . Probably done by a mower sometime ago. (sisters Elizabeth Ann Duncan Miraglia, Shirley Duncan Gordon, sister Linda Kay Duncan Bell (1948-2005) and brother David Michael Duncan.

DUNCAN, William S. – 1885 – 1955 D with Minnie A. (Died Aug 22, 1955 Aged 71 years was written on paper found in a jar with artificial flowers. Betty Lou (Duncan) MARTIN said he was called Will. His daughter Mary married Sam JAMES. He had sons Cliff and James Duncan. (Willie Duncan, 35 born MS, was found on the 1920 census living in Norvell Town with wife Minnie 35 AL and children, all born MS, Mary 10, W. Clifton and James M., both 3 3/12.) Sec. C – June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia -  Duncan, William S. "Will" 1885-1955 (dbl with Minnie A. (Ann). Father to twin sons W. C. "Cliff” & James M. (Mayer) Duncan, and daughter Mary A. (Ann) Duncan James.  The note in the jar was left there by Cliff Duncan so if any of the remaining family members read it, would know he had been there.  It refers to Mrs. Jim James which is Sudie Ashby James. The note is really unclear in the reference to Jim James son Cliff & James Duncan. That is not the case. Mrs. Jim James was Sudie Duncan Ashby James, mother to Betty Lou Duncan Spicer Martin.


~ E ~


EASLEY, John A.[Atkins] Sr. – US Navy – Jul 23, 1932 – Apr 1, 1975 Born in MS. Died in Forrest City, AR. Son of Curtis Easley of Griffithville, AR and Cora McNalley (Mrs. Cora Morris) of Earle. Husband of Arreta Easley (maiden name not listed). Brothers were Jack Easley of West Memphis and Raymond Easley of Des Arc, AR. Sisters were Dorothy Hamm of Paris, TX, Irene Ward of Cotton Plant, AR, Virginia Franks of Houston, TX, Katie Gray of Baton Rouge, LA and Mavalene Bailey of Parkin, AR. Stepfather was J. W. Morris of Earle.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. E

EATON, Dora – 1892 – 1971 Wife of Robert Eaton. Sec. C

EATON, Ellis "Dad" – Feb 26, 1922 – Nov 5, 2001 Son of Robert and Dora Eaton. Sec. C

EATON, Robert – June 4, 1888 – Oct 5, 1966 Husband of Dora Eaton. Sec. C

EDGIN, Floyd [F.] – PFC US Army Vietnam – Oct 18, 1947 – Oct 28, 1978 Husband of Judy Eaton. Born in AR. Died in VA Hospital in Memphis. Son of Mary Sue Edgin. Husband of Judy EATON Edgin. Daughter was Lina Sue Edgin of the home. Brother was Troy Edgin of Union City, TN.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. C

ELAM, Cain – died early 1920s. Husband of Carrie MARTIN who was Melvin Watson’s grandpa’s sister. Carrie married second George CARTER. Are Cain and E. W. Elam the same person? (E. W. Elam, 52 b. VA, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Carrie, 52 MS, with children R. B. 8 MS, and Rubie Dell 7 MS.) Youngest child was named Flavous according to Dickey Daniels. R. B. mar. Lucille Russell who died in childbirth. Carrie L. Carter died 21 Jun 1936 in Crittenden Co. according to the AR Death Index. Melvin said Carrie died in Jonesboro. Sec. ?

ELMORE, Lewis Paris, son of P. L. & L. M. Elmore – Born & died Aug 8, 1918 Buried next to Frank and Lura Paris. Is Lewis their grandson? Sec. G

ENO, Joe Carl – Feb 15, 1940 – Mar 14, 1940 Son of Phillip eno. Sec. C

ENO, Mildred M. – Aug 6, 1930 – Mar 13, 1989 Excerpt from Evening Times obit: wife of Orville Eno, was born in Parkin, was a Baptist, four daughters, Salley WISESSMAN, Mary SEACINNA and Rosemary Eno all of Chicago, and Ann PELTZ of Albuquerque; three sons Allen of Earle, Danny of Lebanon, IN and Frank of Chicago; two brothers, Lawrence SMITH and ?bby Smith, both of Rockford, IL. Sec. B

ENO, Orville James – Jan 7, 1930 – May 4, 1997 Husband of Mildred Eno. Sec. B


~ F ~


FENNEL, Charles Houston, Born Apr 1865 - Died Oct 16, 1934, unmarked grave, father of Georgia Fennel Dill, son of William and Phoebe Fennell of Marion County, AL and Lee County, MS.  Husband of Elizabeth. Charles Houston Fennel moved to Earle with his daughter, Georgia, and son in law, Winfield Dill. In 1930, Houston Fennel was living in the household with his daughter and son-in-law in Black Oak Township, Crittenden County, AR. They were living on Plantation Road. His son in law, Winfield Dill, was a tenant cotton farmer. Houston Fennel was age 67 and a widow. 

FERGUSON, H. W. – NS – Died Aug 10, 1942 – Aged 71 y, 10 m, 11 d Calculated birth date 29 Sep 1870. Sec. H

FISHER, Ara Marie – Jan 28, 1918 – Aug 27, 1932 Sec. C

FISHER, Ava Hogue – May 5, 1884 – Oct 20, 1973 Sec. C

FISHER, Willie V. – Jan 2, 1890 – May 2, 1951 Sec. C

FLOCK, Willodean – No dates, marker placed 2000. Sec. C

FLORA, Margie Marie LINVILLE and Stillborn Infant – Dec 14, 1921 – Dec 30, 1938 Daughter of John P. and Mae Williams Linville. Wife of Robert Flora. Sec. D or G

FLOYD, Baby Boy – NS – Born & died April 16, 1947 Buried between Grace Doty and Janice Annette (L)ayton. Sec. E

FLOYD, Owcorn? – Died Feb 10, 1940 Aged 26 yrs. Sec. H

FORD, Charles – NS – Died abt 1933 from colitis. Abt 18 months old. Son of George and Mary (Watson) Ford. There is a Charlie Ford listed in Crittenden County Deaths who died 12/31/1933. Sec. D

FORD, Doyle W. – Apr 20, 1914 – Jul 16, 1930 Son of Norman Ford, half brother to George Ford and brother to Alice Dee Turpin. (N. L. Ford, 42 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp. With wife Martha, 40 TN, and children Matilda [Ted WATSON], 19 TN, Vernon, 17 TN, Doyle 16 TN, Aze, 10 AR, J. C., 9 AR, Henry, 8 AR, and Norman, 6/12 AR.) Sec. H

FORD, Ruth – NS – Died abt 1933 from colitis in the same week Charles died. Child of George and Mary (WATSON) Ford. She was three months old. Sec. D

FOREHAND, Ada –Oct 2, 1864 – Jan 26, 1939 – (Albert Forehand, 26 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Mary, 22 AR, widowed mother Ada, 59? AR?, sister Naomi Cole 18 AR, and niece Alma Cole 4 months AR.) Ada is the grandmother of J. B. EDWARDS of Earle. Buried to right of Marion Lafayett Forehand just outside the fence. Sec. I

FOREHAND, Donna Lee – Mar 24, 1943 – Aug 4, 1943 Daughter of Dennie and Gladys Forehand. Sec. H

FOREHAND, Gladys [HOWDYSHELL] – [Apr 30] 1914 – Dec 28, 1987 Wife of Dennie. Excerpt from obit: retired nurse, service at Assembly of God Church, son David of Earle; daughter Francine Powell of Nowata, OK. The Howdyshell’s were from Poplar Bluff, MO. Sec. H

FOREHAND, [Lewis] Dennie – [Aug 5] 1913 – [Nov 18] 1976 (D with Gladys) Son of Walter and Mamie Forehand. Father of Francine who gave complete dates. First name taken from SSDI. Sec. H

FOREHAND, Mamie [Tennessee WILLIAMS] – [Oct 19] 1891 – 1968 Funeral home marker gave "Died Apr 18, 1968 - Age 76 yrs, 5 mos, 29 days." Daughter of James A. Williams and Samantha Idella Cole. Wife of Walter Forehand. Sister of Mae (Williams) LINVILLE. Died in Wellington, TX. Sec. H

FOREHAND, Marion Lafayett – NS – Grave surrounded by white concrete fence. Born Dec 1865 – Died abt 1920. Son of John A. and Marilda Forehand. Husband of Ada Haney Forehand. Father of Walter Forehand. (John A. Forehand, 45 born TN, was found on the 1880 of census of Cave, Sharp Co, AR with wife Arrilda, 40 TN, and children William H., 17 TN, Marion L. 13 TN, James W. 9 MO, David 4 MO, and Nancy A. 1 AR.) full name given by J. B. Edwards who found entry in his mother’s family Bible; it proved his grandfather’s middle name) Sec. I

FOREHAND, Walter – [Jul 24], 1887 – [Jan 30], 1976 – (D with Mamie) Son of M. L. and Ada HANEY Forehand. (Walter Forehand, 32 born unknown, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle with wife Mamie, 26 TN, and children all born AR, Dennie 6, Freda 4, and Madiline 5 months. Walter’s occupation listed as jeweler.) Sec. H

FRANKS, Fannie – NS – Died abt 1931. Age in 30’s. Daughter of Jim and Dora Franks. Possibly died in car accident. Single, lived at Marked Tree/Lepanto about 2 years. Was the maternal aunt of Almeda BRANCH (who gave data) of Earle who is 91 yrs old in 2002. Anna UPTON of Marion is Mrs. Branch’s dau. Sec. ?

FRAZIER, Allen – Jan 20, 1906 – Aug 1975 Stone missing in 2002. Father of Ruby and Billy who married Elizabeth Hamrick. (Note: James Allen Frazier, originally believed to be buried at Gibson Bayou, is actually buried at Crittenden Memorial Park in Marion, Section 6, along with his first wife, Edna Casey Frazier. His second wife, Sula Lee Jones Hughes Frazier, is buried at Gibson Bayou) Theresa Frazier Smith

FRAZIER, Dealie WINFREY "Granny" – Sep 16, 1912 – May 17, 1997 Wife of Lonnie Frazier. Sister of Boss Winfrey. Sec. B

FRAZIER, Lonnie – NS – May 28, 1917 – Jan 13, 1975 Born in TN. Son of Frank Frazier and Jane HALE. Husband of Dealie WINFREY. Children are Leslie Frazier, Lex Frazier, and Bonnie Fay who married John McKINNEY. Bonnie is now a GRISHAM. Sec. B

FULKERSON, J.? S. (stone broken) – Died Feb 10, 1901 Aged 62 years. Sec. E

FULKERSON, Mary J[ane] Aunt – [18 Dec] 1842 – [3 Dec] 1944 Aged 101 yrs, 11 mos, 15 days. Daughter of Robert A. HOOD and Evaline EAST. Called Aunt Puss. Birthdate from copy of Bible record in possession of Pat Brown. Sec. E

FULKERSON, W. [William] W. [Wallace] – Feb 9, 1838 – June 16, 1916 Husband of Mary Jane (HOOD) BROWN. (W. W. Fulkerson, 47 born AR, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife M. J., 37 born MS, nephew D. V. Haynes, 4 born AR and laborer Emmett Simcox, 18 born VA. W. W. Fulkerson, 67 born Feb 1833 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Mary J. 57 born in Dec 1842 in MS and boarders Lee Carter 19 born Jul 1880 in AR, Georgia Jones 16 born Jan 1884 in AR, and sister Mandy Coward 51 born Mar 1849 in AR.) Mandy and Mary Jane were actually first cousins. Their fathers were brothers. Sec. E    Fulkerson Family Website

FULLWOOD, Billy G. – 4 Aug 1923 Sec. E

FULLWOOD, Edgar – Sept 12, 1875 – Mar 7, 1907 Son of J. M. and Lucy Virginia Fullwood. Did not find stone in 2002. Sec. ?

FULLWOOD, Lucy V.[Virginia] – Apr 8, 1851 – Dec 8, 1910 (J. M. Fullwood, 39 born NC, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Virginia, 28 born AR, and children, all born AR, C. W. 8, Clara 6, Edgar 4, Anna 2 and boarder John Maxey, 28 born TN. Lucy Fullwood, 49 born Apr 1851 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Black Oak Twp, Crittenden Co, with children Chas. F., 27 born July 1872 AR, and T. E., 24 born Sep 1875 in AR. Lucie Fullwood, widow 59 b. AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with dau Annie BLYTHE, widow 32 AR, grandau Julia? 11 AR, grandson Carrie 11 AR, plus two boarders.) Joe Wood states Lucy’s husband was James Madison Fullwood. Where was he buried? Sec. C

FULLWOOD, Roy Ed – Died Mar 18, 1910 Aged 4 (May Fullwood, widow 25 born AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Earle Town with children Amelia 4 AR and Roy 2 AR plus sister Eller BROWN 27 AR.) Minnie May Brown Fullwood was born May 28, 1884, died 21 Nov 1928. Amelia married Tom Cloar. Sec. C

FULLWOOD, Virginia, dau of C. F. & G. A. Fullwood – Mar 3, 1904 – Feb 6, 1907 (Charlie Fullwood, 27 born AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Earle Town with wife Georgia [JONES], 25 AR, and children Charlie Jr. 4 AR, Gladis 2 AR, and Mary 1 month plus sister-in-law Mary JONES 10 AR and boarder George WATSON 22 AR. Georgia listed as mother of 4 children with 3 living. Charles F. Fullwood, 47 all born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Georgia 35 and children James E. 14, Gladys E. 12, Mary Wallace 10 and Rachel L. 8 . Another family living in same house was Clyde F. Holt, 28 born VA with wife Willie D. 18 AR and bro-in-law Dewey Barker 21 AR. ) Sec. E


~ G ~


G., B. B. – Stone with initials only. (is this Bertie Bell Gunn, possible footmarker? -- dy)

GANN, Googe – NS – Died age 12 with appendicitis. Father was John. – Melvin Watson-source who thought surname was Gunn. (J. A. [John Allen] Gann, 34 born AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Blackland Precinct, Prentiss Co, MS with wife Martha, 25 MS, and children, all born MS, Ruby 8, Lizzie 5, Loat? Dau 3 7/12?, Googe 1 0/12 and mother Lizzie LINDSEY, 67 widow born AL.) Sec. H

GARDNER, Velma May – Mother – Apr 7, 1913 – Jan 18, 1969 Sec. C

GILMER, Hoyt – US Army World War II – Mar 15, 1917 – Dec 11, 1990 Excerpt from obit: of Livingston, TX, formerly of Earle, two sons, Frank of Livingston and James of Lufkin, TX; five daughters, Mary SAVAGE of McKenzie, TN, Patricia WHIPPLE of Jacksonville, Jessie MORROW of Marion, Helen HIGHLAND of Texarkana and Brenda STEVENSON of Corinth, MS; brother, Doc Gilmer of Colt. Sec. C

GILMER, Lillie Doll – NS – Born Sep 25, 1925 in Dover, TN. Died Feb 6, 1974 at Hwy 140 two miles West Lepanto, AR. Resided at Marked Tree, Poinsett Co. for 4 years. Prior residence in Earle. Daughter of Linnie DOUGLAS and Mattie D. (maiden name not given). Wife of Hoyt Gilmer. –Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

GOAD, J. A. – Aug 1855 – Dec 18, 1910 Age 55 – Masonic emblem. James Allen GOAD married Anna Mae SMITH on 4 Sept 1894. They were parents of Ethel BIBB and Bess P. ORGAN. Jim Goad married second to Alice HORTON and had children Addie and Eva. (James A. Goad, 44 born Aug 1855 in TN, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with daughters Ethel, 4 born Oct 1895 in AR, and Bessie P. 2 born Jan 1898 in AR. Jim A. Goad, 55 born TN, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Alice, 37 AL, and children, all born AR, Ethel 14, Bessie 12, Ada 3, and Eva 1. Alice Goad, widow 44 b. AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle with daus Addie 13 AR and Eva 10 AR.) Eva Pauline mar. Gus BARTLETT and Addie James mar. James Lowry PACE. Small marker to right with no inscription. Sec D

GOAD, Lois – 1911 –1927 "We Will Meet Again" Sec. E (Lois Lorine GOAD, born 31 Aug 1911 Hugo, Oklahoma – died 24 Aug 1927 Memphis, Tennessee. Daughter of John H. GOAD and Beulah Virginia ELLIS) The Goad Genealogy

GOODBAR, Joe – NS – Born and died 1944. Son of Clarence and Iona Evelyn (ABBOTT) Goodbar. He had a blood tumor on his back and died in a Memphis hospital. Iona said he was buried behind the church near a tree. Clarence built a white picket fence around the grave but it was destroyed when the cemetery burned. Charlie and Harry Myers were Clarence’s uncles. (Joe Goodbar, 35 b. MO, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Rosie, 22 KY, and children Clarence 9 MO, Lucile 7 MO, and James 1 AR. Martin Specke?, 45 b. AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Rosa, 38 KS, and stepsons Clarence Goodbar, 19 MO, and James, 17 MO.) Sec. E or C

v                   Joe GOODBAR, World War I Draft Registration Sep 12, 1918, Crittenden County, AR

Date of birth unknown, age 38

Residence, Earle, AR – wife Rosa Goodbar of Earle

Occupation: Farm, C. W. Cloar

Tall, medium build, blue eyes, black hair

J. M. Layton, Registrar


GREENHAW, Stillborn son of Robert and Maxie Greenhaw – NS – Born and died Feb 1948. Grandson of Elmer ARMSTRONG. Sec. ?

GRIFFIN, Eva Ellen Simpson – Dec 25, 1904 – Nov 30, 1999 From Haefer. Sec. B

GRIFFIN, Sam Jones – PVT US Army World War I – Jun 17, 1895 – Dec 12, 1982 Sec. B

GRIGGS, Mason L. – NS – Born Feb 15, 1897 in Tupelo, MS. Died Nov 13, 1960 in Earle where he had resided for 4 months. Previous residence was Haefer. Son of Mark Griggs, deceased, and mother listed as unknown. Husband of Lotie Lorine Maples. Children listed as Mrs. Earnest Starkey, Willard M. Griggs and Jimmy Ray Griggs of Parma, MO, Jodie Griggs and Marcus Griggs of Earle. –Citizens Funeral Home record. Sec. ?

GRISHAM, Bonnie Fay – Mother – Jul 24, 1941 – Aug 21, 1987 Daughter of Lonnie and Dealie FRAZIER. Mother of Deborah MCKINNEY) Sec. B

GROSS, Henry – NS – abt 1878 – Mar 16, 1925 Brother of William H. Gross. Father of Sadie Gross HOWELL. Second husband of Dora LARMAN who later married a MARTIN. (Richard Gross, 50 born IN, was found on the 1880 census of Pyeatt Twp, Pulaski Co, AR with wife Jane 41 IN, and children James 21 IN, Nannie 18 IN, William 18 AR, Robert 12 AR, Charles 9 AR, John 4 AR and Henry 1 AR. Henry Gross, 33 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Dora 31 AR, and children Louisa 5 AR and Shelly son 2 AR plus Dora’s two sons from her first marriage to J. B. Carter, Clifton Carter 10 AR and Frank Carter 8 AR.) Sec. C (Dora Larman, age 19 of Cloar, and J. B. Carter, age 20 of Cloar, were married December 22, 1908 by N. B. Metcalf, Justice of the Peace.  Recorded at Marion, Crittenden County Courthouse.  Note: Hollie Martin, husband of Dora Larman, died Jan 3, 1957 at the age of 54. He was buried in Crittenden Memorial Park Cemetery in Marion. No marked grave was located for him. His obituary appeared in the Earle Enterprise in January 1957)

v       Henry GROSS, World War I Draft Registration Jun 5, 1917, Parkin, Cross County, AR

Date of birth Jan 23, 1887, age 30

Residence: Parkin - Wife and 3 children

Occupation: farmer for J. A. Rogers, Parkin

Tall, slender, blue eyes, black hair – signed with X


GROSS, Louise – NS – Born abt 1915 – died aft 1 Jan 1920 Daughter of Henry and Dora (LARMAN) Gross. Buried between Henry and William Gross. Sec. C

GROSS, Mary – NS – born aft 1 Jan 1920 Daughter of Henry and Dora (LARMAN) Gross. Buried between Henry and William Gross. Sec. C

GROSS, William H. – Arkansas Pvt. 127 Inf. 32 Div. – Oct 24, 1918 Brother of Henry Gross. Sec. C

v       Will GROSS, World War Draft Registration Jun 5, 1917, Parkin, Cross County, AR

Date of birth May 2, 1889, Searcy, AR, age 28

Residence: Parkin, unmarried

Occupation: farm for J. A. Rogers, Parkin

Tall, medium build, blue eyes, black hair – signed with X


GUNN, Alma Lorene – 1 Mar 1916 – 28 Nov 1926 Daughter of Henry Clinton "Jack" GUNN and Maggie Lee COX. Sec. ?

GUNN, Bertie Bell – Feb 8, 1900 – May 1, 1904 (D with Percy L. Simmerson) Daughter of Will GUNN and Julia INGRAM. Sec. G

GUNN, J. W. [John William, Jr.] – May 16, 1905 – Mar 13, 1906 Sec. G

GUNN, John W. [William] – [Nov 25] 1875 – Jun 26] 1949 (D with Julia E.) Called "Will." (John W. Gunn, 32 born AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp next door to Robert C. Gunn. With him was his wife Julia, 38 TN, son Earle 3 AR, dau Evie COX 11 AR, plus two boarders, Charlie TALLEY 16 TN and Lucy CLOAR 27 AR. Will Gunn, 40 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Julia, 41 TN, and children, all born AR, Earle 12, J. V. 9, and W. T. 3 11/12 plus lodgers widow Zelmar Owens 16? AR and William A. Owens 2/12? AR. John Gunn, 54 born AR, meat cutter/meat market, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Julia I. 54 TN, and children, born AR, J. V. 19 and W.T. 14. ) Sec. C

v       John William GUNN, World War I Draft Registration, Sep 12, 1918, Crittenden County, AR

Born: Nov 25, 1875, Age 43, Earle

Butcher at Earle

Wife: Julia Emaline Gunn, Earle

Height 5’10”, medium build, hazel eyes, brown hair


GUNN, Julia E. – [Sep 14] 1873 – [Mar 16] 1941 Maiden name Jewel Julia INGRAM. Also have 1874 for birth year. Sec. C

GUNN, Leontine – NS – Jan 7, 1930 – Jul 5, 1930 Died from colitis. Buried to right of Robert C. Gunn Sec. E

GUNN, Olanda – May 26, 1903 – Apr 1, 1904 (D with Ollie Gunn) Daughter of Will GUNN and Julia INGRAM. Sec. G

GUNN, Ollie – May 26, 1903 – Feb 29, 1904 Daughter of Will Gunn and Julia INGRAM. Sec. G

GUNN, Robert C. [Cyrce] – [Apr 6] 1880 – [Dec 11] 1935 Son of Luther Gunn and Susan Catherine HOOD. Husband of Pearl (ROBINETT) Gunn. According to his daughter, Elizabeth Drew, Robert died in Turrell. AR Death Index gives death as Dec. 12. (Robert C. Gunn, 30 born AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with first wife Malissie, 18 AL, widowed mother Susan 61 AR, brother Henry C. Gunn 25 AR and boarder Acie Glover 18 AR. R. C. Gunn, 39? born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with second wife Pearl F. 25 AR, and children Ellen 7 AR, and Elizabeth 3 AR plus his widowed mother, Susan Gunn 70 AR.) Sec. C

v                   Robert Charles GUNN, World War I Draft Registration Sep 12, 1918, Crittenden County, AR

Born: Apr 6, 1880, Age 38, Earle

Farmer for Farmers Merc Gin Co., Earle

Wife: Pearl Gunn, Box 296, Earle

Medium build, medium height, blue eyes, black hair


GUNN, Robert Elliott – NS – Oct 21, 1927 – Jan 1, 1928 Son of Robert Cyrce and Pearl (ROBINETT) Gunn. Buried next to Robert C. Gunn. Sec. C

GUNN, Ruby May – Jan 17, 1931 – Mar 1931 Daughter of Jack Gunn and Maggie Lee COX. Sec. ?

GUNN, Sanford Eugene – 18 Dec 1928 – 8 Mar 1929 Son of Jack and Maggie Gunn. Sec. ?

GUNN, Susan C. [Catherine] HOOD – Jun 5, 1849 – Apr 24, 1943 Daughter of William and Elizabeth (DROKE) Hood. Wife of Luther Gunn. (Susan Gunn, widow 74 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with her youngest youngest child Jack Gunn 35 AR with his children Lorine 4 9/12 AR and Loucile 1 4/12 AR. His wife Maggie was not listed. They were all living in the same house with Jack Williams, 31 born TN, and his wife Jessie 20 GA.) Buried next to R. C. Gunn. Sec. C

                                [Unknown if this one is also buried here]

v                   Henry Clinton GUNN, World War I Draft Registration, Sep 12, 1918, Crittenden County, AR

Born: Nov 25, 1884, age 34, Earle

Farming for self, Earle

Wife: Maggie Lee Gunn, Earle

Tall, slender, blue eyes, brown hair



~ H ~


H, A A Initials only cut in stone. Could be footstone for A. A. Harris below. It’s in same Sec. B?

H, E A Wooden marker with these initials between Hugh Snyder and Henry L. Olson. Joe Wood suggests this might be Mrs. Emma A. Haynes b. 1860 d. ?. Sec. C

HAGGARD, Billie Joe – Died Apr 18, 1945 Age 2 yrs, 5 mos, 11 days. Calculated birth date 7 Nov 1942.  (This funeral home marker was located in 1967 by Pat Brown, and was very deteriorated.  The marker can no longer be found. The Arkansas Death Index gives the name as Billie Joe HAGGARD, Apr 18, 1945 in Crittenden County, at the age of 2 years.  This grave was located behind the church, somewhere between the Medders and Doty graves, probably in Section E.

HAGGARD, Margaret M. [Marie] Ingram – Oct 20, 1947 – Mar 4, 2002 Age 54 Roller Citizen FHM and Memorial card reads Mar. 2. Daughter of Elmo and Margaret INGRAM. Sec. C

HARRIS, A. A. – Sep 26, 1875 – May 30, 1917 Name was Arthur Alonzo "Lonnie" from Earle Epic. Sec. B

HARRIS, Lillie Mae (HOLMES) – Sep 23, 1923 – Jul 31, 1988 Excerpt from obit, byline Wynne, AR: daughters, Evelyn BRADLEY and Paulette HARRIS of Wynne; son Billy Holmes of Pine Bluff; two brothers, Raymond ATCHLEY of Hale Center, and Thomas Atchely. Buried between Joseph and Walter Edward Holmes. Sec. E

HARRIS, Mahala – Died Dec 9, 1917 Age 64 Memorial written by A. P. Scofield: "Mrs. Mahala CRAVENS Harris wife of Nathan S. Harris died at 11 o’clock p.m., Dec. 10, 1917. She was a native of Wayne, County Ill., being born there, March 1, 1854. She professed religion in her fifteenth year, and was at the time baptized into the faith of the Baptist church by Rev. Cal ALLEN. She died a consistent member of the Baptist church of Earle. She married Mr. Harris, Dec. 10, 1874. She was the mother of seven children. There survives her four of the children., Mr. William Harris, of Curtis, Ark.., and Mary E. ROSS, Mrs. Sarah E. HITE, and Flossie G. SLOAN of this place. We laid her to rest under the snow crest sod at Gibson Bayou, and we think of her as in a world as spotlessly white as the snow; and as in a rest as peaceful as the silence in which we left her." Sec. B

HARRIS, Shellie B. – PVT US Army World War II – Apr 13, 1929 – Dec 9, 1987 Sec. E

HARRISON, Dorthey – 28 June 1939 – 8 Aug 1939 Sec. C

HARRISON, Geannie – Our Mother – Feb 9, 1891 – Oct 5, 1963 Thy Trials Ended Thy Rest is Won Citizens Funeral Home record gives middle name of Elizabeth. Born in Linden, TN. Died at home. Daughter of Joe BARBER and Ann FULLER. Children listed as Bernice Crosswhite, Mrs. Jack Brazile, Mrs. Robert L. Watson, Russell E. Harrison, Horace Harrison, James Harrison, F. M. Harrison and Thomas Harrison. Sec. C

HARRISON, Norma Jean – May – Dec 1951 GOD’S ARMS Hand made marker. Funeral home marker read Nina Jean, Dec 19, 1951 HOBBS, Mary Geneva ROBINSON SHORT - Age 6 months. Sec. C

HARRISON, R.[Russell] R.[Roy] – 1888 – 1946 Our loving husband & father By side of Geannie. Graves surrounded by white wrought iron fence. (R. R. Harrison, 41 born MS, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Genia 38 TN, and children, all born TN except youngest born AR, Gladys 20, Lucile 19, Gordie dau 18, Russell 11, Henrietta 15, Horace 8, James 6, and Effie son 6.) Henrietta married Lewis Watson, son of Minnie. James married Florine Bolton, sister of Daphine Bolton McFall. Lucille married a Brazile. Sec. C

HARRISON, Timmy Lynn – SP4 US Army Vietnam – May 16, 1956 – Sep 5, 1993 Sec. B

HARRISON, Male and Female Twins – Born and died May 1927 Children of Russell and Geannie Harrison. Buried to right of Eva Ruth Daniels. Sec C

HAYES, Audie – NS – Born abt 1902 – Died in 1920’s. Was a young man. --Melvin Watson. (Allie Hayes, widow 45 born AR, was found on the 1920 census with children A. S., son 18 , Charlie Le 16, Lillie Irene 9, and Geo W. 7 all born AR; also boarder Clifford CHISM 16 AR. Sec. ?

HAYES, Odor – NS – Carroll Cloar wrote a note in his book concerning his Gibson Bayou Anthology. "When I was a boy I used to wander through Gibson Bayou Cemetery picking dewberies. I got acquainted with all the people buried there and knew some of them in life…. The girl on the right, in back, is Odor Hayes, who died young. I caught small pox from her."

HAYNES, Mrs. Emma A., (see wooden marker above, H, E A, with these initials between Hugh Snyder and Henry L. Olson. Joe Wood suggests this might be Mrs. Emma A. Haynes b. 1860 d. ?. Sec. C

HEATH, Thelma – Nov 6, 1945 – Jun 18, 2001 Age 55 Roller Citizens FHM. Sec. C

HENDRIX, Velma Mae – Apr 10, 1983 – Oct 4, 1984 We Love You Sec. B

HERBERT, Mary (LACE) – NS – abt 1901 – aft 20 Mar 1920 (H. E. Hubert, 29 born in TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Mary, 19 born in IN and both parents born IN, daughter Irine 2 born AR, brothers, R. T. Hubert 17 born TN, and C. C. 14 born TN. Living next door to them was A. H. Lace, 25 born in MO, both parents born IN, with wife Nettie and children Edward Secil, Margarett, and Gladdis.) J. D. Lace of Cherry Valley gave data and said this family lived at Togo. (Note: From Lace family, son of Mary, L. D. Herbert, currently lives in Forrest City, 2003)

(H. E. Herbert was age 29 in 1920 with brothers R. T./S. (Robert S.) Herbert, age 17, and C. C. Herbert, age 14)


v                   Harry Edward HERBERT, World War I Draft Registration, Jun 5, 1917 – Crittenden County

Born: Jul 27, 1891 - Bledsoe, TN – age 24

Farming for self, Black Oak Township

Wife and two brothers

Medium height and build, brown eyes, dark hair


HIGHLAND, Phillip L. – Jul 18, 1973 – Oct 24, 1993 Excerpt from obit: middle name is Lynn; wife, Rebecca Highland; sister, Shelia MORGAN of Marked Tree; brother, Frankie Highland of Texarkana; parents, Phillip H. and Lillie Highland of Jonesboro. Sec. C

HILL, ? – Rusty marker between two native stone markers with C. R. and L. R. and Gladys Ree Lindsey. Sec. C

HILL, Benny – May 11, 1910 – July 22, 1978 Husband of Louise (LINVILLE) Hill. Sec. E

HILL, [Frances] Louise Linville – 1914 – 1964 (? Jan 1915 – Dec 1964) Daughter of D. C. and Mary LINVILLE. Married first to Jessie Burdell WHITE. Married second to Benny HILL. Did not find stone. She is three places to the right of Richardson graves. Sec. E

HILL, Marley A. [Allen] – Oct 12, 1920 – Aug 7, 1988 not engraved (D with Mildred Fay) Excerpt from obit: West Memphis, AR: gives death, middle name, five sons, Donald and Kenneth SPEARS and William Hill of West Memphis; Eddie Spears of Marion and James Hill of Trumann; four daughters, Martha STANLEY and Peggy HARRISON of Memphis, Betty TAYLOR of West Memphis and Mary ROGERS of Earle; two brothers, William Hill of Trumann and Roy White of Tiptonville, TN; sister Essie BREWER of West Memphis. Sec. B in far corner

HILL, Mildred Fay [HOWE] – Apr 21, 1919 – Mar 24, 1977 (By side of Marley A. Hill) Buried between Marley and her first husband, Frank Elsworth "Nookie" SPEARS. Sec. B

HILL, Vinnie Savage – Sep 8, 1901 – Apr 28, 1978 Beloved Mother & Grandmother Sec. B

HINSON, Addie McCoy, died Jun 22, 1935, wife of Jefferson Benjamin Hinson (assume she is buried here, NS)

HINSON, Jefferson B. – Died Dec 16, 1955 Aged 82 yrs, 4 mos, 15 days. Calculated birth date 1 Aug 1873. (Milissa Hinson, 25 born MS, was found on the 1880 census of Verona, Lee Co, MS living with her children Mary 11, James 9, Derderama 7, Jefferson 5, and Donie 3 all born MS. J. B. Hinson, 45 born MS, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Addie 38 MS, and children Pauline 15 and Johnie (female) 10 both born MS.) Mr. Hinson married a McCoy and she died first. Has daughter Johnnie and grandaughter Ruth married to Buddy Walker. Dickey Daniels said Mr. Hinson was a preacher and had dreams and revelations. Buried near or next to Claud W. Williams in Sec. H?

v                   Jeff Benjamin HINSON, World War I Draft Registration, Sep 12, 1918, Crittenden County, AR

Born: Aug 1, 1875, age 43, native born Earle

Farming for W. M. Simmerson

Wife: Addie [McCoy] Hinson of Earle           

Tall, slender, blue eyes, brown hair


HOBBS, Mary Geneva (ROBINSON) SHORT– NS – July 2, 1875 – Jan 26, 1932 Married Emmett Hobbs in Apr 1914 in Turrell. --granddaughter Mary KENNEDY STACKS. (Emmett Hobbs, 43 born MO, was found on the 1920 census living in Turrell Town in Fogleman Twp with wife Mary 36 TN. and children Willis 18 TN, dau Omar 19 TN, Hugh 15 TN, Odoma 15 MS, Lily May 13 MS, and Martha 10 AR.) Mary died of pneumonia. Sec. ?

HOLLAND, Bessie Dillard – 1921 – 1946 Daughter of Frank and Maggie DILLARD. Unmarked grave to right of this one. Are Frank and Maggie buried here also? (Frank Dillard, 33 all born AR was found on the 1920 census living in Norvell Town with daughter Ruby M. 1 1/12.) Sec. C

HOLLOWELL, Ronald, Infant son of Mr. and Mrs. A. Hollowell – Jan 14, 1950 – Jan 14, 1950 Sec. B

HOLMES, Joseph W. - 1920 – 1947 Here Lies Daddy He Has Gone to Rest Sec. E

HOLMES, Paul David – Jun 8, 1945 – Apr 27, 1969 Sec. E

HOLMES, Walter Edward – May 25, 1947 – Died Aug 2, 1959 Helping to save Joe E. Duckett from drowning Sec. E

HOLT?, Twin Boys of Pamela HOLT & husband Joey ___________, grandchildren of Randy HOLT, no dates, no marker (from Annette Synder Rodgers). So the twins were not HOLT’s. Sec. ?

HOPPER, Sarah Seneth – Sep 10, 1872 – Oct 14, 1944 Sec. I

HORTON, Chester Sr. – US Army – Sep 14, 1927 – Apr 18, 1995 Excerpt from obit, by line Heafer, AR: was a retired warehouse manager for Federal Compress Co., Iverness, MS; also retired from Dunavant Enterprises, Clarksdale, MS; was a 32nd Degree Mason at Belzonie, MS; Army veteran and a Baptist; wife Madge S. Horton; son, Chester Horton Jr. of Sante Fe, TX; brother, James Everette Horton of Kansas City, MO. Sec. B

HOUSTON, Martha J.[Jane] – 1880 – 1961 (D with William H.) Sec. B

HOUSTON, William H. – 1874 – 1956 (D with Martha J.) Sec. B

HOWARD, Frank – NS – Died July 14, 1957 Aged 54 yrs, 4 mos, 20 days. Date from FHM. Calculated birth date 22 Feb 1903. Buried between Robert Eaton and child Geraldine _____ Sec. C

HOWELL, Jessie Bell – NS – Died abt age 18 during the 1930s. Sister of William Earl Howell. Sec. ?

HOWELL, M. E. – Jan or Aug 30, _____ - Oct 7, 1960? Hand painted and faded. (Henry Howell, 47 born GA, was found on the 1880 census living in Wappanocca Twp, Crittenden Co with wife Millie E., 36 AL, and children, all born AL, Elijah 12, Ella 8 and dau Francis 6.) Sec. ?

HOWELL, Martha [Edna] – NS – Died Oct 8, 1948 age 8 mos. Daughter of William Earl Howell and Sadie (GROSS) Howell. FHM now gone. Copied her between Robert T. Broughton and John C. Laird (neither have stones) near the Medders. Sec. E

HOWELL, William Earl – S1 US Navy World War II – 1922 – 1978 Unmarked grave to right is daughter Edna. Sec. E

HOWELL, Winnie – NS – Died abt 1941 at age 13. Sister of William Earl Howell. Sec. ?

HUBBARD, Mrs. Willie – Died Oct 31, 1956 Aged 66 yrs 7 mos 19 days. Calculated birth date 12 Mar 1890. Copied her between Fred and Willie THOMPSON who are in Sec E and Jimmy DEMONEY who is in Sec. C so may be borderline.

HUGHES, Sulsa – Beloved Mother – Sep 18, 1906 – Jul 11, 1992 Wife of Arthur Hughes. Excerpt from Evening Times obit gives name as follows: "FRAZIER, Mrs. Sulsa Lee, died Jul 11, 1992, Aged 85, member of Church of Christ, two daughters, Evadean SHEMPERT of Earle and Pat SAFFEEL of Hanford, CA; two sons, Paul Hughes of Turlock, CA and Ed Hughes of Mountain Home; three step-daughters and a stepson." Son Leon predeceased her. Buried next to Alton Shempert who is her son-in-law. Sec. C (Note: Second wife of James Allen Frazier who is buried in Crittenden Memorial Park, Marion, Section 6) Theresa Frazier Smith

HUTSELL, Hubert Henry – Jan 11, 1948 – Jan 25, 1948 Sec. H


~ I ~


I., M. L. – Stone with initials M. L. I., near early Linville graves west of highway, possibly Isham. Sec. G?

INGRAM, Albert – Died Mar 22, 1950 Aged 64 Al had brothers Jim and Tom. (Al Ingram, 35 born AR was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Cordie, 31 AR, children Shermon 13, Maria 3 mos., John Ingram boarder, 42 born TN, P____y Ingram boarder, 22 MS, Fred Ingram, nephew 12 AR, Jewell, niece 6, J. D., nephew 3 AR, Cecil Henday?, stepson 8 MS. Al Ingram, 43 born TN, farmer, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Cord, 41 AR, and children Shermon, 22 TN, Elmo, 8 AR, and Aubrey J., 4 AR. Al Ingram, 43 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Cord, 41 AR, and children Sherman, 23 TN, Elmo, 8 AR, and Aubery?, 4 AR.) Sec. ?

v                   Al INGRAM, World War I Draft Registration, Sep 12, 1918, Crittenden County, AR

Residence: Star Route, Earle

Born: Dec 3, 1885, age 32

Farming for self, Earle

Wife: Oora Ingram, Earle

Medium height, stout build, blue eyes, brown hair

Signed with X, witness A. H. Haynes


INGRAM, Aubrey Jay, died Sep 11, 1942 in Crittenden County, at age 17, when hit by a car.  Son of Albert Ingram, brother of Elmo Ingram. – info from Tammy Olive 

INGRAM, Charles – NS – Died abt 1990/92 in Marion, AR. Son of Jim and Charlie Ingram. Husband of Jean SANFORD. No children. –Elizabeth Drew. Buried in SW corner. Sec. C

INGRAM, Cordelia – NS – Born Jan 23, 1889 in Earle. Died Nov 21, 1957 in Crittenden Co. Daughter of James P. WHEELER and Mary E. (maiden name not given). Wife of Al Ingram, deceased. Son was Elmo Ingram of West Memphis. Sister was Mrs. Rose McDaniel of Victoria, TX. Sec. ?

INGRAM, Elmo – PVT US Army – May 29, 1921 – Dec 10, 1974 Born in Earle. Died in West Memphis. Son of Albert Ingram and Cordelia "Cora" WHEELER. –Citizens FH record. Husband of Margaret (James). –from Elizabeth Drew. Sec. C. They had 5 children; Margaret M. (Haggard), Peggy Ann (Olive), Mary E. (Hurst), and twins, Aubrey Jay (male), and Audrey Jean (female).  -Additional information from Tammy Olive. June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - husband to Margaret G. James Ingram. They have a daughter named Peggy that lives in West Memphis and had twins, but only one of the twins is alive. Where ?

INGRAM, Frank – Died Nov 9, 1943 Aged 68 yrs, 0 mos, 30 days. Calculated birth date 10 Oct 1875. (by side of Mary Ingram) (Frank Ingram, 39 born TN, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Mary, 21 AR, and children Erma 4 AR and David S. 1 AR. J. F. Ingram, 45 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Mary, 33 AR, with children, all born AR, Elma 14, dau. Dovie 11, Fay 4 & Roy 11 months.) David S. and Dovie should be the same person, but one census lists him as a son, the other a dau. (J. F. Ingram, 54 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in the south part of Tyronza Twp with wife Mary, 42 AR, and children Fay, 14 AR, and Willa May, 10 AR.) Buried beside Joel Sandy. Melvin Watson said he was bro. to Jim, Tom, and John? Sec. C

v                   James Franklin INGRAM, World War I Draft Registration, Sep 12, 1918, Crittenden County, AR

Born Oct 10, 1875, age 43

Farming for self, Earle

Wife: Mary Ingram, Earle

Medium height and build, blue eyes, brown hair


INGRAM, James L. – [Apr] 1888 – [Sep 29] 1963 Month and day of death from FHM which gave age as 75. Son of Dave and Mary Ingram. (Jim Ingram, 43 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Charlie, 36 AR, and dau Lillian, 17 AR.) Lillian married Ed HONNEN. Other children were W. R., Irene who married Howard RATLIFF, and Charles. –Elizabeth Drew. His mother is buried to the left of him. Sec. G

v                Jim INGRAM, World War I Draft Registration, Jun 5, 1917, Crittenden County, AR

Born Apr 1, 1888, Edes, TN, age 29

Farming for W. B. Otwell of Black Oak Township

Wife, 3 children and mother

Tall, medium build, blue eyes, black hair, 9 ribs broken


                                [Unknown if the following are also buried here]


v             John L. INGRAM, World War I Draft Registration, Sep 12, 1918, Crittenden County, AR

Born: Aug 10, 1877, age 41

Farming for Ben Snelson, Earle

Wife Jane Ingram, Earle

Tall, medium build, blue eyes, black hair


v                   William Thomas INGRAM, World War I Draft Registration, Sep 12, 1918,

Crittenden County, AR

Born: Apr 10, 1882, age 36

Farming for W. B. Otwell, Earle

Wife: Leona Ingram, Earle

Medium height and build, blue eyes, dark hair


INGRAM, Margaret G. – Sep 9, 1927 – Jan 13, 1985 Wife of Elmo Ingram. Sec. C - June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - daughter Peggy (see Elmo Ingram)

INGRAM, Mary – NS – There is a Mary Elizabeth Ingram listed in the Arkansas Death Index who died in Crittenden Co. on Jan 5, 1943 at the age of 55. Mary, wife of Frank, was 33 in 1920 so this matches well to be her. Sec. C

INGRAM, Mary [Jane] – NS – Wife of Dave Ingram. (David Ingram, 48 born Nov 1851 in TN, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Jane, 47 born Feb 1853 in TN, with children, all born TN, Jno. F. 23 born Oct 1876, J. L. 19 born Aug 1880, Thomas 16 born Apr 1884, Allen 13 born Dec 1886 and James 11 born Apr 1889. Dave A. Ingram, 56 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Mary, 60 TN, and son Jimmie 22 TN, plus boarders Lizzie Adkins, widowed 74 born OK, and Ona May Adkins 3 AR.) John L. Ingram, 33 b. TN, with wife and children living next door. Buried to the left of Jim. Are Jane and Mary the same person? Sec. G

INGRAM, W. R. – Jan 29, 1914 – Aug 12, 1936 Son of James L. and Charlie (ROBINETT) Ingram. Charlie was the twin sister to Pearl (Robinett) GUNN WHITE. Husband of Thedral CONNALY?. W. R. was killed in MS. He and Bill SIMPSON had rented a farm and were trying to move some blacks out of a house because they wouldn’t work. They killed him. –Elizabeth Drew. Sec. C

ISABEL, John Thomas "Tom" – Jan 1883 – May 1915/1916 Son of Hiram and Rhoda A. (MASON) Isabel. Tom died from Bright’s Disease according to his brother, Hamp Isabel. Sec. ?

ISABEL, Lemuel – Dec 1, 1916 – Feb 28, 1917 Son of Hamp and Ethel (ROBERTSON) Isabel. Twin to Marion Thomas "Tommy" Isabel. ( Hamp Isabel, 33 born AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Ethel, 26 AR, and children, all born AR, Ervin 6, Thomas 3, and Mitchell 8 months.) Sec. ?

ISHAM, John Thomas – NS – Mar 14, 1876 – Jan 12, 1929 f Husband of Sarah Elizabeth (LINVILLE) Isham. (John T. Isham, 40 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Sarah E., 33 KY, with children all born IN, Lola 10, Lucy 8, dau Perney 6, and Delia 2.) Sec. D

ISHAM, Mary – NS – 1908 – Sep 13, 1914 Daughter of George Isham and Mary Founderly (LINVILLE) Isham. (George Isham, 47 born TN, was found on the 1910 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Mary, 32 KY, 9 children/4 living, and children son Eddie B. 7 IN, Myrtie 6 IN, son Lonie D. 3 AR and Mary 1 AR. George Isham, 58 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Mary F. 40 KY, and children Eddie B. 18 IN, Myrtie A. Davis 16 IN, Lonnie E. Isham 13 AR, Marrie L. Isham 6, and son-in-law Will H. Davis 50 IN. ) Myrtie’s real name was Myrtle. Buried by Farmers Merc. Gin Co. in Earle.

ISHAM, Myrtle – Mar 2, 1899 – Sept 17, 1914 (D with Willie) Daughter of John Thomas Isham and Sarah Elizabeth LINVILLE. Sec. D

ISHAM, Sarah Elizabeth LINVILLE – NS – Oct 14, 1877 – Jan 16, 1950 Daughter of Samuel Chester LINVILLE. Wife of John Thomas ISHAM. Buried next to Raney Chapman. Sec. E

ISHAM, Willie – Died July 28, 1917 – Age 6 yrs (D with Myrtle) Unmarked grave to right of this one. A stone is located left and below this grave with the initials WFL. Sec. D


~ J ~


JACKSON, Barney Mae – 1905 – Jul 9, 1990 Buried next to C. L. LINVILLE. Sec. b in very back

JAMES, Jewell Kelso – Feb 5, 1911 – Oct 27, 1993 – Beloved Mother and Aunt Sec. E

JAMES, Marvin [Neal] – Sep 12, 1939 – Aug 6, 1972 Sec. E

JAMES, Mary A. – 1911 – 1968 FHM read "Died Apr 26, 1968 Aged 57 yrs, 7 mos, 18 days." Citizens FH record gives birth date of Sep 8, 1910. Born in New Albany, MS. Died at home in Norvell. Daughter of William S. DUNCAN and Minnie Ann MC CLAIN. Wife of Sam James. Son was Sam James Jr. Daughter was Mrs. Margaret INGRAM. Brothers were James Duncan of Earle and William C. Duncan of Valley Station, KY. Sec. C - June 2006, added information from Ann “Liz” Duncan Miraglia - James, Mary A. (Ann) 1911-1968 (Died April 26,1968 Age 57y 7m,18d)wife of Sam Janes Sr. Mother to Sam James, Jr.(deceased) and Margaret G. Ingram (deceased). Mary was daughter to William S. "Will" Duncan and Minnie A. (Ann) Duncan, she was sister to W. C. "Cliff" & James M. (Mayer) Duncan.

JAMES, Sam Sr. – 1901 – 1974 (beside Mary) Born Oct 11, 1901 in Bay Village, AR. Died Feb 21, 1974 at Crittenden Hospital. Was a widower. Son of George James and Maggie CARMICKEL. Son was Sam James Jr. of Southbend, IN. Daughter was Mrs. Margaret Ingram of West Memphis. Brother was Jim James of Earle. –Citizens FH record. (Sam James, 28 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the south central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Mary, 21 MS, and dau Margaret, 3 AR. Jim James, 18 AR, was listed next to him.) Sec. C

JAMES, Sue – Died 1922/23. Wife of Will James. Sec. C

JONES, Eddie Lee – Died 1953 of crib death, few days old. Son of Betty Ann LINDSEY SMITH and Tuddy Jones. (Is Betty buried at Gibson Bayou?) Sec. ?

JONES, Edna Mae – NS – Died about 1963 – 11 months old. Her name was put in a jar beside the grave. Sec. ?

JUSTICE, Edward – NS – Born Sep 5, 1897 in Mississippi Co, AR. Died Apr 28, 1971 at residence on Horseshoe Lake Rd, Hughes, St. Francis Co, AR. He lived all his life there, except it state he was born in Mississippi Co. Son of (first name not given) Justice and Annie AHART. Member of Church of God.


~ K ~


KEITH, Roy C. – Aug 5, 1928 – Jan 5, 1929 Asleep in Jesus Sec. E

KELCH, Baby Girl – NS – Born and Died Jan 10, 1953 Citizens FH record gives date of Jan 11. Daughter of Kenneth Kelch and Edith Annie Marie HOLLOWAY who was born in Twist. Both of these Kelch infants are buried next to Grandpa Jeff David on the south side of him. From the church, go about ten steps toward the Bayou and go left. Sec. C

KELCH, Infant – NS – Born and Died in late 1940s. Child of William and Freida Kelch. Sec. C

KELLEY, Ottie Lee – Sep 10, 1929 – Aug 9, 1934 Sec. H

KELLY, John Arthur – Oct 8, 1886 – Feb 20, 1938 (D with Lynwood Watkins) Joined First United Methodist Church by vow on 23 Dec 1923. (John A. Kelly, 43 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Lynnwood, 31 MS, and stepson James McMath, 12 MS, and children Mary J., 5 AR, and Jacqueline, 2 1/12 AR. John worked as a cashier for the railway company.) Sec. H 

Additional information from April Hoover: John Arthur KELLY was born in Malvern, Hot Spring Co., AR, son of Augustus H. KELLY and Mattie (ELLENOR) GRIGGS KELLY.  Augustus and Mattie KELLY are buried in Rockport Cemetery, Malvern.  Arthur taught school at the Rockport School (Hot Spring Co.) from about 1908 to 1910 before going to work for the railroad.  John Arthur KELLY was half brother to  Martha “Mattie” (GRIGGS) McREYNOLDS, daughter of Lee Roy GRIGGS and Martha “Mattie” (ELLENOR) GRIGGS KELLY, and wife of John McREYNOLDS .

KELLY, Lynwood Watkins, his wife – Oct 31, 1898 – Feb 18, 1976 Born in Rulesville, MS. Death day given as 13. Daughters were Mary Jane HOOPER and Mrs. Jacklyn MC KAY. –Citizens FH record. Joined First United Methodist Church with her husband on 23 Dec 1923. Joe Wood had death day of 13 Feb from church records.. Sec. H

KELSO, B. M. – 1887 – 1950 (D with Rachel) Mr. Kelso had three daughters; Mildred who married Buddy WATSON, Gladys who married Austin Watson and Jewel who married a JAMES. Sec. E 

v                   Marvin KELSO, World War I Draft Registration, Jun 5, 1917, St. Francis County, AR

Born: Apr 19, 1887, Forrest City, AR

Residence: RFD Forrest City, AR

Farming near New Castle, AR

Wife, mother, 2 children

Tall, slender, light brown eyes & hair, crippled from having log fall on him


Arkansas Death: Name: Bishop Mar Kelso, Estimated Birth Year: 1888, Age: 62
Death: Oct 27, 1950 - County: Crittenden, Volume Number: 75, Roll Number: 195, Certificate Number: 14806


KELSO, Rachel F[rances] – 1884 – 1970 FHM read died Nov 17, 1970 Aged 86 yrs, 5 mos, 2 days. Born Jun 15, 1884 in Wynne. Died Nov 17, 1970 in Little Rock. Daughter of George MURRAH and Veronia Frances MORGAN. Wife of Marvin Kelso. Surviving children were Mrs. Jewel James, Mildred Watson and Gladys Watson. Brother was George Murrah. Sister was Margaret Nelson of Forrest City. Sec. E

KIMBREL, Eva [SLANTON] – Mother – Born Feb 22, 1881 in Tuscumbia, AL. Died Apr 18, 1960 in Earle. Wife of Joseph Kimbrell. Surviving children were Mrs. Ed Barnes, Mrs. Tobie Akins and Mrs. J. B. Sims. Sec. b

KIMBREL, J.[Joseph] M. – Father – Died May 16, 1960 Age 79 yrs, 1 mo. Calculated birth date 16 Apr 1881. Concrete double marker. Citizens FH record gives July 1887 as birth date, but that year is questionable since it would not make his age correct. It is more likely 1881 which is about the same age as his wife. Son of Jerry KIMBRELL and Nancy SMITH. Surviving children were Mrs. Finley Shaffer, Mrs. Ed Barnes, Mrs. Tobe Akins, Mrs. J. B. Sims and Floyd Kimbrell. Sisters were Lilly Johnson, Minnie Maxwell, Dora Rush, Emma Rogers, Florence Binkley. Brother was Paul Kimbrell. Sec. B

KING, Laclede – no dates At foot the following inscription: Mex-R-Co Viking. Buried between Edna Neal and Arthur Fate Moss. Sec. C

KIRBY, James – NS – Died Sep 14, 1950 Age 77 Sec. H

KNAPP, Irvin Lee – Born & Died Feb 7, 1928 There is a FUMC record of Irvin Jay Knapp born Nov 23, 1869, died Jan 17, 1948, married Isa Dora BLIZZARD. Are they parents or grandparents of this child? Sec. C


~ L ~


L., W. F. – Child’s grave with initials only. Between John Samuel Linville & James L. Ingram. Sec. G

LACOMB, George – NS – No dates. Name from Annette Snyder Rodgers. Sec. ?

LACOMB, Helen – Mar 6, 1938 – Nov 18, 1981 Beloved Wife and Mother Unmarked graves on right side. Sec. H

LACOMB, Thomas – Mar 14, 1933 – Aug 21, 2001 Age 68 Roller-Citizen FHM. Sec. ?

LAIRD, John C. – NS – Born abt 1876 – Died May 19, 1946 Age 70 yrs (FHM) John Curtis Laird was the husband of L. D. BRANSFORD. Father of William Jefferson Laird (born 1906 in Batesville, Independence Co., AR) who married Addie Mabel GIBSON. Sec. E

LAMB, Levi Leroy – Oct 8, 1876 – Apr 1951 Buried beside Mamie. Had children Ethel and Jesse Berry. Sec. E

LAMB, Mamie Mae – born Oct 27, 1899 – [Feb. 9, 1993] Beloved wife of Levi Lamb who died 1951 – Mother of Ethel Bray, Grandmother of Jesse B. Lamb, Charlie & 12 others Excerpt from obit: died Feb 9, 1993, widow of Levi Leroy Lamb, member of Gibson Bayou Church, daughter Ethel Lucille Rodgers of Earle; son, Jesse Berry Lamb of Forrest City. Dickey Daniels said he preached her funeral. Sec. E

LAWHORN, Katie – abt 1874 – Feb 14, 1939 (W. O. Lawhorn, 45 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Katie, 45 AL, and son Bill 16 AL, stepdaughters Bessie Bailey 14 AR and Bertha Bailey 12 AR. John Lindsey, 56 born AR, day laborer/farm, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Katie, 49 AL, and son Clarence Lawhorn 8 AR.) It appears that W. O. Lawhorn died bet. 1922-30 and Katie married John Lindsey. Sec. ? (Mrs. Katie Lawhorn, age 47 of Earle, and John B. Lindsey, age 44 of Earle, were married March 22, 1930 by Rev. J. W. Franklin, recorded Crittenden County, Arkansas Marriage Book A21, Page 477)

LAWSON, Azalee Mettler – See under METTLER, Azalee

LAYTON?, Janice Annette – Died Feb 14, 1951? Aged ? yrs ? mos, 15 days. Sec. E (see CLAYTON)

LEAPTROT, Lillie Bell – NS – Died Sep 18, 1928 at abt age 18 or 20. Daughter of John and Georgia COLVIN. Wife of Bill Leaptrot. Sec. ?

LESLEY, Andrew J. – Father – 1890 – 1928 – (D with Bessie M.) Sec. H

LESLEY, Bessie M. – Mother – 1898 – 1962 Sec. H

LEWIS, Bobby Joe – Dec 10, 1937 – Aug 27, 1938 In Loving Memory Son of Madge Lewis whose brother was John Lewis. Sec. H

LEWIS, Guy S. – Nov 3, 1910 – Jul 9, 1989 Excerpt from obit: retired farmer, born in Dyersburg, TN, lived in Crittenden Co. 65 yrs, member of Barton Chapel Baptist Church, widower of Mrs. Ruby Lewis; two daughters, Madge Horton of Turrell and Margie Maxwell of Heafer; sons John and Mike Lewis of Heafer; sister, Maggie Lee Woods of Gleason, TN. Brother-in-law of Eva Griffin. Sec. B

LEWIS, Jean Marie – Our beloved daughter & sister – Apr 23, 1963 – Mar 8, 1976 Sec. H

LEWIS, Ruby Simpson – Dec 6, 1910 – Nov 23, 1979 (beside Guy S. Lewis) Sec. B

LINDSEY? , Mrs. Elizabeth – Died Jan 6, 1937 Age 84 yrs, 4 mos, 12 days. Calculated birth date Aug 25, 1852. There is an Elizabeth LINDSEY who died on this date in Poinsett Co. Can anyone verify that this tombstone is for Elizabeth Lindsey? Sec. H

LINDSEY, Ada – NS – Apr 16, 1882 – Jun 15, 1968 (by side of Tom) Dates taken from SSDI which gave last residence as Twist, Cross Co, AR. FHM read June 6, 1968 Aged 86 yrs, 2 mos, 0 days. Sec. C

LINDSEY, Bill Turner – NS – Died July 1976. Buried to the right of Jimmy Lindsey. --Lovella Green Morgan, cousin. Sec. C

LINDSEY, Donnie – May 22, 1928 – Jan 8, 1929 Donnie may be the youngest son of Robert A. and Mattie Lindsey. Sec. C

LINDSEY, Edna Jesse – Sep 29, 1908 – Jul 6, 1998 Wife of Guy Mitchell Lindsey. Sec. B (Edna Jesse CARPENTER LINDSEY, born Prentiss, MS, wife of Guy Mitchell LINDSEY, daughter of Ruben Edward "Ed" CARPENTER and Willie Mary SMITH, sister of Luther Porter CARPENTER.  Information supplied by Patsy Carpenter Craig, daughter of Luther P. Carpenter and Lillian Ozora EATON, granddaughter of Willie CARPENTER.)

LINDSEY, Eugene – Jan 15, 1935 – Dec 5, 1936 Sec. C (Alfred Eugene LINDSEY, son of Guy Mitchell LINDSEY and Edna Jesse CARPENTER LINDSEY)

LINDSEY, George C. [Clarence] – Feb 25, 1914 – July 4, 1947 Sec. H

LINDSEY, Gladys Ree – Jan 28, 1928 – Aug 8, 1929 Daughter of Guy and Edna LINDSEY. Sec. C

LINDSEY, Grandma – Died in 1930s. Had sons Robert A. "Bob," John & George. Buried beside George C. Lindsey. Sec. H

LINDSEY, Guy Mitchell – Apr 7, 1907 – Apr 24, 1987 Son of Rob and Mattie Lindsey. --Dickey Daniels. Excerpt from obit: native of MS, retired truck driver for Jones Truck Lines, member of Randle Freewill Baptist Church; wife, Mrs. Edna Lindsey; daughter, Louise Lindsey Glasgow of Memphis; son, Leonard C. Lindsey of Memphis; brother, Clyde Lindsey of Olive Branch, MS. Sec. B

LINDSEY, Jimmy – NS – 1945 – 1963 Rock marker. Brother to Lenny Lou Lindsey. Facing west, buried beside and to right of Minnie Brown. --Lovella Green Morgan, cousin. Sec. C

LINDSEY, Lenny Lou – Feb 7, 1950 – Feb 17, 1950 Funeral home marker read Linnie Lou, Died Feb 28, 1950 - Age 0 y 0 m, 10 d. Daughter of George "Rab" and Maybelle (HUGHES) Lindsey. Another FHM abt 2 sp. down-could not read. Sec. B

LINDSEY, Loyd – May 21, 1926 – Nov 13, 1942 Son of Guy and Edna (CARPENTER) Lindsey. Sec. C

LINDSEY, Luther – Oct 17, 1905 – Sept 9, 1957 Son of Robert and Mattie Lindsey. Buried beside his sister, Lois Mae Boldon. Sec. B

LINDSEY, Mattie – Dec 15, 1890 – Feb 26, 1956 (by side of Robert A.) The mother of Clyde, Paul and Guy whose wives were all named Edna. There are at least three other graves near these Lindseys who have unreadable funeral home markers. Sec. B

LINDSEY, Mattie Lou – Aug 14, 1921 – May 1, 1937 Daughter of Robert and Mattie Lindsey. She died from pneumonia. Sec. B

LINDSEY, Maybelle – Mother – Feb 2, 1925 – Dec 2, 1955 Wife of George "Rab" Lindsey. Sec. B

LINDSEY, Robert A. – Oct 18, 1884 – Aug 22, 1959 (by side of Mattie) (Robert Lindsy, 36 all family born MS, was found on the 1920 census living in Prentiss Co, MS with wife Mattie 32, Luther 14, Guy 12, Clyde 11, Beatrice 7, Ophelia 5, and Paul 1. R. A. Lindsey, 45 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Mattie 43 TN, and children Luther 25 TN, Bettie 17 TN, Paul 10 AR, Martha 8 AR, Lois 6 AR, and George 4 AR.) Sec. B

LINDSEY, Tom – NS – Born abt 1880 – Died Oct 4, 1961 Age 80 yrs FHM (by side of Ada) Sec. C

LINVILLE, Belvia Idella – Dec 4, 1921 – Dec 7, 1921 Infant daughter of John P. and Mae Williams LINVILLE. By side of Margie Marie (LINVILLE) FLORA. Sec. D or G

LINVILLE, Betty Polk Winders – Apr 8, 1890 – Feb 4, 1973 Beside of and 2nd wife of John P. Linville, mother of Joe Malcolm WINDERS. Sec. E

 On the 1930 census of Monroe County, MS – Beat 3 – Charlie Windows was listed as age 68 (should be 58), born MS, with 1st marriage at age 30.  His wife Bettie was age 39, marrying at age 28, born MS. Two sons were listed; Joe M. age 9, and Louis D. age 8 months, both children born MS.  World War I Draft Registration for Monroe County, MS, 1918, shows Charles J. Winders, age 45, born June 15, 1873. His wife was Bettie Winders, his employer C. W. Rife, and his residence Caledonia, Lowndes County, MS.  Arkansas Death Certificate shows that Charlie Winders died Sept. 10, 1937 near Crawfordsville, AR and was buried at Marion. He was born in Monroe County, MS and his father was James Winders.  Jim Winders, age 63, born Nov 1836, was listed on the 1880 census of Gibson, Monroe County, MS, with wife Eliza, born July 1846, James L., born Nov 1876, Annie M., Nov 1883, Maggie, Apr 1886, and William J., Dec 1889.  World War Draft Registration for James Loney Winders in Monroe County, MS shows that he was born Nov 16, 1874, his wife was Nellie May, and he was living at Gathman, Monroe County, MS.

LINVILLE, C. L. – Jul 14, 1926 – Sep 25, 1984 – You Were a Loving Husband & Father Your Wife and Children (Garrett Linville, 23 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in the south central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Lizzie, 23 AR, and children C. L. 3 AR, and Annie May 5 months AR.) Sec. B

LINVILLE, Charity Adeline D. MEADOWS – Jul 1, 1951 – Jun 7, 1914 – Daughter of William D. Meadows/Meador and Telitha JENT. Wife of Sam Chester LINVILLE Sec. D or G

LINVILLE, David Crittenden – NS – Jun 4, 1876 – Sep 24, 1949 – Husband of Mary Taylor LINVILLE. Brother of Rainey Jane Linville SPEARS who was mother of Myrtle Irene Spears RICHARDSON. Buried between Louise Linville Hill and Jefferson Monroe David and the Richardson graves. (Samuel Linville, 27 born TN, was found on the 1880 census in District 12, Jackson Co, TN with wife Adaline 24 KY, and children, all born KY, Crittendan 3, Sary 2 and Mary 7 months. D. C. Linville, 54 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in the south central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Mary 53 TN, and children Jim 26 TN, Louise 16 IL, and Russell 15 TN.) Sec. H

LINVILLE, Infant Twins of Joseph Chester Linville and Myrtle MILLS – NS – Buried across the road from the church. Sec. ?

LINVILLE, John P. – Mar 16, 1888 – Sep 23, 1971 Buried Sep 25, 1971. Father of Monila (Linville) LUNSFORD and grandfather of Debbie Lunsford YATES. Stepfather of Joe WINDERS. Sec. E

LINVILLE, John Samuel, son of D. C. &.Mary Linville – Aug 17, 1901 – July 6, 1910 Son of David Crittendon Linville and Mary TAYLOR. Nephew of John P. LINVILLE. Sec. G

LINVILLE, [Fleety] Mae W. [Williams] – [Feb 12] 1899 – [May 4] 1972 Buried May 7, 1972. Daughter of James A. WILLIAMS and Samantha Idella COLE. First wife of John P. Linville. Mother of Monila LUNSFORD and grandmother of Debbie Lunsford YATES. Sec. H

LINVILLE, Mary Ann Merindy (TAYLOR) – Oct 4, 1877 – Jul 8, 1957 Daughter of John Taylor and Lucinda IPOCH. Wife of David C. Linville. –Roller Citizaens Funeral Home. Sec. H

LINVILLE, Samuel Chester – May 28, 1853 – Nov 10, 1910 – Husband of Charity Adeline (MEADOWS) Linville. Father of John P. Linville. Son of Pleasant C. Linville and Sarah Ann WILHITE. Born in White Co, TN. Great grandfather of Deb Lunsford Yates. (Samuel Linville, 57 born TN, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Adiline D. 55 KY, and children John P. 20 TN and Andrew 16 KY plus grandchildren George W. Isum 15 KY and Etta Linville 3 TN.) Sec. D or G

LIPE, Ruth Wren, dau of D. J. & L. M. Lipe – Dec 5, 1913 – June 17, 1918 Ruth was the daughter of Doskey J. Lipe who was the son of Solomon Lipe. Doskey’s wife was Lela Kemp, daughter of James Monroe Kemp and Catheryn Patterson, from Weakley County, TN. James Monroe Kemp died in Earle on Feb 22, 1915. Lela Kemp Lipe is buried in Crittenden Memorial. (Dosky J. Lipe, 37 all born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Lelia 35 and children Ruby 14 and Guinn 11.) Ruby married a BUMB. She was born Jul 23, 1905, died 2 Jan 2000 in Garland Co, AR. Sec. G

LIPE, Solmon H. – Aug 6, 1860 – Mar 26, 1937 Woodmen of the World Memorial - The AR Death Index lists this man as Solomon Henry Lipe. Husband of Martha Ann STANFIELD. Sec. C

The following information was provided by Billy Jack Gregg:

It appears that Solomon Lipe who is buried in the Gibson Bayou cemetery was the father of Doskey Lipe, the husband of Lelia Lipe.  Solomon was born in Tennessee in 1861 and died in Crittenden County in 1937.  His wife Martha A. Stanfield Lipe died in Arkansas some time between 1920 and 1930.

Lelia Kemp was also born in Tennessee on April 6, 1884, most likely in Weakley County.  Doskey Lipe was born in 1882, most likely in Chester or Henderson County, Tennessee.  Doskey and Lelia married in 1903, and their first daughter Ruby was born July 23, 1905.  A second daughter Guinn was born in 1910.  Doskey and Lelia moved from Sardis, Henderson Co., Tennessee, to Crawfordsville, Arkansas, some time between 1910 and 1920.  As your records show, their third daughter, Ruth Wren (1913-1918) is buried in the Gibson Bayou cemetery. 

Lelia Lipe died in Crawfordsville in December 1975.  Ruby Lipe Bumb died in Hot Springs, AR, on January 2, 2000.  I do not know when Doskey Lipe died, and I do not know what happened to Guinn Lipe after 1920.  The name Guinn (or related spellings) with her identifying age and birthplace does not appear in the 1930 census.

LOUIS, Rubye Simpson – Aug 6, 1910 – Nov 23, 1979 Sec. ?

LUDWICK, Claud – 1899 – 1935 Son of William and Rachel Ludwick. Buried to left of Infant Ludwick who is buried to left of Rachel Levy Ludwick. Who was Claud’s wife? Sec. C

LUDWICK, Infant – NS – Born and died aft 1930. Child of Claude Ludwick buried to left of Rachel Levy Ludwick Sec. C

LUDWICK, W[illiam] M. – 1876 – 1948 Father (by side of Rachel Levy) Father of Artie Alice (Ludwick) MCGILL and grandfather of John McGill. (Dick Ludwick, 39 born NC, was found on the 1880 census living in Pine Mountain Twp, Faulkner Co, AR with wife Josie, 35 KY, and children Lucy, 12 KY, Ada 7 AR, Bill, 4 NC, and Custer [Richard C.?], 8 months AR. William M. Ludwick, born Oct 1876, was found on the 1900 census living in Cadron Twp, Faulkner Co, AR with wife Levis, born Feb 1875, and son Claud W. born Nov 1899. William Ludwick, 54 born AR, farmer, was found on April 18 on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Lettie 43 AR, and children, all born AR, Claud 29, Grace Bramlett 14, Ola Ludwick 13. It appears that after Rachel’s death in 1927, William remarried to Lettie who already had Grace by a previous marriage. William Ludwick, 56 born AR, was also found on April 3 on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Lettie L., 45 AR, and dau Ola, 14 AR, plus stepdau Grace Bramlett, 15 AR.) Sec. C

LUDWICK, Rachel Levy – Feb 17, 1875 – June 28, 1927 Mother of Artie Alice (Ludwick) MCGILL. (Artie M. Mount, widow, 38 b. TN was found on the 1880 census living in Cadron Twp, Faulkner Co, AR with children, all born AR, William M. 16, James S. 12, Mary E. 10, Rachel O. 5, and Daisey E. 2.) Sec. C

LYLE, Elizabeth M. – NS – Born 1862/1863 – Died Apr 30, 1943 Age 80 yrs. Buried beside or near Geannie Elizabeth Harrison Sec. C


~ M ~


MAGGHED??, Billie Joe – Died Apr 18, 1945 Age 2 yrs, 5 mos, 11 days. Calculated birth date 7 Nov 1942. Can anyone help with surname? Buried between Medders and Doty. Prob. in Sec. E (This grave identified, See HAGGARD)

MAHON, Mary Nevada, wife of P. A. Mahon – Oct 7, 1859? (stone broken) – July 26, 1896 Buried across road from church. Is she related to Gus Mahon? Sec. I

MAHON, James G., son of P. A. & M. N. Mahon – Oct 11, 1877 – Sept 4, 1908 Stone broken in many pieces. Across road from church. Sec. I

MAPLES, Child – NS – Died aft 1920. Child of Clarence and Stella Maples.

(this is Raymon Minard Maples, born June 25, 1919 – died Nov 4,  1932 – from Mary Maples McKinney)

MAPLES, Ethel Lou – May 25, 1915 – Jan 1, 1967 Daughter of Samuel B. METTLER and Susan RUSSOM. Married Julius Maples on 26 Nov 1945 in Crittenden Co. She had a previous marriage to Washington WHITE. Sec. E

MAPLES, Julius L. D. – Tennessee PFC US Army World War II – Aug 20, 1909 – Aug 16, 1972 – (Note: date of birth should be Aug 12, 1909, incorrect on marker, per Mary Maples McKinney, Apr 6, 2005)

(Clarence Maples, 35 born MS, was found on the 1920 census living in Lafayette Co, MS with wife Stella, 27 born MS, and children, all born MS; L. D. 11, Renshaw 8, Bessie 6, Robbie 3 2/12, Raymond 6/12, grandmother Willie F., 77 widow born SC, and Jocie L., cousin 17 born MS.) Robbie married Filmore CRIM. Julius born in Como, Panola Co, MS. Sec. E

Note: Raymon Minard Maples died 4 Nov 1932 in Crittenden County, AR. (Date from Stella Maples Family Bible, verified from the Arkansas Death Index)  Unknown if he is also buried here. (Confirmed burial of Raymon Minard Maples, from Mary Maples McKinney, Apr 6, 2005)


Other Maples deaths in Crittenden County, from the Arkansas Death Index (relationships unknown): Caroline Maples died 23 Nov 1931, Miles Maples died 07 Jun 1932, Theodore Maples died 12 Nov 1937, and Louisa Maples died 25 Feb 1938.

MAPLES, Stillborn Infant – NS – 6 Oct 1945 Child of Julius L. D. and Ethel Lou (METTLER) Maples Source is Mary Maples McKINNEY who stated there is an octagon shaped concrete block marking her grave. Sec. E

MAPLES, Twin son & daughter of Clarence & Stella MAPLES – NS – Born and died early 1930s. Sec. E?

                Alex Maples born 12 Jun 1918, died 14 Feb 1919. Julia Maples born 12 Jun 1918, died 30 Nov 1918.     

MARTIN, Ben – NS – Died 1916 Age 43 [born abt 1870-73] Ben and Lottie Martin are Melvin Watson’s grandparents. (Ben Martin, 40 born MS, was found on the 1910 census living {in the house with John B. and Martha Law in Black Oak Twp, Crittenden Co with wife Lottie 36 MS, and children Andy 16 MS, Jimmie 14 MS, Hawley 8 AR, Bertha 5 AR, Lee 3 AR, and Clarence 1 AR.) Sec. C  [Note June 5, 2004: According to Melvin Watson, three cinder blocks are located just beside the church in Section C.  These blocks are next to a Fullwood marked grave. These three blocks mark the graves of Ben Martin, his wife Lottie Chambley Martin, and two of their sons, Lee and Jim Martin.  It was unknown if the fourth grave was to the left or right of the three blocks. According to Melvin Watson, Ben Martin also had a sister who married a Sullivan, and who was buried in Mississippi.]

MARTIN, Ethel – NS – Died about 1897. Age 9 mos. Daughter of Lottie and Ben Martin. Sec. ?

MARTIN, Herbert [V.] – Nov 1922 – Apr 19, 1991 Excerpt from obit: middle initial, of Tyronza, retired citrus farmer; seven sons, Thomas of France, Donald of TX, H. Ray of Texas City, TX, Jerry & James of Marietta, GA, Ricky Martin of New Orleans and Louis JANSKY of Jacksonville, FL; three daughters, Vickie Martin of Palestine, TX, Angel Martin of Arkadelphia and Sandy PENDERSON of Muscatine, IA; four sisters, Eddie CHISUM and Irene HUMPHREY of Earle, Estelle HORNING of Tyronza and Nincy SWEET of KY. Sec. E

MARTIN, Jim, son of Lottie & Ben Martin – NS – Born Feb 6 – Died 1911 – Age 14 Sec. C

MARTIN, Lee, son of Lottie & Ben Martin – NS – Died 1916 – Age 6 yrs Most data on Martin’s with no stones given to Pat Isabel Brown by Mrs. Johnnie Watson of Earle. Melvin said Lee and Jim were buried by Ben Martin. Sec. C

MARTIN, Lottie CHAMBLEY, wife of Ben Martin – NS – Born 1873/1874 – Died 1912 Age 39 [Is she buried near her husband?] Sec. C or E [Note: June 5, 2004 – according to Melvin Watson, Lottie Chambley Martin is buried next to her husband, Ben, along with two of their children; Jim and Lee Martin, in section C, beside the church]

MARTIN, Roy – NS – Died about 1915-1917 Brother of Eddie (Martin) CHISUM (Mrs. Cliff), Roy Dan and Dennis Martin. Sec. ?

MARTIN, Two infants of Will and Nancy Martin – NS – Died 1918 during flu epidemic. Sec. ?

MARTIN, Will "Bud" – NS – Died 1956. He was Ben Martin’s brother. Sec. E

MARTIN, William Ben "Will" – NS – Died Dec 11, 1929 Father of Mrs. Eddie (Martin) CHISUM, Roy, Dan and Dennis Martin. (Will Martin, 30 born MS, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Nancy 26 AL, widowed dau Eddie JONES 16 MS, plus children Estile 14 MS, Ersale 10 MS, Ines 1 AR, and nephew Clarence Martin 10 AR; also two boarders, Lee NASH 22 MS, and Barnes ELGIN 20 MS. Will B. Martin, 50 born AL, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Nancy 45 AL, and children, all born AR, Inez 11, Estell 14, Herbert 9, and Irine? 5.) Complete given name and death date taken from AR Death Index. There is a conflict in the death date and the fact that he is listed as alive on the 1930 census. Can anyone help? Sec. E

MATTHEWS, Infant son of Dr. J. H. & Emma Matthews – Oct 13, 1917 – Oct 23, 1917 (John H. Mathews, 46 born IL, physician in general practice, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle with wife Emma 30 TN, and children Clara Lee 8 AR and Jean 6/12 AR. Dr. J. H. Matthews, 54 born IL, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Mary E. 41 TN, and children, all born AR, Clara L. 18, Jean 10, and Rebecca 4.) Sec. B - [According to Bill Joe White, June 5, 2004, Dr. J. H. Matthews also had two daughters who died as infants and were buried in Gibson Bayou Cemetery – From Arkansas death records, I find two Matthews females who died in Crittenden County; Mary Matthews died 9/22/1921, and Tempy Matthews died 11/26/1916.]

Further information on the family of Mary Emma Matthews from Wilma McCutcheon;  

Mary Emma (Bonds) Matthews, wife of Dr. John H. Matthews, had three other sisters who lived in the Crittenden County and Cross County area; Beatrice Talerie (Bonds) Barham married Eugene Barham, Sr., Clara Belle (Bonds) Twist married John F. Twist, Elizabeth Lee (Bonds) English married William G. English who was from Canada. Mary Emma, Elizabeth Lee, Clara Belle and Beatrice Talarie were the daughters of James Daniel Bonds, Sr. and Clara Viola (Brown) Bonds.

Mary Emma Bonds Matthews (1890-1962) was born in Gibson County, TN. She and Dr. John H. Matthews (1873-1950) are buried in Cogbill Cemetery in Wynne, AR.

MCCAIN, Billy Bob – Nov 13, 1950 – Nov 13, 1950 Aged 0 days. In Loving Memory Son of Louis McCain and Madge LEWIS. Sec. H

MCCLUSKY, Annie – NS – Died Sep 16, 1950 Aged 77 Sec. ?

MCCOY, Infants – NS – Two children of Woody and Liddie McCoy. Born and died bef 1928. Sec. ?

MCCOY, Lydia "Liddie" Parilee – NS – Mar 22, 1906 – Mar 12, 1996 Daughter of Jefferson Monroe DAVID and his first wife. Wife of William Woody McCoy and mother of two infants born before Mable who did not live, Ruth, Dorothy SNELSON, and William "Bill." Middle name and father from Bill. Sec. ?

MCCOY, Liman – NS – Abt 1879 – Died aft Jan 1920 Husband of Minnie. Brother to Woody –from Dorothy McCoy Snelson. (Leemon McCoy, 40 born MS, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Minnie, age not given; Bill PITTMAN, stepchild, 15 AR; Walter Pittman, stepchild, 16 AR; and children of Leemon and Minnie were Charles 6, R. R. 4, Thadius 2, all born AR.) Bill McCoy said he had children Ruth Ann who married Douglas Smith, Margaret who married an Arnett from Paragould, and William Gerald who was killed in WWII. Sec. ?

MCCOY, Sam – Apr 28, 1875 – Apr 10, 1929 An honest man is the noblest work of God Brother to Woody and Liman. Sam married Carrie Welch who is buried in Crittenden Memorial Park. (Sam McCoy, 45 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Carrie, 18 MS. Carrie Fletcher, 25 born MS, married, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with son Miles McCoy, 9 AR.) Where was her husband? Carrie was living next door to Jeff Hinson and not far from Woody and Lydia. Bill McCoy said Sam and Carrie had one son, William Euless, who lives in Norman, OK. Who was son Miles? Sec. C

MCCOY, William Woody – NS – Sep 1891 – Feb 1972 Also have birth date of Aug 7, 1891. (Woody McCoy, 28 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Berthy, 18 AR.) Bill said Woody’s first marriage was a short one and ended in divorce. Bertha was a MARTIN and later married a BECK. (W. W. McCoy, 35 born KY, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Lydia 27 MO, and dau Mable 6/12? AR.) They had children Mable, Ruth, Dorothy and William "Bill." Sec. ?

MCFALL, Stillborn Infant – NS – Died in early 1940s. Child of Charles and Ruby McFall. Sec. ?

MCFERRIN, John Henry – NS – Apr 25, 1917 – Sep 26, 1987 (PPM) Sec. ? (The Social Security Death Index shows that John H. McFerrin was born Apr 25, 1917 and died Sep 26, 1987. His last residence was West Memphis, Arkansas.  From obituary of Lou McFerrin, he was the son of William W. McFerrin and Louise Jane McFerrin – see obituaries)

MCFERRIN, Louise Jane – NS – died Nov 26, 1944, age 64 (wife of W. W. McFerrin, mother of five sons; Tom Staggs, Ollie, Hubert, Henry, and Robert McFerrin. One daughter; Mrs. Gay Roach. All children lived in Marked Tree at the time of her death)

MCGILL, [Artie] Alice Sep 14, 1904 – Aug 20, 1995 Daughter of William LUDWICK and Rachel Levy MOUNT. Wife of James "Jim" McGill. Mother of James Thomas, Annice, Roy, John Earl, Peggy and Billy Joe. Lived at Heafer. Grave to right of hers marked with concrete block. Sec. E

MCGILL, Bertie Mae – Mar 1927 – Aug 1935 Daughter of William Jesse "Buddy" and Mary McGill. She and her brother Joe Paul are both buried between their mother Mary and grandfather W. G. McGill. Sec. E

MCGILL, James ["Jim"] – Mississippi Pvt. 30 Co Trans Corps World War I – Oct. 26, 1895 – May 6, 1970 Son of William MCGILL and Susan Joseph MARTIN. Husband of Artie Alice LUDWICK. Lived at Heafer. SSDI gives last residence as Earle. (Jim McGill, 30 born MS, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Alice, 26 MS, and children J. T., 5 AR, and Roy, 3 AR.) Sec. E

MCGILL, James Thomas "J. T." – S1 US Navy World War II – Mar 12, 1926 – Feb 5, 1983 Son of James Thomas and Artie Alice LUDWICK McGill. Husband of Hazel BARNES McGill. Father of Jo Ann McGill. Sec. E (James T. McGill and Hazel B. Barnes were married in Poinsett County, 1945.  Recorded marriage book 1-B, page 321)

MCGILL, Paul Daniel – NS – 1922 – abt 1923 Son of William Jesse "Buddy" and Mary McGill This child drowned when he was a toddler. Sec. E

MCGILL, Mary Jane – Feb 22, 1907 – Mar 23, 1933 Daughter of Franklin and Rainey Jane (LINVILLE) SPEARS. She was killed by a bull. She was first wife of William Jesse "Buddy" McGILL who lived about 13 miles north of Earle at Heafer, AR,. Buddy is buried at Tyronza. (W. J. McGill, 27 born MS, was found on the 1930 census in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Mary, 22 born MS, and children Mabel, 5 AR, and Burnett, 3 AR.) Clara McGill states that the child Burnett on this census who is listed as a son is actually Bertie Mae, a daughter. After this census Bobby Lee was born. Buried to [left or right?] of W. G. with the two children between them. Sec. E

MCGILL, Roy – PFC US Army World War II – Dec 11, 1928 – Jan 6, 1987 Son of James "Jim" MCGILL and Artie Alice LUDWICK. Husband of Esther THOMPSON. Father of Lydia Jean, Donald Roy, Treva Gail, Jim Carl and twin infants who died at birth. SSDI gives last residence as Searcy. Sec. E (Roy McGill and Esther Thompson were married in Poinsett County, 1946. Recorded marriage book 3-B, page 298)

MCGILL, Stillborn Twins – Feb 11, 1951 – Sons [Roy and Troy?] of Roy and Esther (THOMPSON) McGill. Sec. E

MCGILL, W. G. [William Gilbert] – Mar 15, 1866 – Jan 6, 1929 Born in Shannon, Lee Co., MS, died in Earle. Son of John McGill and Eliza STANFORD. Husband of Susan Joseph MARTIN. They were parents of Annie Sue, Jannie, Joe John, Ada Florence, James Thomas, and William Jesse "Buddy." After Susan’s death, W. G. married Kate RIFUS. To them was born Earnest Gilbert, Harvey Lee who died age 12, Murphy, and I. B. who died at 12 days. Grandfather of John McGill. Sec. E

MCINTEER, Allen C. – US Air Force – Nov 7, 1931 – May 14, 1995 Excerpt from obit, byline Turrell, AR: a security guard and member of Barton Chapel Church, wife Dorothy McInteer; daughter, Sandi McKENNA of South Attleboro, MA; son, Bill McInteer of Osage Beach, MO; stepdaughters, Martha Nash of Earle and Jeanette Beasley of West Memphis; stepsons, A. D. Peden Jr. of Turrell, Bruce Peden of Earle and Jack Peden of AR; sisters and brothers in KS. Sec. B

MCLEMORE, Emma – NS – Born Oct 1861 – Died Winter 1930 She attended the Assembly of God Church in Earle. (Emma McLemore, a widow, 37 born Oct 1861 TN, was found on the 1900 census living in Wayne Co, TN [ED102] with children, all born TN, Susan 15 born Aug 1884, Joseph 13 born Sep 1886, and Etta 6 born Mch 1894. Emmer Mclamore, 58 born AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Lester Twp, Craighead Co, AR with her widowed daughter Susie WHITED?, 36 b. AL, and her children Odes? 13 TN, Masie son 8 MO, Paul 3 11/12 MO, and Gertie 11/12 MO. Etter [McLemore] ADAMS, 24 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Lester Twp, Craighead Co, AR with her husband Hugh Adams, 27 born TN, and their dau Mary M. 5/12 b. MO. Joe M. McLemore, 30 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Virginia Twp, Pemiscot Co, MO with wife Mollie J. 28 born TN, and children Edward [Buddy] 10 TN, Daisy 8 MO, and Nettie 4 4/12 MO. Living next door to them are Mollie’s parents, John M. and Mary J. KITCHEN. Joe McLemore, 45 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp on Frank Baker’s farm with wife Mollie, 42 TN, and children, all born AR, Edward 20, Daisey 18, Nettie 14 and Frank 12.) Erma Gay MAXWELL states that Frank is not a son. Edward "Buddy" married Grace HUMPHRIES and had children Erma Gay, Rebecca Jo and Douglas Edward. Daisey married Doug Humphries and had no children. Nettie married John Kelly WOOTTEN Jr. and had Jimmy and Johnny, twins, and Patricia Jo. Emma is buried next to Doyle Ford. Sec. ?

MCMAHON (MCMINN), Jim – NS – 1842 – Died Feb 20, 1937 Aged 95 yrs, 1 mo. Cross County Times of Parkin stated that he was a Confederate soldier and died in Cross Co. Sec. E

MCMANN, Mr. – Grandfather of Harold Annis. --Evelyn Drew Annis Sec. ?

MCMANN, Nancy MILLER – Grandmother of Harold Annis. Sec. ?

MCWILLIAMS, Ben L. – Jul 23, 1904 – Aug 19, 1991 Married May 16, 1926 to Rebecca Viola Sec. B

MCWILLIAMS, Rebecca Viola – Oct 4, 1908 – May 8, 1986 (D with Ben L.) SSDI gives name as Viola, birth year as 1907, last residence as Wynne. Sec. B

MEDDERS, Ruben Early – Apr 1875 – July 1939 (D with Sallie M.) (R. E. MEDDERS, 44 born AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp. with wife S. M. 44 AL, and children, all born AL, Estell 16, Isom 15, Henley 13, Ernest Lee 12, and Ira 6.) Ira was called Bill. Also had Mattie, Bell, and Minnie. Sec. E

MEDDERS, Sallie M. – Aug 1875 – July 1949 (D with Ruben Early) Sec. E

MELTON, James, Son of Mr and Mrs J. W. Morris – Mar 27, 1948 – Aug 28, 1948 Sec. ?

METTLER, Azalee – (no dates – buried to the right of Sam B. Mettler) Jan 3, 1909 – Oct 19, 1945 Daughter of Samuel B. and Susan Mettler. Wife of Jessie LAWSON. Mother of one son Clyde who died young. --Mary Maples McKinney. (Based on the birth year of her twin brothers, Burley and Murley, in Dec. 1909, Azalee must have actually been born in 1908) Sec. E

The 1930 census of Crittenden County, Fogleman Township, shows 21 year old Azalee Willingham, living near her brother, Robert Mettler and his wife, Pearl. Her husband was Ed Willingham, and she had a 5 year old son, Clyde Willingham. She had married at age 15.  Her father was listed as being born in Oklahoma.

METTLER, Burley – 1909 – 1994 (D with Jewel E) Son of Sam Mettler. SSDI gives 25 Dec 1909 – 17 Dec 1994, last residence Marked Tree. At very back of Sec. C

The Arkansas Death Index lists Murley Mettler, twin of Burley Mettler, who died in Crittenden County on May 20, 1931. He is also buried at Gibson Bayou. The 1910 census of McNairy County, TN, enumerated on Apr 10, 1910, shows these twin children of Sam and Susan Mettler, as 4 months old.  The birth year of 1909 would be correct.

METTLER, Charles Robert – Mar 2, 1903 – Jan 28, 1964 (D with Pearl Lucille) Son of Sam Mettler and (mother’s first name not given) RUSSOM. Husband of Lucille Pearl Mettler. Surviving children were Robert J. Mettler, Charles R. Mettler, Samuel R. Mettler, William Roland Mettler, Mrs. D. L. Turnage, Mrs. J. P. (Lila) Longo, and Mrs. B. L. Morgan. Brother was Burl Mettler. Sisters were Mrs. L. D. Maples, Lydria Mettler and Mrs. Louise Harrison. Sec. C

On the 1930 census of Crittenden County, Fogleman Township, Robert and Pearl Mettler were listed with a son, John R. Mettler, age 1 year and 2 months.  The Arkansas Death Index lists a John Robert Mettler who died in Crittenden County on May 22, 1930, less than one month after the date of the census.  Was this the same John R. Mettler, son of Charles Robert and Pearl Mettler?  Was he also buried at Gibson Bayou?

METTLER, Charles Roy Sr. – Dec 28, 1939 – Oct 24, 1993 at very back of Sec. C

The Arkansas Death Index also lists a Charles Mettler who died Jan 6, 1942 in Crittenden County.  He was a white male, no age given. Can anyone identify this one, and is he also buried here?

METTLER, Ethel Lou – no dates – Dau of Roy METTLER & wife. Sec. C?

METTLER, Jewell E.[Elizabeth CAGLE] – 1906 – 1990 First married to John MILLER. SSDI gives 24 May 1906 – 10 Dec 1990, last residence Marked Tree. Toward back middle in Sec. C

METTLER, Lydria – NS – Born Aug 31, 1919 in Selmer, TN. Died Apr 17, 1975 in John Gaston Hospital in Memphis. (SEE LYDRIA DOYLE)  Daughter of Samuel B. Mettler and Susan RUSSOM. Lydria was married first to Alfred Baker who died at a young age. They lived in CA. Her second husband was Otis Ezell, also lived CA. Her third husband was Clyde Doyle. They lived in Covington, TN. He died before she did. SSDI lists a Clyde J. Doyle born 20 Jan 1917, died 18 Jun 2000, last residence Covington, Tipton Co, TN.

METTLER, Murley – Dec 25, 1909 – May 20, 1931 Twin of Burley Mettler, Son of Sam & Susan (Russom) Mettler. (Unmarked)

METTLER, Pearl Lucille – Oct 2, 1908 – Feb 3, 1991 Wife of Charles Robert Mettler. Mother of Charles Roy. Pearl was an orphan, sister to Mary (MARRS) MEYER. Sec. ?

METTLER, Roy & wife – no dates (What was wife’s name?) Sec. C?

METTLER, (Mrs.) Roy – no dates

METTLER, Samuel B. – 11 Jun 1872 – Jan 28, 1956 Aged 83 yrs. Husband of Susan (RUSSOM) Mettler who is buried in Benton, AR. Sam and Susan were parents of Azalee LAWSON, Lydria, and Ethel Lou MAPLES. As you look at the tombstone of Ethel Lou Maples, Sam is buried to the right of her, Azalee is next to him and the Stillborn Infant Maples is next.) Sec. E

                The 1910 census of McNairy County, TN – District 2 – lists Sam Mettler (age 24 born MO), Susan Mettler (age 27 born TN), Robert (age 6), Asalee (age 2), Murley (twin age 4 mos), Burley (twin age 4 mos). Sam and Susan Mettler had been married 8 years and given birth to 5 children with 4 living. Both parents of Sam Mettler were born MO, parents of Susan were born TN.

The 1920 census shows this family living in Hardeman County, TN – District 7. Sam Mettler was age 33, born Oklahoma, both parents born Oklahoma.  His wife, Susan, age 28, born Tennessee, both parents born in Tennessee. The children were Robert (age 16), Aslee (age 12), Burly (age 9), Murly (age 9), Ethel (age 5), Rosa (under age 1).

In 1930, Sam Mettler was living in Turrell, Crittenden County, listed as age 57 and a widower.  He was born in Oklahoma, as were both his parents.  His children were listed as Robert (age 27), Burla (age 20), Murla (age 20), Ethel L. (age 13), Lidia (age 9), Louise (age 6), and Clyde (age 5).  All the children were born in Tennessee.

Robert Mettler, age 27, born TN, was also listed in his own household in Fogleman Township. His wife was Pearl, age 21, born MO. Robert had married at age 24, Pearl at age 18. They had one child, John R. Mettler, age 1 year, 2 months, born in Arkansas.


METZGER, Peter – Feb 24, 1860 – Nov 2, 1925 From Heafer. Bob ZIRKLE’s wife’s people. They are buried on left side of the hwy. going North. Sec. E

MILAM, John P. – May 22, 1866 – Nov 2, 1941 Was from Heafer. Sec. C

MILLER, Alfred – Born & Died Aug 8, 1939 Son of Clayton and Bertha (FINCH) Miller. Brother to Joan Miller SNIDER. (Clayton Miller, 28 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Bertha 26 MS, and children Olive 3 AR, and Rebecca 1 AR.) Sec. H

MILLER, Infant – NS – Died abt 1934/35 About two days old. Son of John and Jewel Miller. Sec. ?

MILLER, J. C. [John Clarence] – Mar 22, 1922 – Nov 10, 1988 Small concrete slab. Oldest son of John and Jewell Miller. Excerpt from obit, byline Marked Tree: a farm laborer, son, William Zane Miller of England; his mother Jewell Miller of Marked Tree; brothers, Vardimon Miller of Newport and John Wilburn and Ben Zane Miller of Marked Tree; sisters, Mary Delmer Brown and Louise Williams of Marked Tree. (James Miller, 39 born MS, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Jewel 34 MS, and children J. C. 9 MS, Louise 7 MS, Vardman 4 MS, and Wilburn 2 AR.) Sec. C

MILLER, John B. – Nov 11, 1897 – Aug 14, 1954 Husband of Jewell. Sec. ?

MILLER, Marian Elaine (CHISUM) – NS – Born Mar 3, 1927. Died Dec 5, 1976. Daughter of Hillery CHISM and Geneva FLATT. Sons are Michael M. Miller and Jackie Glenn Miller.–Citizens Funeral Home record. Son Raymond Lee Jr. predeceased her. Daughters are Ruby Miller Ellison Parrish, Betty Rutherford, Joyce Wilson, Fredia Daniel, Sarah Miller, Marion Lequita Miller and Sandra Diane Miller. Buried in back corner Sec. C

MILLER, Ray Edward – NS – Born Jul 8, 1954 in Shearerville. Died Oct 5, 1969 in Memphis. He was shot and killed in a hunting accident at age 14. He was in the 9th grade. Son of Raymond Lee Miller. Paternal grandparents were Mr and Mrs Carl Miller of West Memphis. Maternal grandfather was Bill Chism of Mountain Home. Sec. ?

MILLER, Raymond Lee, Jr. – NS – Died abt 1944-45 of colitis. Was 3-4 months old. Son of Raymond and Elaind Miller. Brother of Ruby Miller Ellison. Buried in the center behind the church. Sec. E

MONTCALM, Silvaerion Raul “S. R.” – NS – b. Oct 1845 – d. Feb 3, 1931 – Age 85 of Bonita, LA. Taken from undated obit in The Enterprise. He was a friend of E. L. BYRN who is also buried here. Birth and death dates arrived at using census age and age at death. S. R. Montcalm owned a blacksmith shop. His sign read "Horse shoeing a specialty – buggy wash $1.00." – Earle Epic. (S. R. Montcalm, 54 born Oct 1845 at sea, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Sallie R., 46 born in Dec 1853 with children S. Ruton 11 born Aug 1888 in AR, S. Roll 4 born Oct 1895 in AR and S. Ravel 4 born Oct 1895 in AR. He owned his home. Silvaerion R. Montcalm, 74, b. at sea under US flag, father b. Stockholm, Sweden, mother b. Switzerland, blacksmith who owned his shop, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Sallie R. 60 AR, and apparently twin sons, S. Ravel 24 AR and S. Raul 24 AR. Ravel was in real estate sales and Raul had no occupation.) World War I Draft Registration for his son, Raul Montcalm, Crittenden County, dated Jun 5, 1917, gives his age as 21, born Oct 25, 1896 in Earle, AR. He was single and unemployed. Sec. C next to Edgar L. Byrn

MOONEYHAM, Curt or Smith – NS – Died late 1920s or early 30s. Uncle of Fran GLASCO. On Feb 12, 1918, both Curt and Smith Mooneyham registered for the World War I Draft in Crittenden County. Curt Mooneyham was age 18, born Feb 12, 1900.  Smith Mooneyham was age 20, born Apr 29, 1898. Both lived in Turrell and worked for H. F. Willis. Both were listed as tall, slender, with blue eyes and dark hair.  Both listed their nearest relative as Rexey Higginbotham of Turrell. Smith Mooneyham died Jun 1, 1937 in Crittenden County, and is most likely the one buried here.

MOORE, Shorty – NS – Died about 1970.– PPM. What was his given name? Who were his wife and children? Sec. ?

MOORE, Tiny - 1893 – 1936 (This marker purchased and placed in February, 2005)

MORRIS, Cora L. – 1900 – 1988 (D with James W.) Sec. E

MORRIS, James Melton, son of Mr. & Mrs. J. W. MORRIS – Mar 27, 1948 – Aug 28, 1948 Our Darling Citizens FH record gives father as J. W. Morris and mother as Cora McNally, both of Desoto Co, AR (must mean MS as no Desoto Co in AR). Sec. E

MORRIS, James W.[Walter] – 1880 – 1976 (D with Cora L.) SSDI gives 17 Aug 1885 – Mar 1976. Citizens FH record give born Aug 17, 1880 in MS. Died Mar 8, 1976 at residence in Earle. Son of John Morris and Rody MORRIS Morris. Husband of Cora L. McNalley. Surviving children were Robert Morris, Howard Morris, Charles Morris, Joe Morris, Mrs. Virginia Franks, Mrs. Kate Gray, and Mrs. Mickey Bailey. Stepson was Jack Easley. Stepdaughters were Mrs. Dorothy Hamm and Mrs. Irene Ward. Half sisters were Mrs. Grace James, Mrs. Onie Devon, Mrs. Bugg Kent. –Citizens FH record. Sec. E

MORRIS, Ollie – 1876 – 1940 Sec. ?

MORROW, David – NS – Born and died about 1957. Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Morrow. Sec.? (behind church)

MORROW, Floyd – NS – Died abt 1920 of tuberculosis; son of Mr. & Mrs. Morrow below. Sec. ?

MORROW, Mr. – NS – Died abt 1920 – PPM They also had a son Harry. Did they also have a Gilbert? There is a Harry age 23 and Gilbert age 17 on the 1920 census of Craighead Co working in a logging camp. SSDI shows a Henry Morrow born 16 Nov 1896, died Aug 1970, last residence McRae, White Co. and a Gilbert Morrow born 21 Sep 1902, died Jul 1983, last residence Witchita, Sedgwick Co, KS with card issued in AR. Sec. ?

MORROW, Mrs. – NS – Died abt 1930 – PPM Sec. ?

MOSS, Arthur Fate – Born Feb 21, 1897 – Died Apr 17, 1956 Age 59 yrs, 2 mos, 26 days (D with Gertrude) Born in Coffman Co, TX. Son of Sam Moss and Dona RAINEY. Surviving children were James Moss, Harlan Timothy Moss, Mrs. Robert Seim and Miss Dona Pearl Moss. Brothers were Marvin Moss, Clifton Moss and Walter Moss. Sisters were Mrs. Nell Loggins and Mrs. Geo. Kelly. –Citizens FH record. Records of First United Methodist Church give birth date as 22 Jan 1893. Mr & Mrs Arthur Moss were received in the church by Certificate of Transfer on 7 Mar 1955. Her first name not given. Grave to right unmarked. Sec. C

MOSS, Gertrude FOSTER – Sep 28, 1905 – Feb 19, 1960 (D with Arthur F. – hand made) Born in Limestone Co, AL. Died in Michigan City, IN. Father deceased. Mother was Janie Foster. Surviving children were Mrs. Jas. Lindsey of Michigan City, IN, Mrs. Robert Sides of Pason, AR, Harlan Moss and Jas. Moss. Sister was Mrs. Ruby Rodgers. Brother was Arthur Foster. –Citizens FH record. Sec. B

MOSS, James Arthur – NS – Died Jan 10, 1993 Excerpt from obit dated Jan 10, 1993: 69, of Earle, retired farmer, died Sunday, two sons, James Arthur Moss Jr. of Elmore, AL and James Larry Moss of Pine Bluff; two daughters, Rosie AGEE of Benton and Margie WHITE of Earle; brother, Timothy Moss of Sweeney, TX. Sec. B

MYERS, Carmen Ercell – Mar 22, 1909 – Jul 16, 1986 Wife of Harry Myers, SSDI gives last residence as Wynne. Sec. E

MYERS, Charles C.[Clifton] – 1903 – 1977 Father (D with Ethel) Born May 13, 1903 in MO. Died Jun 22, 1977 at rural residence in Hughes. Son of Alec Myers and Vada SHAFFER. Husband of Ethel BRIDGES. Surviving children were Charles Myers, Marvin Myers, James Myers, Clifton Collen Myers, Lee Myers, Mrs. Frances Duncan, Mrs. Carolyn Cantrell and Mrs. Rita Allison. –Citizens FH record. (Charley Myers, 26 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Ethel 28 TN, and children Frances E. 7 AR and Charley Jr. 3/12 AR. Sec. E?

MYERS, Ethel B.[BRIDGES] – 1901 – 1992 Mother Sister to Rathel. SSDI gives 17 May 1900 – 27 Sep 1992, last residence Marion. Sec. E?

MYERS, Charles L.[Loyd] – June 11, 1935 – July 12, 1970 Graduated from Earle High School in 1953. Born in Earle. Died ½ mile east of Blackfish Lake in St. Francis Co. Son of Harry T. Myers and Ercell MARTIN. Brothers were Jesse Myers and Harry S. Myers. Sister was Mrs. Roberts Nold. Sec. E

MYERS, Harry T. – June 26, 1901 – Nov 7, 1954 Husband of Ercell. Sec. E


~ N ~


NEAL, Archie S.[Sanford] – [Dec 8] 1895 – [Nov 15] 1968 (D with Edna) Middle name of Sandford given to Janis Lancaster. (Archie S. Neal, 24 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Cadron Twp, White Co, AR with wife Edna B. 25 born AR, and son Oliver C. 5 born AR.) Sec. B

NEAL, Edna (BOLTON) – 1895 – 1967 (D with Archie) FHM read "Edna Bolton Neal Died Aug 13, 1967 Age 72 yrs, 29 days." SSDI gave Aug 15 as death day and last residence as Earle. Born Jan 14, 1895. Died Aug 13, 1967. Daughter of Alex Bolton and Sara PETTIT. Wife of Archie S. Neal. Surviving children were Oliver Neal, Odell Neal, Opal Neal, Eva Neal and LaVaughn Neal. –Citizens FH record. Sec. B

NEAL, Ira Earl – May 12, 1920 – Apr 27, 1956 Son of Archie and Edna Neal. Had a brother Oliver. Sec. B

NEEDHAM, Bessie M. – Abt 1916 – May 26, 1948 (Frank Needam, 33 born IL, was found on the 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Susie 28 IN, and children Lillian 8 AR and Bessie 4 AR.) Sec. ?

NEEDHAM, Katie – Apr 15, 1935 [Is this a birth or death date or both? Daughter of Frank and Susie?] Sec. ?

NELSON, Stillborn son of Cecil and Dorothy Nelson – NS – Born about 1940 This Cecil is most certainly the son listed as Celia under William Thomas Nelson except that son was 10 mos old. Sec. ?

NELSON, William Thomas – Feb 21, 1878 – Jan 8, 1932 I Have Done as Thou Commanded Me (Will T. Nelson, 41 all born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Turrell Town in Fogleman Twp, with wife Ida May 36, and children Carrie May 14, Clara 11, William 4 and son Celia [probably Cecil] 10 months. Sec. E

NEWMAN, PFC Charles – NS – Born May 19, 1934 in Earle. Died Apr 3, 1955 in Earle. Son of Charles Newman, born MS, and Linda HARRISON, born Dyersburg, TN. –Citizens FH record. Sec. ?

NICHOLS, Ausbon – NS – Born Feb 25, 1916 in Sherman, MS. Died Nov 28, 1963 in Kennedy VA Hospital. Resided for 9 months in Parkin. Prior residence was New Albany, MS. Son of John Thomas Nichols and Fannie (maiden name not listed). Husband of Ruth MEWBERRY. Surviving children were Mrs. Shirley Matthews, Charles Leroy Nichols, Ronnie Alvin Nichols and Charles Thomas Nichols. Occupation was carpenter. –Citizens FH record.

NOBLE (stone broken-top gone) – June 22, 1895 – Mar 31, 1910 Can anyone identify this person? Sec. G

NORVELL, Howard E. – US Army World War II – Jan 28, 1919 – Nov 19, 1989 Excerpt from obit: an Earle native, former employee of old Dacus Casket Co., West Memphis; wife, Emma Norvell; daughter, Jennifer Jackson of Marianna; son, John Norvell of Earle, sister, Ann Pool of Memphis; brother, Ben Norvell of Phoenix, AZ. (Ben R. Norvell, 27 all born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Norvell with wife Willie T. 25, and children Ben Richard 4 7/12, James C. 2 3/12, Howard E. 11/12 and black cook Ella Ross 57 widow born in MS.) Sec. B


~ O ~


ODA HAS These initials only on a stone; ODA over HAS with space between them. The H has faded away. Sec. E

OLSON, Henry L. – NS – Died Nov 25, 1950 Age 3 days Sec. C or E

OWENS, Julia Anderson –NS – Born May 12, 1919. Died May 8, 1973. Wife of Frank Owens. –Citizens FH record.


~ P ~


P., J. C. – Initials only. Sec. ?

PADDOCK, Daisy [Lee] – Sep 5, 1929 – Jun 30, 1996 Sec. E

PANKEY, Billy – NS – Died abt 1942, age 15. Son of Bethel Pankey. Buried at foot of George THOMPSON. Source - Bethel (Thompson) SHEMPERT Pankey, R. O. and George THOMPSON, Mary Thompson VOLYES STANLEY and Esther Thompson MC GILL. Sec. H

PANNELL, Dalton – Apr 11, 1913 – Nov 18, 1992 Age 79 (FHM) Excerpt from obit: funeral at Earle Pentecostal Church of God, wife, Marie [Rodgers] Pannell; son, Edward WHEELOCK of Earle; daughter, Cathryn ADDISON of Nettleton, MS; two brothers, Cecil and Roy PARKS, both of Earle; three sisters, Lorine RODGERS, Nadine Rodgers and Jennie Pearl DUNCAN, all of Earle. Buried to right of Duffie Marie Pannell. Sec. C

PANNELL, Duffie Marie – Jun 2, 1915 – Nov 4, 1993 Age 78 (FHM) Daughter of Jeff and Mattie RODGERS. Excerpt from obit: a housewife, member of Earle Church of God; daughter, Cathryn Addison of Nettleton, MS; son, Edward Wheelock of Earle; four brothers, J. D., Tom, L. V. and J. T. Rodgers, all of Earle. Sec. C

PARIS, Frank – Aug 22, 1866 – Mar 1, 1914 (D with Lura) Masonic Emblem Sec. G

PARIS, Lura – Sept 9, 1870 – Nov 17, 1940 (D with Frank) Eastern Star emblem Sec. G

PARKS, John Earl – Died Feb 13, 1969 Aged 37 y, 0 m, 0 d Son of Pearl and Lee Parks. Sec. ?

PARKS, Lee – "With love" – Painted with black and pink paint. No dates. Husband of Pearl Parks. SSDI has a Lee Parks – 4 Feb 1910 – Jun 1979, last residence Marked Tree. Are these dates for this person? Sec. ?

PARKS, Pearl – NS – 17 Aug 1892 – 15 Jul 1973 Dates taken from SSDI which gives Earle as last residence. Wife of Lee Parks. Cellie P. ROBINSON and Pearl were sisters. Sec. ?

PARKS, Percy – NS – Born late 20s or early 30s. Died age 16. Son of Troy Parks and Mamie JACKSON. Sec. ?

PATTERSON, Stillborn – July 21, 1942 Sec. E

PEGRAM, Herbert L. – Oct 23, 1910 – Jan 15, 1982 Sec. B

PERRY, John Franklin – Born abt 1864 – Died May 30, 1938. Birth date derived from marriage license and death date taken from AR Death Index. John was married first to Elizabeth ARBUCKLE (buried Deadrick-Hare Cemetery in Cross County) on 9 Dec 1899 in Tyronza, Cross Co. He was 35 and she was 25. They had one child, George PERRY (Jan 7, 1907 – May 1975) who married Mildred COX. After Elizabeth’s death John remarried to Annie EARNEY, who had been previously married to a WILBORN and had children Bill, Clarence and Dutch. Grandfather of Sue Perry SCOTT. (John Perry, 49 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in Norvell with wife Annie 59 AR, and children Bill Wilburn 36 AR, and George Perry 22 AR.) Believed to be buried between his two wives on north side of church. Sec. ?

PERRY, Annie Risner (WILBORN/WILBURN) – Mar 1869 – Died 3 Apr 1931. She was John Perry’s second wife. Her first husband was James E. Wilborn. (James E. Wilborn, 35 born Nov 1864 in MS, was found on the 1900 census living in Jonesboro, Craighead Co, AR with wife Annie B., 31 born Mar 1869 in AR with children, all born AR, Eugene, 5 born Jan 1845, Clarance, 3 born Jan 1897, and Hazel, 1 born Feb 1899 plus James’ niece, Ruby BRIGGS, 13 born Oct 1886. James was a Merchant/Gen. Store and owned his home.) Sec. C

PHELPS, H. M. [Henry McNeil] – NS –died Apr 15, 1947, age 79, founder of Wynne Progress. Death published in Wynne Progress of Wynne, AR. Was Wren H. Phelps, who published a paper in Earle, his son? (Henry Phelps, 56 all born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle with wife Lillie 47, and children Charlie 21, dau Echol 13, and lodgers Herbert Watson, 27 physician, born MS and Reed Hare, 35 merchant, born AR Living next door was Wren Phelps, 26 born AR, wife Ruth, 23 born TN and son Wren Jr. 1 8/12 AR. Sec. ?

PHELPS, Lillie Belle (BROWNE), wife of H. M. Phelps – Mar 16, 1869 – May 21, 1920 Sec. ?

PHILL???- [PHILLIPS?], J. C. – Oct ___, 1855 – Oct 14, _____ (stone broken) Sec. ?  Is this the grave of Jessie May Phillips who died in Crittenden County on Oct 14, 1930?  taken from the Arkansas Death Index.

PHILYAW, Baby Boy – NS – Born and died 1958. Son of John David "J. D." Philyaw and Wanda JONES. Sec. ? Note: a marker was purchased and placed on this grave in July, 2002 – Baby Boy Philyaw, born 1958, died 1958.

PHILYAW, Dorris Kathrine – NS – Born and died 1945. Sec. ?  Note: a marker was purchased and placed on this grave in July, 2002 – Dorris K. Philyaw, born 1945, died 1945. 

PHILYAW, Dorris Kathrine FRAZIER – NS – Wife of Lindy Philyaw.  Sec. ?

PHILYAW, Robert Michael – NS – Born and died 1956. Son of Henry Philyaw. Sec. ? Note: a marker was purchased and placed on this grave in July, 2002 – Robert M. Philyaw, born 1956, died 1956.

PHILYAW, Sheila Kay – NS – Born and died 1946 Daughter of John David "J. D." Philyaw and Wanda JONES. Sec. ? Note: a marker was purchased and placed on this grave in July, 2002 – Sheila K. Philyaw, born 1946, died 1946.

PICKETT, John H. – Died Feb 20, 1893 Aged 20 yrs. Son of Lafayette and Sarah Pickett. Sec. D

PICKETT, Lafayette – July 24, 1851 – Apr 6, 1900 Woodsmen of the World marker. La Fayette Pickett was married in 1872 to Miss Sarah E. Goad, daughter of William and Amanda M. Goad, early settlers here, having located in this neighborhood in 1856. Mr. and Mrs. Pickett are the parents of five children: John H., LeRoy, Della, Cora and Alice. La Fayette Pickett, by occupation a farmer and blacksmith, was born in Jefferson Co., Ill. July 28, 1851. (L. Pickett, 29 born IL, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Sallie, 26 TN, and children, all born AR, John H. 7, LeRoy 6, Della 4, Cora 2, and Aline 4 months.) Sec. D

PICKETT, Sarah E., wife of L. P. Pickett – Oct 19, l852 – Mar 31, 1900 Gone to be an Angel Daughter of William and Amanda M. (SNODGRASS) Goad. –Jodie Cook. Sec. D

PIERCE, Sarah, wife of Austin Pierce – Mar 22, 1862 – June 22, 1910 Gone to be an Angel (Stone broken) Sec. D

POLK, W. H. – Died June 16, 1950, Grandfather of Joe M. WINDERS. Father of Betty Polk WINDERS LINVILLE. Sec. E ---

William H. Polk, born Aug 1876, was listed on the 1900 census of Monroe County, MS as age 23, born AL and married for 9 years.  His wife Alice Polk was born Jan 1874, was age 26, born AL and had given birth to 4 children, all daughters. Bettie Polk was born Apr 1892, Polly Polk born May 1893, Maggie Polk born Feb 1896, and Myrtle Polk born Mar 1899.  By 1910, Myrtle Polk had died and a 5th daughter was listed, Minnie Polk, age 7. Bettie had been born in AL, the other daughters were born in MS.  In 1930, William H. and Alice Polk were still living in Monroe County, MS. 

On Sept 18, 1948, Will H. Polk married Mary Founderly Linville Isham (sister of John P. Linville and widow of George W. Isham) in Cross County, AR. 

Arkansas Death Certificate for William H. Polk shows that he was born Aug 12, 1870 in Columbus, MS and died Jun 16, 1950 at Twist, Cross County, AR.  Son of Tom Polk, he was divorced and had been living at Twist for 3 ½ months. He had been treated for lung cancer by Dr. John M. Gowdy of Earle with an interval of 3 years between onset and his death. He died at the age of 79 yrs, 10 mos, and 4 days. He was buried at Gibson Bayou Cemetery by Citizens Funeral Home on Jun 17, 1950. The informant on the death certificate was his daughter, Mrs. (Betty) John Linville. 

POSEY, - Parents of Mamie Posey Dunham.

POWERS, Betty Ann – May 23, 1937 – Feb 24, 1996 Age 58 Roller Citizens FHM. SSDI gives same dates, last residence Earle. Sec. C

PRESCOTT, Delores – NS – Died age 2 weeks. Baby Sister

PRESCOTT, Washington I. – 1900 – 1971 SSDI gives 18 Feb 1900 – Apr 1971, last residence Turrell. Mary P. Smith’s father was Irvin Prescott. Sec. B

PUGH, Earl – Born 1926. Father of Blanche. Dickey Daniels said Earl is related to Roy Pitts who married Rhoda Cloar. Sec. ?


~ Q ~



QUALLS, Margurette Marie – NS – Born Feb 4, 1928 in Hughes. Died Jul 15, 1943 in Booneville, AR. Daughter of B. H. Qualls, born in AL, and Ester BREWER, born in AL.

Ester Brewer died in 1961 and was buried at Crittenden Memorial Park Cemetery in Marion. She had a daughter named Gladys, last name unknown, who is buried next to her. Ester was first married to Will Bishop. They had three children;  Stella Bishop, Dona Bishop (grandmother of Michael Lucas), and Freeman Bishop (still living).  Ester Bishop later married B.H. Qualls, his burial place unknown. -- Information from Michael Lucas.


~ R ~


R., C. – {two native stone markers Sec. C

R., L.. – {with these initials Sec. C

RATLIFF, Charlene Dolores – Sep 10, 1942 – Apr 1, 1944 Our Little Angel Daughter of Irene INGRAM and Howard Ratliff. –Elizabeth Gunn Drew. Sec. B

RICE, Wm. P. – 1862 – 1930 No stone found in 2002. Sec. E

RICHARDSON, John Lee – Jan 30, 1894 – Nov 28, 1949 Sec. E

RICHARDSON, Minnie Mae – Jul 23, 1898 – Oct 12, 1947 Sec. E

RICHARDSON, Richard Lee – Oct 19, 1956 – Nov 8, 1956 Son of Willard and Myrtle Richardson. Sec. E

RIDINGS, Fannie – Died June 18, 1909 Age 31 Daughter of Luther GUNN and Susan Catherine HOOD. Wife of Joseph Hilton Ridings. Fannie was born 8 July 1878 in White Co., AR. The death date is in error because she was on the 1910 census which was taken 16 May 1910. (Joe H. Riden, 29 born MS, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Fannie, 31 AR, and children, all born AR, Nora 11, Robert 6, Mary 4, and Ervin 1.) Death date was 1910 according to Pearl (ROBINETT) Gunn WHITE. Sec. G

RILEY, Emma C.[atherine] – Mother – Aug 25, 1894 – Feb 15, 1969 (D with Luther L.) (Henry A. WELCH, 38, born Jan 1862 in MS, was found on the 1900 census living in Union Co, Ms in Beat 2, Blythes Gin and Ingomar precincts, with wife Laura, 29 born Oct 1870 in MS, with children, all born MS, Nellie 8 born Feb 1892, Emma C. 5 born Aug 1894, Neeley F. 4 born May 1896, Mamie A. 1 born Jan 1899. Henry and Laura had been mar for 7 yrs so he had Nellie by his first wife. Laura was the mother of 3 children with 3 living.) Sec. E

RILEY, Luther L. – Son – Dec 21, 1916 – Feb 15, 1969 (D with Emma C.) Son of Jesse William Riley and Emma Catherine WELCH. Brother of Mae Riley WINDERS. Mother and son killed in an automobile accident. Sec. E

RILEY, Jesse William – NS – Nov 21, 1892 – Feb 1940 Husband of Emma Catherine WELCH. William and Emma were the parents of Henry Clifton, Luther Lafayette, Charles, Flora Mae who married Joe WINDERS, Lamar, Mamie Ruth, Ollie Bell and Eugene. (June Riley, male, 36, born Mar 1864 in MS, was found on the 1900 census living in Union Co, MS, Beat 2, Myrtle precinct, with wife Smithey, 34 born July 1865 in MS, with children, all born MS, Jesse W. 7 born Nov 1892, Cordelia 5 born May 1895, and Porlis 2, born Apr 1898. June and Smithey had been mar 8 years.) Could the censustaker have reversed their given names since June seems more suitable for a woman and Smithey for a man.? From DLY --- Mae Riley Winders, daughter of Jesse, stated in August 2002, that the family was living at Marlin Swamps when her father died.  She said it was so muddy that his body had to be removed from the house by using a mud boat and a team of mules. She also said that the family was living at Hughes at the time of her birth in 1923. Sec. E

RISNER, Allen J. – Jan 28, 1873 – Jan 23, 1937 Husband of Malinda Mayfield ARBUCKLE. Their children are Charlie, Burt, Ada who married James Elmer Roeder, Mabel who married Clyde Bramlett, Elva who married Lawrence Waters, Della who married a Vogel, Reba who married a Pollard, and Ruby (twin to Reba) married a Scurlock. Data given by Billy Bramlett, son of Mabel and Clyde Sep 14, 2002. There was a flood at the time of Allen Risner’s death and they could not get him to Wynne to bury him. His wife is buried in Wynne. He’s buried up close to the back of the church.? Only place that wasn’t under water. Sec. E

ROACH, Henry A., son of James M. & Martha E. – Nov 15, 1873 – Apr 22, 1899 Sec. H

ROBERSON, Dora – Sep 28, 1877 – Oct 12, 1897 At bottom of stone is A B Drummond, Newport, Ark. Dora Carter is the great grandmother of Pat Isabel Brown. She was daughter of Alfred and Amanda (HOOD) CARTER and the first wife of Jacob ROBERTSON. The stonecutter made an error in omitting the "T" from the last name. (Alfred Carter, 30 born MS, was found on the 1880 census living in Kensett Twp, White Co, AR with wife Amanda 32 AR, and children Dora 2 AR, Steven 5/12 AR born Dec 1879, and boarder Ed Bevil 34 TN.) Sec. H

ROBERSON, Sarah – 1875 – 1949 (this marker purchased and placed in January, 2005)

ROBERTSON, Infant dau of J. & Kattie (GUNN) Robertson – Aug 2, 1905 – Sep 23, 1905 Sec. G

ROBERTSON, Infant son of Jake & Katie (GUNN) ROBERTSON – Born & Died 1909 Sec. G?

ROBERTSON, Jacob "Jake" – Sept 8, 1865 – Mar 16, 1926 Son of Jacob and Lucy (FARMER) Robertson. Husband of Dora CARTER and Katie GUNN. Father of Charlie Robertson and Ethel Robertson ISABEL by his first wife. (Jake is first found on census in 1880 as a 13 year old living in Tyronza Twp with his half brother, Frank Robertson. Jake Robertson, 34 born Sep 1865, all born in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife of one year Kate, 18 born Aug 1881, with children Ethel L., 6 born Sep 1893, and William, 4 born Sep 1895. Jake Robertson, 54 all born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Katie 39 and children Jimmie 19, Charlie 18, Katie 13, John W. 6 and Madie Bell 3 3/12.) Daughter Ethel Isabel was living on one side of this family and son Willie Robertson on the other. Jake is buried on right side of church as you face it. Sec. C

ROBERTSON, Jake, son of Jake and Katie (GUNN) Robertson – 28 Dec 1906 – 1912 Sec. G?

ROBERTSON, James Israel – NS – 18 Sep 1916 – 1 Nov 1916 Son of William Franklin Robertson and Jessie Paralee HOLT. Sec. ?

ROBERTSON, Lesley – son of J. & Kattie Robertson – June 5, 1903 – Aug 14, 1904 (D with Infant daughter.) Sec. G

ROBERTSON, Margaret V.[Viola SPROLES] – Dec 28, 1897 – Nov 8, 1940 (beside Wm Bruce) Called "Maggie." Wife of William Franklin Robertson. ( Willie Robertson, 24 all born AR, was found on the 1290 census living in Earle Town with wife Maggie 21 and son Bruce 2 2/12.) Sec. H

ROBERTSON, Susan – NS – 1911 – Died abt age 3 yrs. Daughter of Jake & Katie (GUNN) Robertson. Sec. ?

ROBERTSON, Wm Bruce – Oct 21, 1917 – Dec 21, 1939 (beside Margaret V) Son of William Franklin and Margaret Viola (SPROLES) Robertson. Family gives death date of Dec 22. Sec. H

ROBERTSON, W. A. (William Allen) – Died Jan 10, 1917 Age 76 At Rest Sec. C

ROBINSON, Cellie Pannell – Oct 1902 – Jan 8, 1987 – Our Mother – Jessie Belle, Wm. Earl, Essie Dale, Winnie Howell, J. W., Sonny, Billy, Pauline HILL According to Ben Wilkins, Cellie was married first to Wood HILL, they divorced, then she married Grover Robinson. Sec. ?

ROBINSON, Cellie B. – Oct 30, 1889 – Jan 17, 1987 Is this Cellie Pannell Hill Robinson listed above? The birth dates do not agree. Sec. ?

RODGERS, Bettie – 1882 – Nov 4, 1931 Sec. H

RODGERS, Donald Ray – 1948 – 1999 – age 51 Roller Citizens FHM. Son of J. D. and Lorene Rodgers. Sec. C

RODGERS, Lester "J. D." – [Mar 19] 1913 – [May 25] 1999 Age 86 Roller Citizens FHM. Husband of Lorene Rodgers. Father of Donald Ray Rodgers. Sec. C

RODGERS, John Henry ["Jeff"] – Feb 1880 – Aug 1934 Husband of Mattie Elliott. Grandfather of Freddie and Patsy Rogers. Sec. E

RODGERS, Mattie Elliott – Aug 10, 1887 – Jan 7, 1961 Wife of John "Jeff" Rodgers. Is Elliott her maiden name? Sec. C

ROEDER, Elmer Lee – NS – Died Jan 1, 1936 as a young child. Date from AR Death Records. Son of James Elmer and Ada May RISNER Roeder.

ROEDER, Lillie Mae – NS – Abt 1926 – Died before 1930 Daughter of James Elmer and Ada May RISNER Roeder who married about Apr 17, 1921. Elma, son, was age 8, born Jul 1891, when the 1900 census was taken and was living in Tyronza Twp with his parents, J. W. Roeder, 38 born May 1862 in TN, and Etta, 32 born Feb 1868 in IN and siblings John 14 born Jul 1885 TN, Claud 2 born Jul 1897 AR, and Earnest C. 7/12 born Oct 1899 AR plus neice Laura Carter 13 born Jan 1887 AR and boarder John W. Smith 31 born Oct 1868 in NC. Etta had 6 children with 4 living. Elmar, age 17, was still living with his parents, James W. and Mary Reeder, when the 1920 census was taken so his marriage had to be after that date. Lillie was the oldest child of Elmer and Ada according to Edna Roeder LEAPTROT who believes Lillie is buried under the road in front of the church. Ada was the daughter of Allen J. and Malinda Risner. (Elmer Reider, 32 born TN, was found on the 1930 census living in Norvell with wife Ada 28 AR, and children, all born AR, Myrtle 8, Dorothy 6, and Juanita 1 3/12.) Since there is a place for another child between Dorothy and Juanita, Lillie could be the missing child who would have been about age 4.) Sec. F

ROGERS, Kenneth "J. D." – NS – Jan 30, 1941 – Jul 1, 2002 Sec. ?

ROGERS, Christopher Lee – Jan 3, 1969 – Jul 13, 2002 Son of Bobby Rogers and Sherry Casey Rogers SEATON. Sec. B

ROGERS, Lela B[ernice MURPHEY] – Jan 9, 1934 – Jan 29, 1997 [Age 63] – Wife Mother Grandmother Mother of Freddie and Patsy Rogers. Sister to Daisy PADDOCK. Fannie Hopkins STARKEY was their mother. Source was Terry Rogers. Sec. E

ROGERS, Mattie – 1886 – 1961 (same as Mattie Elliott?) Sec. C?

ROGERS, Sula (PUGH) – NS – Died abt 1958 Sec. ?

RUSSELL, Claude – Died bef 1930 – Son of Buster and Alice Russell –PPM. (Alice Russel, widow, 36 b. TN, was found on the 1930 census living in Norvel with children Edgar, 17 TN, Virgie 11, and Rubin 8.) Sec. ?

RUSSELL, Lucille – Died abt 1926. Wife of Edgar Russell. –PPM. Sec. ?


~ S ~


SAMPLE, Mary Jane SCOTT – Oct 18, 1902 – July 1938 Daughter of John Wesley and Nellie Scott. Wife of Robert "Bob" SAMPLE. Mother of one child, Roy SAMPLE. Sec. H

SANDY, Joel – Apr 7, 1940 – Jan l1, 1941 (stone broken) Sec. C

SANFORD, E. N. – Jan 11, 1860 – June 28, 1898 Sec. H

SAVAGE, Flavius Josephus – NS – Oct (or 24 Dec) 1871 – Apr 30, 1920 Son of John Fredrick Savage and Charlotte Angeline BUFFKIN. Husband of Lucy Addie Lee CHANDLER. Found as an 8 yr old in 1880 in the home of his parents who were living in Winston Co, MS (ED21, p. 24). John F. Savage (9 Oct 1847 – 19 Apr 1916 Co I Miss Inf CSA) and wife Anjaline Savage (15 May 1845 – 15 Dec 1914) are buried in Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery in Sturgis, MS. (Flavious Savage, 28 born Oct 1871 in MS, was found on the 1900 census living in Winston Co, MS with wife Addie, 24 born Oct 1875 in MS, and children, all born MS, Robert Roy, 5 born Oct 1894, Willie E., dau 3 born Jul 1896, and Audra P., 1 born Feb 1899.) Josephus probably died of a massive heart attack. Some young people were playing in their yard in the Gieseck Community out of Parkin when he leaned on the porch rail, groaned and fell over. His son Roy also died of a heart attack. Sec. E

SAVAGE, James "Gideon" – NS – Born aft 1 Jun 1900 after Muldrew – Died Feb 7, 1932 according to AR Death Index. He was hit by a car. Unmarried. Sec. E

SAVAGE, Lucy Addie Lee CHANDLER – NS – Oct 2, 1875 – Apr 28, 1950 Children of Josephus and Addie were Robert Roy who married first Lenora Barnett?, second to Ella Franklin; Willie Etta (15 Jul 1896 – 12 Jun 1975 who married Marcus Coleman; Audrey Perth who married Joe Lewellyn; Muldrew; Gideon; John "Harvey" (13 Mar 1910 – Dec 1980 SSDI) who married Marie Butts; Rodney Thomas who married Pauline EASLEY; and Myrtle "Irene" who married Fred Jordan. (Lucy A. Chandler, 5 born MS, was found on the 1880 census living in Winston Co, MS with her father, J. L. Chandler [James Louis 7 Sep 1849 – 30 Jun 1909] 32 born GA and sister Elvy C. [Callie] 3 born MS.) Willie Etta Coleman had daughter Doris Westmoreland of Forrest City who gave the data on this family. Harvey had daughter Dorothy Jones (Mrs. Eddie of Florence, AL). Lucy is buried near Roy and Ella. Sec. E

SAVAGE, Muldrew – NS – Born aft 1 Jun 1900 – Died bef 1936. Unmarried. Muldrew was a rambler and a hobo. He was trying to hop a train, fell under it and it cut off his legs. Sec. E

SAVAGE, Robert Roy – Oct 10, 1895 – July 11, 1951 Died at Colt, AR of a massive heart attack. Roy was Ella Franklin’s last husband. Birth and death dates from Dickey Daniels. Doris Coleman gives birth year as 1894. 1900 census gives Oct 1894. Robt. R. Savage, 35 born MS, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Lena 23 AR, and dau Barbara J. 9/12 AR.) Sec. E

SCHLEIF, Rose – Feb 26, 1914 – Jan 22, 1969 Buried near Wm. Dunnavant. Sec. I

SCHULTZ, Irby Jean – Aug 19, 1944 – Nov 1997 Daughter of James F. and Robbie O. CRIM. Sec. C

SCOTT, Dan Waymond – Mar 26, 1932 – Feb 20, 1942 Son of General W. and Clara (CAMPBELL) Scott. Sec. H

SCOTT, Delana (Nellie) Ellen – 1880 – 1961 (D with John Wesley) FHM read Mrs. Nellie Scott – Died Feb 14, 1961 Aged 80 yrs. Sec. H

SCOTT, General W.[Winfield] "Jimmy" – Aug 3, 1900 – Feb 4, 1972 Husband of Clara Campbell of KY. Their children were Christine NAMEY EDGIN, Doyle living in Earle who married Sue PERRY, Virginia, Grady, Dan Waymond, and William P. Sec. H

SCOTT, John Wesly – 1878 – 1956 (D with Delana "Nellie" Ellen) (John W. Scott, born Dec 1878 AL, was found on the 1900 census living in New Albany Precinct, Union Co, MS with wife Ellen D. born Jan 1880 AR, mar 1 yr, no children. Living on either side were families that seem to be his father and brother. William C. Scott, born Dec 1853 in AL with his wife of 25 yrs, Mary K., born Dec 1853 AL with children Susie J, born Mar 1881, Otto born Jan 1885 and Geo. Thomas born June 1888. Mary was the mother of 8 children with 5 living. James W. Scott, born Aug 1876 AL, was living with his wife Nancy P. born Feb 1874 AL, mar one yr, no children. General [John Wesley] Scott, 40 born AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Nellie 40 AR, and children General Jr. 19 MS and Mary 17 MS. John W. Scott, 1 born AL, was found on the 1880 census living in Cullman Co, AL with his parents William C. Scott, 25 AL, Catherine 23 AL, and siblings Martha A. 6 AL, and James W. E. 2 AL. The Mary K. above was probably Mary Katherine.) Sec. H

SEARCY, Allie – Jan 18, 1880 – Mar 2, 1903 Sec. E

SEATON, Sherry Dianna Casey Rogers – Jan 29, 1949 – Living Wife of Jimmy R. Seaton. Sec. ?

SENTER, Theron W., son of C. W. & Clara SENTER – July 17, 1892 – July 5, 1900 Sec. I

SHANNON, James "Jim" – NS – May 1873 – Abt 1935 Husband of Belle. (James Shannon, 27 born May 1873 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living next door to S. A. Shannon in Tyronza Twp with wife Belle, 17 born Mar 1883 in AR. They had no children.) Sec. ?

SHANNON, N. M. – Sep 2, 1868 – Sep 21, 1900 Given name was Nick, brother of Samuel Shannon. The stone was made by A. B. Drummond, Newport, AR. Sec. C

SHANNON, Ora May, dau of S. A. & Sarah F. – Feb 11, 1892 – Sep 29, 1904 (S. A. Shannon, 35 born Oct 1864 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Sarah F., 33 born Jan 1867 in AR, and children, all born in AR, Eddie 15 born Jan 1885, Mary 12 born Oct 1887, Sarah 11 born Mar 1889, James W. 8 born Aug 1891, Orah 7 born Feb 1893, Gertrude 3 born Oct 1896, Birtie 7 months born Nov 1899, and brother Nick 31 born Sep 1868. Sam A. Shannon, 45 b. AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Frances S., 43 AR, with children Gertrude 15 AR and Birdie 11 AR. Sam Shannon, 55 b. AR was found on the 1920 census living in Norvell Town with wife Sarah 52 AR. Sam Shannon, 63 b. AR, was found on the 1930 census living in Norvell with wife Fannie, 62 AR and grandchildren NETTLES?, Frances 12, Charley 11, and Betty 9.) Samuel was a grandfather of a former Earle resident, Reba (VERNON) PLUMMER and great grandfather of Romana (Vernon) BUTLER. Sec. C

SHEMPERT, Alton – CPL US Army World War II – May 2, 1921 – Jul 18, 1995 (someone is buried to his right – Sulsa Hughes?) Excerpt from obit: Earle carpenter and farmer; husband of Evaden [HUGHES, dau of Sulsa Hughes] Shempert; two daughters, Kay ROGERS of Earle and Linda HARBISON of Cleveland, MS; two sons, Jim Shempert of Earle AND Ray Shempert of Wynne; brother, Alfred Shempert of Wynne) Sec. C

SHEMPERT, Bethel THOMPSON – NS – Born Dec 5, 1908. Died Nov 10, 1953. Daughter of George W. Thompson and Nancy STROUD. Husband of B. L. Shempert of Jonesboro. Surviving children were A. L. ROOK, B. J. Shempert, Imogene Shempert, Jo Ann Shempert, Bobby Lee Shempert and Sharon Gale Shempert, all of Jonesboro. Sister of Burley Thompson of G___?, AR, Carl Thompson and Marion Thompson of Springdale, AR, Hale Thompson of Grimes, OK, and Mrs. Vernie McDonald of Lilburn, MO. –Citizens FH record. Family gave husband’s first name as Baudie and said he is not buried here. Bethel buried next to Billy Pankey. Sec. H

SHIRMUNN, William 0. – Died Sept 1, 1940 Aged 1 yr, 1 mo, 16 days. Calculated birth date 16 Jul 1939. Sec. C

SHOUMAKE, Alice Vahntee – 1931 – 1978 Born Jan 16, 1931 in Billings, MT. Died Sep 18, 1978 in Memphis. Daughter of James M. BAUGH and Rosalie YETTER. Wife of C. Randolph Shoumake. Brothers were Frank Baugh and Donna Rainy? of St. Louis, MO, Harold Baugh of IL, and Eda Bell of El Central, CA. Member of Barton Chapel Baptist Church. Factory worker for Slant & Slant of Marked Tree. Lived Tyronza for 20 years. –Citizens FH record. Sec. B

SIMMERSON, Percy L. – Nov 7, 1903 – May 16, 1904. (D with Bertie Bell Gunn) Son of Julia INGRAM by her first marriage. Julia’s second marriage was to Will Gunn. Sec. G

SIMPHSON, Doris J. – Dec 17, 1960 – Apr 18, 1981 (handmade marker) Sec. B

SIMPSON, Chester F. – Oct 24, 1867 – Oct 4, 1937 (D with Ida M.) Sec. B

SIMPSON, Ida M.[Mae] – Feb 10, 1876 – May 2, 1958 (D with Chester F.) Sec. B

SIMS, Bessie L[Lorene KIMBRELL] – Dec 3, 1912 – May 17, 1998 Wife of J. B. Buried beside her granddaughter Lisa TYLER. Sec. C

SIMS, Estelle (WELCH) – NS – Daughter of Judson B. and Jane Welch according to J. E. Belcher. Wife of John Acy Sims. Grandmother of Johnny and Joel.. John Acy, buried in Cherry Valley, had one brother, Bob Sims. SSDI lists a John Sims whose last residence was Cherry Valley, born 5 Apr 1889, died Aug 1974. Estelle died abt 1932/34 when her baby boy Lynn was 10 months old. Buried behind the church. Also told she is under the road. Children of John and Estelle were Athabell (DAVIS), Lullean (BELCHER), J. B., Dewey, John Hazel, Velma (CARTER), Mary Lee (McDONALD), and Lynn. Sec. C or E

SIMS, Rev. J. B. – 1919 – 1970 (by side of John Hazel) Born Nov 13, 1919. Died Mar 4, 1970 in Memphis. Son of John Sims and Pearl (surname not given). Husband of Bessie Lorene KIMBALL. Surviving children were Johnny Joe Sims of Marked Tree, Joel Daniel Sims of Hughes, Miss Pearl Sims of Marion and Mrs. Minnie Lois Vance of Memphis. Brothers were John Sims of Earle, Deward Sims of Twist, and Henry C. Sims of Cherry Valley. Sisters were Mrs. Zelma Carter of Marked Tree, Mrs. Lou Ellen Belcher of Cherry Valley, Mrs. Atha Bell Davis of SC and Mrs. Mary Lee McDaniel of KS. He lived in Marion all of his life. Member of Church of God. –Citizens FH record. Dickey Daniels said that J. B. was a Pentecostal preacher. Sec. B

SIMS, Jimmy L. – Beloved Son and Brother – Sep 23, 1958 – Mar 27, 1997 Sec. B

SIMS, John Hazel – May 13, 1924 – Nov 22, 1986 (Excerpt from obit: of Earle, a Morgan Appliance Co. employee; wife Helen Sims; five sons, Robert of Memphis, John of Eads, TN, James of Marked Tree, Jimmy and David of Earle; two daughters, Jean McMurry of Memphis and Elizabeth Bratton of Trumann; two brothers, Dewey of Wynn and Lynn of Cherry Valley; four sisters, Athabell Davis of SC, Louellen Belcher of Vanndale, Velma Carter of Marion and Mary Lee McDonald of MO. Sec. B

SIMS, Keneth David – Nov 5, 1968 – May 16, 1994 Son of John Hazel. Excerpt from obit: died in Jackson, TN; age 25, was a disabled employee of Morgan Heating & Air Conditioning; two sisters, Jean Murry of West Memphis and Elizabeth Bratton of McKenzie; four brothers, Robert of West Memphis, John of Eads, TN, James of Marked Tree and Jimmy of Kirksville, MO. Sec. B

SIMS, Mary Lillian – NS – Born Dec 25, 1863 in Moro, Lee Co, AR. Died Dec 30, 1944 in Helena Hospital. Daughter of Robert BICKERSTAFF of AL and Mary DOZIER of AL. Surviving children were Mrs. W. S. McElderff? of Helena, Mrs. A. L. Wilsford of Memphis, Mrs. Harry Dobson of Watson, AR and H. F. Sims of West Helena. Brother was Andrew Bickerstaff of Hughes. Husband’s name not given. –Citizens FH record. Sec. ?

SKILLNER, Myrtle – Mar 2, 1899 – Sep 17, 1914 Sec. D

SLOAN, Flossie (HARRIS) – NS – Born 1895 in IL – Died 1923 in Earle. Wife of John Calvin SLOAN. Carlice Irions Barnett states "my grandmother is buried behind the church, about 6 feet back and about 2 feet to the right. Beside her is her daughter, Mary Elizabeth Sloan Stevens/Stephens." Sec. C?

SLOAN, Peter – NS – Born Aug 23, 1851 in GA – Died Jun 16, 1916 in Crittenden Co. Sec. B?

SLOAN, Robert Lyles – NS – Nov 19, 1911 – Oct 3, 1913 Son of John C. & Flossie H. Sloan. Buried next to A. A. HARRIS according to Carlice Irions-Barnett, granddaughter of Flossie Harris Sloan. Sec. B

SMILEY, Jim – NS – Died late 1920’s – PPM Where did this family come from? Sec. ?  ---- Death certificate for James Richard Smiley, shows that he was the husband of Florence Smiley. He was born Aug 4, 1862, died Sep 28, 1924 in Crittenden County, and was buried at Gibson Bayou. (This is most likely Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smiley whose twin sons drowned in Aug 1929 and were buried at Gibson Bayou. Based on the age of James Smiley, these two children were most likely his grandsons.)  On the 1900 census of Crittenden County, J. R. Smiley, a widower age 34, born Jan 1866, was listed with a 3 year old son, Rivers Smiley, living in the household of T. J. and Sarah McCormick, and a sister-in-law, Katie Holcomb.  The World War I Draft Registration for Ryvers Smiley shows that his father was J. R. Smiley who was living at Twist in June 1918 and had been born near Forrest City, AR.  Ryvers Smiley had been born Mar 1896 at Turrell. A marriage record in St. Francis County, AR shows J. R. Smiley married Bell Logsdale on Aug 12, 1884.  

SMILEY, Mrs. Jim – Died late 1930’s – PPM Sec. ? --- (most likely Florence Smiley, wife of James Richard Smiley)

SMILEY, Two children of Mr. & Mrs. Jim SMILEY – NS – Nine year old twin boys drowned in Aug 1929. Sec. ?

(Charlie and Nathaniel Smiley both died in Cross County on July 14, 1929, these would appear

 to be the grandsons of James Richard and Florence Smiley -- DLY)

SMITH, Bertha – NS – Died late 1920’s Relatives lived in Grenada, MS 1986.--PPM  Was she Fred ARTHUR’s first wife’s sister? Sec. ?

SMITH, Cabe – Oct 29, l878 – Dec 24, 1902 Erected by Woodmen of the World which is a tall monument with an iron fence around the grave. Son of ________ and Elizabeth Smith. Cabe was killed on George Carter’s place. He was shot by Bill Deruch during argument over a girlfriend. (Caleb Smith, 19 born Oct 1880? in TX, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp, Cross Co as a boarder. He and three other men living there list their occupation as rafting. The age is not quite the same but could be Cabe.) Sec. C

SMITH, Clyde Gregory - Died Nov 14, 1951 Aged 3 mos, 22 days. Sec. ? Infant son of Rufus Heald and Bertha Smith, brother of Clara Smith Holt.  The exact location of this grave is unknown but Clara Holt recalls that on the day of burial, they were standing with their backs to the outhouse that was located in the cemetery. Based on the description, this grave would appear to be in Section A.  Parents Heald and Bertha Smith are buried in Rockford, IL (information from Clara Smith Holt, January 2006)

SMITH, Elizabeth – NS – Born 1852 in AL – Died bet 1917/1920 in Earle. Buried beside her son Cabe Smith. Sec. C

SMITH, Lizzie Emma Holt, born July 21, 1871 in Attala County, MS, died February 11, 1951 - Unmarked grave. Lizzie Emma Holt was the daughter of Mike Holt and Jane Brown. She married Louis Luther Smith in Attala County, MS in 1897. They were the parents of 3 sons and 1 daughter, all born in Mississippi; John Holly Smith (born 1899 – died 1968 ), Fletcher Troy Smith (born 1903 - died 1975), Rufus Heald Smith (born 1906 – died 1980, married Bertha), Ida Reba (Smith) Thornton (born 1909 - died 1997). Louis Luther Smith was born March 19, 1858 in West Feliciana Parish, LA and died July 16, 1924 in Hughes, AR.  This family lived near Blackfish on the Wallin farm. All children died in Rockford, Illinois with the exception of the oldest (John Holly) who died in McGehee, AR.  Lizzie Emma Holt was the grandmother of Clyde Gregory Smith who died in 1951 and is also buried here. Burial was through Holt Funeral Home of Earle. (information from Clara Smith Holt, January 2006)

SMITH, Onie – 1905 – 1940 (this marker purchased and place in January, 2005) On the 1930 census of Crittenden County, taken on April 8, 1930, Onie and her family were living in Tyronza Township, Norvell. Onie was 26 and had married at age 19. Her husband, Leonard Smith, was 33.  Both were born in Mississippi.  They had two children; Frank, age 5, and Onie May, a daughter, age 5 months. Both children had been born in Arkansas. Leonard Smith was a cotton farmer. Their next door neighbors were Crit and Mary Linville.

SNELSON, Aubrey – NS – Died Mar 9, 1934. Child of Homer Snelson and Birgia COLVIN. All data given by Leroy Snelson who said his parents, Homer and Birgia, had five babies buried here. At least one is buried by his grandparents. Sec. ?

SNELSON, Gennie Fay – NS – Died Oct 28, 1943. Daughter of Homer Snelson and Birgia COLVIN. Sec. ?

SNELSON, Infant of Homer Snelson and Birgia COLVIN – NS – Born and died 1926. Sec. ?

SNELSON, Jessie Berong – May 9, 1872 – Jun 9, 1941 in Earle. There is a handmade stone which reads Mr and Mrs Jessie Snelso. There was no room the "n." Middle name and dates from Iona Abbott. Jessie and Rebecca are her grandparents. (Jessie B. Snelson, 38 born AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Becca, 35 born AR, and children, all born AR, Homer 11, Thelma 7, Lonny 5, Omie Lee 3, and Mary Bell 6 months. J. B. Snelson, 48 all born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Rebecka 45 and children Homer 20, Lonnie 15, Onie Lee 13, & May Bell 10, Calvin ABBOTT 19 son-in-law, Thelma Abbott 16 dau. J. V. Snelson, 57 b. AR, blacksmith, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Rebecca, 54 AR.) The census taker must have heard a V. instead of a B. when recording Mr. Snelson’s name. Iona gave Mary Bell’s surname as Kirk. There is a Bennie Snelson, 31 born Nov 1868 in AR living in Tyronza Twp in 1900 with wife Belle, 18 born Oct 1881 in TN and son Arther 1 born Aug 1888. Are they related to this family? Sec. C

SNELSON, Nellie May – NS – Died Sep 1937. Daughter of Homer Snelson Birgia COLVIN. Sec. ?

SNELSON, Rebecca (WORTHAM), wife of Jessie B. – NS – Nov 26, 1874 – Feb 22, 1950 Dates given by Iona Abbott taken from the funeral home book. She said Rebecca was born in Searcy, AR and died in Earle at her parent’s home. She had a stroke. Was a member of Assembly of God Church. Sec. C

SNOW, Harry D. T. - Mar 8, 1856 - Apr 13, 1929 According to records of FUMC, Harry’s wife was Dora TAYLOR. She was born in 1868 and joined the church by vow on 18 Feb 1912. She removed from the church 14 Oct 1921. Henry D. Snow, 52 born IL, was found on the 1910 census of Earle Town with wife Dora 42 IL with stepdau Frances TAYLOR 15 IL. Harry D. Snow, 62 born IL, was found on the 1920 census living in Earle Town with wife Dora, 52 IL.) Sec. H

SNYDER, Claudie Mae – NS – Born and died early 1940s. Infant daughter of Hugh Snyder and Girtie Mae (DANIELS) Snyder and niece of Rev. Walter Daniels. Sec. ?

SNYDER, Hugh – Name on handmade stone with no dates. Born Sep 9, 1909 in New Albany, MS. Died Nov 26, 1946 in Veterans Hospital in Memphis, TN. Husband of Girtie Mae DANIELS. Brother of Watt and Leonard Snyder. World War II veteran, had a military funeral. Uncle of Hulet L. Snyder. –Rev. D. G. Daniels, brother of Girtie. Sec. C  [Note: In January 2005, Carlton Snyder purchased a new marker for his father’s grave, Hugh L. SNYDER, born 1909, died 1946]

SNYDER, Hulet L. – SN US Navy Korea – Jan 26, 1931 – Feb 20, 2000 Sec. C

SOLOMON, M. E., wife of M. T. Solomon - Oct 10, 1849 - Apr 3, 1901 (M. T. Solomon, 51 born Jan 1849 in MS carpenter, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife M. E., 50 born Oct 1849 in AL, and children, all born MS, James 30 born Dec 1879 lawyer, Hiller 14 born Jan 1886, Tommie May 11 born May 1889, daughter Ada MAHON, 26 born Feb 1874 widow, plus three boarders. Stone beside her with no name. Sec. C

SPEARS, Daniel – [May 1] 1905 – [Sep 30] 1971 Born May 1, 1905 in Savannah, TN. Died Sep 30, 1971. Son of Louis Spears and Delia WIGGINGTON. Husband of Gertrude Bridges. Brothers were Vernon of Chicago and Charles of IL. Sisters were Mrs. Paul Merrill of MS, Mrs. Macon Moore and Mrs. Sarah Tonsley of Corinth, MS. Member of Assembly of God Church. Lived in Earle for 35 years. –Citizens Funeral Home Records. Vernon "Bunk" married Evelyn Watson, daughter of Bill and Minnie Watson. (Charley Spears, 21 AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Vertta?, 16 MO.) Sec. H

Probate Court record in Cross County, AR – Book E, Page 138 – In the matter of Dan Spears, administrator of the estate of L. M. (Louis M.) Spears, deceased.  Administrator Bond in the amount of $600.00.  Sureties; Jno. T. McDonald, D. C. Carter, B. E. O’Quinn, F. E. Brenner.  Approved October 1, 1934.  [Louis M. Spears was the father of Dan Spears and wife of Delia Wiggington. Unknown if he was also buried at Gibson Bayou.  Charley Spears died October 8, 1935 in Cross County.  William Spears died February 2, 1935 in Cross County]   -- DLY

SPEARS, Frank Elsworth ["Nook"] – May 5, 1919 – Sep 18, 1993 Son of Belle Cole SPEARS. Excerpt from obit: a farmer, a member of Earle Church of God; two daughters, Peggy Harrison and Martha Jennette, both of Memphis; three sons, Kenneth, Donald and Eddie, all of West Memphis; two sisters, Mary James of West Memphis and Margaret Duvall of Tunica, MS; brother, Wilford Spears of Marked Tree. Sec. B

SPEARS, J. L. [John Lawrence] – (broken marble with name scratched on) May 11, 1928 – Aug 2, 1929 Son of Lawrence Spears and Ollie BURNS. He was the grandson of J. Franklin Spears and Lourana "Raney" Linville. The original stone is no longer visible. (By side of Willie Fisher) Sec. C

SPEARS, Louis [Frederick] – Feb 6, 1942 – Mar 15, 1943 Son of Franklin E. Spears and Mildred HOWE. Data from Citizens Funeral Home Records. Sec. ?

SPEARS, Sallie Belle – NS – Excerpt from obit from Modern News, Harrisburg, AR: Died Oct 17, 1940, wife of T. [Thomas] Frank SPEARS, formerly of this city, having moved to Earle in 1923; daughter of William Archey Cole and Sarah Tennessee Tully Cole; sister of Samantha Idella Cole Williams, great-grandmother of Deborah Lunsford Yates.) . (T. F. SPEARS, 36 born TN, was found on 1920 census living in Jasper Twp with wife Belle 38 TN, and children, all born AR, Wilford 15, Louis 12, Fred 8, Martha 3, Mary 3, Frank 8 mos. and father-in-law W. A. COLE, 80 born TN, widowed.) Sec. ?

SPEARS, Twin Sons of Frank Elsworth and Mildred (HOWE) Spears – Died as infants about 1947. Buried beside Doyle Ford. Sec. H

SPRINKLE, Carrie Ann – Mother – Nov 15, 1890 – July 12, 1933 (base marker to left) Sec. H

SPROUL, Buck, son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. SPROUL – Apr 15, 1927 – Jan 7, 1932 Sec. C

STANLEY, Laura E., wife of Fred Stanley – Nov 3, 1877 – Jan 21, 1905 Related to Mays in Parkin and the Laytons. Sec. E

STARKEY, Fanny (HOPKINS) – Mother – Mar 16, 1908 – Apr 16, 1990 Excerpt from obit, Earle, AR: Fannie D. of Earle, member of Church of God; five daughters, Daisy Paddock of Silverdale, WA, Minnie Milles of Battle Creek, MI, Lela Rogers of Earle, Velma Otten and Barbara Laird of Colt. Fanny was married to a Murphey. Sec. C

STARKEY, Husband of Fanny – NS – Buried beside Fanny. He died before her. Sec. C

STEPHENS/STEVENS, Mary Elizabeth SLOAN – NS – Born Oct 6, 1915 in Crittenden Co. – Died Nov 9, 1932 in Osceola, Mississippi Co, AR. Daughter of John C. and Flossie (HARRIS) Sloan. Wife of Henry Stephens/Stevens. Sec. C?

STEPP, Betty Jane – Jun 20, 1932 – Died in 1934 Daughter of Earnest and Oler STEPP. – PPM. Sec. H

STEPP, J. W. – Sep 13, 1923 – Died in 1926 Son of Earnest and Oler STEPP. – PPM. Sec. H

STEVENS, Boyce – PFC US Army Air Corp World War II – Sep 12, 1928 – Jul 28, 1987 Excerpt from obit: of Earle, a welder for Newberry Tank Co. here, born in Tuckerman, a Navy veteran; wife, Melba Stevens; three daughters, Janett HULEN of Kansas City, KS, Melba Sue REVELLE of Tyronza and Barbara BREWSTER of Little Rock; three sons, Danny of Colt, Boyce Jr. of Jonesboro, and Boyd Franklin of Earle; sister, Mrs. Pirley VANHOOZER of Harrisburg; brother, Andrew of Cave City. Sec. C

STEWART, Mary (JONES) – NS – Sep 1893 – 1918 Birth date taken from census. Death date from Melvin Watson. Mary was daughter of W. H. Jones and Malinda Palestine EDWARDS. She had half sisters Maggie and Evie COX; half brothers Pete, Bill and George WATSON. Wife of Tom Stewart. Died in birth of daughter Flossie LaRean Stewart. Tom is buried at Trumann. (G. T. Stewart, 27 b. AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Selma, 23 AR, and stepdau Gwyndal REDGORE 2 AR and Flossy Stewart dau 1 AR.) Sec. ?

STRICKLAND, Bertie Mae DEES – NS – Born Jan 6, 1918 in Tyronza. Died Mar 15, 1946. Daughter of John Dees, born in MS, and Virgie SHORT, born in MS. Sec. ?

SULLIVAN, Dollie – Aug 7, 1913 Age 76 yrs, 4 mos, 8 days. Sister of Mary WINFREY. Calculated birth date 30 Mar 1837. Is 1913 correct for her death date? Sec. H

SWEET, Infant – NS – Baby of Nincy Martin Sweet mentioned below. No dates.

SWEET, Missouri Annie DECKARD – NS – Born Apr 15, 1871 Shawneetown, IL – Died Jan 21, 1924 Turrell, AR. Mother of John Patrick COOK. Exact location of burial is not known but it is within 4 to 6 ft. on either side of the TEETERS double marker, to right of church if facing church. The TEETERS were kin to the SANFORD family that were older settlers around Turrell, AR. Missouri "Annie" married first a Willis Washington COOK in Craighead Co., AR but they lived in Lawrence Co. After he died she married George FARMER in Lawrence Co, later she married Tom HIGHTOWER in Lawrence Co. She later moved to Crittenden Co. at Turrell and married Homer SWEET. [Homer Sweet, 36 born MI, was found on the 1920 census living in Fogleman Twp as a boarder in the home of Annie HIGHTOWER.] She only had children by the first husband, W. W. COOK. These were the grandparents of Paige MILLER living in Earle, AR in 1993. Sec. ?

SWEET, Nincy (MARTIN) and a baby – NS – no dates Sister of Mrs. Cliff (Eddie) CHISUM. Listed in the 1991 obit. of her brother, Herbert Martin, as Nincy Sweet of KY. The baby must have died a good many years before she did. Can anyone help? Sec. ?

SWINFORD, Modine Spencer – Mar 14, 1923 – Jul 21, 1992 Excerpt from obit: Nodine (Modine), Survivors are three sons, Charles of Walnut, MS, Johnny of Walls, MS and Jimmy of Blytheville; daughter, Betty Southall of TN; two brothers, Frank and O. D. Spencer of Walnut, MS. Sec. C


~ T ~


TANSIL, A. L. – May 5, 1845 – Nov 1, 1907 Not Lost But Gone Before Sec. C

TARBUTTON, Child – NS – This child is either Reva Vernon Tarbutton or Jacy Ray Tarbutton both of whom died young. One is buried at Gibson Bayou and the other at Harris Chapel in Wynne according to their sister Betty Layton. Child of Charles Burl Tarbutton and Loyd Roberta GRAVES. Other children were Cecil, Versie, John and Betty Lou who married Jerry Layton. (J. C. Tarbutton, 42 born Sep 1857 in TN, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife I. L., 42 born Nov 1857 in TN, and son Charley B. 16 born Mar 1884 in TN. Charlie TARBUTTON, 35 born TN, was found on the 1920 census living in Smith Twp, Cross Co with wife Loyd, 25 born MS and children Charlie B. 7 born AR, daughter Rever age 2 6/12 born AR, father John Tarbutton 62 born TN, and mother Lue [sic] 62 born TN. This Charlie was married first to Eunice Beatrice GLOVER, who had a son called Charlie B. Bea was the daughter of William Campbell GLOVER and Mahala Josephine MC CORKHILL and sister to Acy Glover. Sec. ?

TARBUTTON, Luther, son of J. C. & L. I. – Apr 10, 1882 – Oct 7, 1899 Age 17 yrs, 5 mos, 27 days. This must be the son of the above John and Lou (BUTLER) Tarbutton. Sec. E

TAYLOR, Gilbert W. – Dec 17, 1921 – July 10, 1923 Son of Thomas Jesse and Mattie Oalar MEDDERS Taylor. Mattie was a sister to Estelle Medders CLAXTON. (Jessie Taylor, 26 born AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Oala, 19 AL, and children Cleburn 3 AL and Evlyn 2 AR. Thomas J. Taylor, 36 born AL, operator/filling station, was found on the 1930 census living in Earle with wife Mattie, 30, mar at 14, with children Cleburne B., 13 AL, Evelyn, 12 AL, Bertie Lee, 9 AR, and U. G., dau 6 AR.) Uvee Taylor KING gives the children as Cleborne, Marie Evelyn, Victoria Verderee, Gilbert, Mary U. V., Margaret, Jo Anne, and Thomas Jesse Jr. Sec. E

TAYLOR, Hershel – NS – Born abt 1902 – Killed on Christmas Eve, Dec 24, 1935. Buried on Dec 26 behind the church. Sec. E?

TAYLOR, Margaret – NS – Born abt 1927 – Died abt 1929 when 18 months old. Buried next to Gilbert on the north side. Sec. E

TETERS, Leonidas H. – May 1, 1870 – Mar 14, 1929 (D with Anna E.) He also has another single stone much older with same inscriptions that has been used to mark another grave. Melvin knows whose. It’s at the very back of the cemetery. (Leonidas H. Teters, 47 born OH, was found on the 1920 census living in Fogleman Twp, Crittenden Co, with wife Anna E., 45 born IL, with son-in-law Elbert ADAMS, 26 born MO, daughter Cora, 18 born MO, and grandson Lewis, 1 10/12 born TN.) Sec. D

TETERS, Anna E. – Apr 3, 1874 – Feb 8, 1954 (D with Leonidas H.) Sec. D

THOMASON, Freeda [Christine] – Dec 28, 1916 – Jan 13, 1982 Daughter of Walter and Mamie FOREHAND. Wife of Virgil THOMASON who is buried at Wellington, TX. Sec. H ---- Freeda Forehand married Orville Kessner in Cross County, AR on Oct 20, 1934. He was killed while working on power lines. She later married Henry Holloway (1918-1956) who was killed in an auto accident and buried at Crittenden Memorial Park in Marion.  Freeda had no children.

THOMPSON, Fred – 1872 – 1925 (D with Willie) (Nancy Thompson, 37 born in MS, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with son G. W. 8 MS, daughter K. H. 6 MS, Frederick 4 MS, Wm. 3 MS, daughter L. V. 1 born AR and mother Sarah Hopper 57 AL. Fred Thompson, 32 born in AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Black Oak Twp in Crittenden Co with wife Willie, 18 born in TN, and child Maud Lee, 3 born in AR. Fred Thompson, 47 b. AR, was found on 1920 census living in Black Oak Twp with wife Willie, 25 TN, and children, all b. AR, Jim 9, Walter 7 and Pauline 3,) Sec. E

THOMPSON, George Walter – Born abt 1872 – Died Apr 23, 1941 according to AR Death Index. Age 69. George is listed in the above census as G. W. age 8. His mother was Nancy, maiden name probably HOPPER. Sec. H

THOMPSON, Miriam – 1901 – 1989 Sec. E

THOMPSON, Maudie Lee – Oct 27, 1917 – Jan 18, 1912 These dates are in reverse order on the stone. Sec. C

THOMPSON, R. O. – Died abt 1940 at age 18 months. Son of George and Miriam (CHILDERS) Thompson. Sec. H

THOMPSON, Willie (ANNIS) – 1892 – 1956 (D with Fred) Daughter of Daniel Clark Annis and Elizabeth HARRIS. Sec. E

THROGMORTON, Dr. James C.[Chamberlain] – NS – Aug 30, 1841 – Nov 1, 1925 Son of Edward B. Throgmorton and Patience West JONES. (J. C. Throgmorton, physician, 35 born TN, was found on the 1880 census living in Jackson Twp, Crittenden Co., with wife Mollie, 25 born IL, and children Dora 5 IL, Ada 2 AR, Clifford 5 months AR plus Amos Powell, farmer, 26 AR. J. C. Throgmorton, 58 born Aug 1841 in TN, physician, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Mary E., 46 born Dec 1853 in IL, and children, all born AR, Clifford 21 born 1879?, Jinnefer? 14 born Aug 1885, Walter 11 born Dec 1888, Mary 8 born Oct 1891, daughter Willie 6 born Apr 1894, Bessie 3 born Apr 1897 plus boarder Carter Pucket 30 born Aug 1869 in TN, widower. James C. Throgmorton, 69 b. TN medical doctor, was found on the 1910 census living in Earle Town with wife Mary E., 50 KY, with children, all b. AR, Cliff 29, Walter E. 21, Mary 18, and Will, daughter 15. James C. Throgmorton, 78 b. TN, retired physician, found on 1920 census living in Norvell Town with wife Mollie, 66 IL, and son Walter E. 31 AR, a lawyer. Their son Clifford A. and wife Mina were also living in Norvell.) According to Ann M. Causey, Dr. Throgmorton was born in Wayne Co, TN, had a Masonic burial service and was buried next to his wife, Mary. "Dr. James C. Throgmorton was brought up in Wayne County, Tenn. And received his literary education at the Clifton Masonic Academy. He began reading medicine in 1866, under Dr. Cicero Buchanan, at Waynesboro, Wayne County, and was with him until 1869, when he commenced practicing the same year. In July 1872, he came near where he now lives, and was married March 6, 1873, to Miss Mary E. Pickett, originally of Jefferson County, Illinois. In 1874 the Doctor moved to Southern Illinois, practiced there for about two years, and then returned to Crawfordsville, this county. In the fall of 1862 Dr. Throgmorton enlisted in Company G of the Seventh Tenn. Regiment, Confederate States Army, as a private…." Taken from Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Eastern Arkansas published by Goodspeed in 1890. Sec. C

THROGMORTON, Mary E. – Dec 8, 1853 – Died Nov 30, 1941 Age 87 yrs, 11 mos 22 days. Wife of Dr. Throgmorton. Ann M. Causey stated Mary was the sister of her great grandfather Lafayette PICKETT. They were born in Jefferson Co, Il and migrated after the Civil War to Crittenden Co. via Ballard Co, KY. Sec. C

TUCKER, John Eckford – May 28, 1907 – Oct 2, 1971 (by side of Myrtle May) Sec. B

TUCKER, Myrtle May – Oct 25, 1910 – not engraved (by side of John Eckford) Sec. B

TURPIN, Betty Ann – May 11, 1930 – May ? (at foot of William T. Turpin) Sec. H

TURPIN, Orville Russell, Jr. – Born & Died Oct 19, 1947 Son of Orville and Dolly Turpin? from Barbara Turpin OLIVER, daughter of Orville and Dolly Turpin. Sec. ?

TURPIN, Pearl Christine – WIFE – Aug 28, 1910 – Jun 7, 1999 Raptured Away (D with William T.) (Excerpt from obit: died at John Regional Medical Center; dau of Amy Zar [Amaziah] and Rachel Matilda (SHEPERD) FRANKLIN; widow of William Taylor ["Buddy"] Turpin; member of Faith Assembly of God Church; preceded in death by two daughters, Berniece WATSON and Betty Ann Turpin; one son, Junior Turpin; three sisters, and seven brothers; survived by four daughters, Shirley CAMERON, Ruth KEMP and Pat STRICKLAND, all of Clarksville, and Clara UTLEY of Wynne; four sons, William Turpin Jr., Carl Turpin, and Kenneth Turpin, all of Clarksville, and Ronald Turpin of Jonesboro; one sister, Euin Lallion BARRIER of Savannah, Tenn.; 24 grandchildren; 41 great-grandchildren; and five great-great-grandchildren. Pearl was the niece of Rev. John "J. W." William Franklin. Rev. Franklin was the father of Ella SAVAGE, Mildred DANIELS and Willie CLOAR. Pearl’s dad was the grandfather of Mrs. Johnnie "Ted" Watson.) Sec. H

TURPIN, William T. – Husband – Sep 3, 1903 – Feb 27, 1989 (D with Pearl) William Taylor "Buddy" TURPIN was husband of Pearl Christine FRANKLIN TURPIN. Pearl and Buddy are the parents of Buster, Shirley, Carl, Rev. Kenneth, Clara, Ruth, Pat & Ronald Turpin. All live Clarksville, AR except Clara in Wynne and Ronald in Jonesboro. Sec. H

TYLER, Lisa – Sep 20, 1969 – Mar 19, 1995 Excerpt from obit in Arkansas Democrat Gazette: Lisa AnnTyler, 25, of West Memphis. Was daughter of Pearl (SIMS) and Cooper Tyler. Buried beside her grandmother Bessie Sims and to the left of Freeda Thomason. Sec. C


~ U ~


UNDERWOOD, Ruby Lee – NS – Born Dec 7, 1945 in Memphis. Died Dec 23, 1945 at home on R 1, Earle. Daughter of William Underwood, born Memphis, and Hazel NULL, born MS.


~ W ~


WATKINS, Dessie – July 9, 1896 – May 16, 1939 Erected by son. Sec. H

WATKINS, Lynwood (f) – NS – Oct 31, 1898 – Feb 13, 1976 Joe WOOD gives birth year of 1898. Wife of James A. KELLY. Mother of Mary Jane (Kelly) HOOPER. Sec. ?

WATSON, General – NS – Born abt 1871 – Died aft 1 Jan 1930. (General Watson, 38 born IN, was found on the 1910 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Mary, 25 AR, and children Herbert 21 IN, Frank 14 MO, son Hewil 8 MO, and Alice 1 AR. Three oldest children were by his first wife. General Watson, 48 born IN, was found on the 1920 census living in Norvell Town with wife Mary 35 AR and children, all born AR, Alice 11, Robert 8, Louise 5 and Dollie 2 3/12. General Watson, 59 born IN, was found on the 1930 census living in Norvell with wife Mary, 43 AR, and children, all born AR, Dolly 13, Louise 15, Robert 19, Ted 8, and Alice Parker, 22 widow.) These Watsons are no relation to Melvin Watson. Sec. ?

WATSON, George L. "Doc" or "Cap" – NS – Born abt 1853 in AR – Died abt 1890. Buried Mar 17 close to Cookston. Melvin also said he was buried across the road. His wife Malinda remarried to W. H. Jones on 22 Dec 1892. (G. L. Watson, 27 born MS, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Malinda, 21 AR, and nephew W. B. Wells, 3 months AR.) Sec. C

WATSON, George – NS – Mar 1888 – 1920s (George Watson, 22 born AR, was found on the 1910 census living in Earle in the household of Charlie Fullwood. Clara Stanley, 14 born TN, was found on the 1910 census living with her stepfather Andrew K. RABY, 32 TN, and her mother Mollie, 27 TN and half brother Cornelious 2 TN.) Permission for the marriage of George and Clara on 16 Apr 1911 given by Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Raby. George and Clara had one child who died as an infant. Clara may also be buried here. A Clarcy Watson is listed in the AR Death Index with death date of Jul 3, 1916. Is it for George’s wife, Clara? Sec. D

WATSON, Hugh Leonard [Pete] – Father – Nov 29, 1879 – Oct 15, 1957 (D with Martha) Pete was the son of George L. "Doc" and Malinda Palestine (EDWARDS) Watson who were mar 29 Feb 1880. According to 1900 census Pete was born in 1880. (Pete Watson, 40 born AR, was found on the 1920 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife Marthy, 30 AL, and children Vivia Lou? 11, Mary 3, and Austen 1, all b. AR. Pete Watson, 50 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Martha, 40 TN, and children, all b. AR except oldest, Vera, 20 TN, Mary 13, Austin 11, Paul 9, Gracie 5, Leona 3, and Curtis 2.) Vera must be Martha’s daughter by her first marriage to a LAW. Sec. H

WATSON, Infant Daughter of Lewis and Henrietta Watson – Born and died 1934. --Lucille Harrison Brazile. Sec. C

WATSON, Infant Son of Bill and Minnie Watson – died 1925 – age one day (W. W. Watson, 46 born AR, was found on the 1930 census living in the north part of Tyronza Twp with wife Minnie, 45 AR, and children, all born AR, John 17, Lewis 15, Billie 13, Melvin 11, Elsie 9, Evelyn 7, Bennie 4, Virgie 2, and Minnie 1/12.) Sec. ?

WATSON, Irvin Leion – July 13, 1936 – Oct 21, 1936 Son of Billy and Mildred Watson. Sec. C

WATSON, J. W. – 14 Aug 1931 – 28 Jun 1937 – Son of Johnnie and Matilda Lee "Ted" (FORD) WATSON. Sec. H

WATSON, Lem – NS – died Jan 1947 Second husband of Sallie SMITH. Buried next to her. Sec. C

WATSON, Martha WILLIAMS – Mother – Jan 5, 1888 – Jan 8, 1959 (D with Hugh Leonard) Citizens Funeral Home record gives birth year as 1889. Born in Jasper, AL. Died at Naval Hospital in Millington. Residing in Trumann. Daughter of George Williams and Mary BURNS. Wife of late Pete Watson. Surviving children were Mrs. Floyd Blevins, Mrs. Geo. Ford, Mrs. W. R. Peak, Miss Leona Watson, Austin Watson and Curtis Watson. Brother was Claude Williams. Sisters were Mrs. Rosmand Abbott and Mrs. Mary Sanders. Sec. H

WATSON, Paul – Born abt 1921 – Died abt Mar 1935 at age 14 from pneumonia. Son of Pete and Martha Watson. Buried close to George Watson. Sec. D

WATSON, Sallie – Oct 22, 1875 – May 28, 1919 Daughter of ________ and Elizabeth SMITH. Sister of Cabe Smith. Mother of Elizabeth (STONER) BURNETT. Stone beside her with no name, but according to Mary Nell Burnett this is Sallie’s second husband, Lem Watson.) Sec. C

WATSON Twins, children of Ben & Mildred – NS – Died May 7, 1950 Aged 2 days Sec. H

WEAVER, Beula Mae – My Beloved Mother – Apr 17, 1908 – Nov 22, 1946 Sec. E

WEAVER, Mr. – no dates – father of Eldon WEAVER. –PPM About when did he die? Name? Sec. ?

WEBB, Bob – Died in 1980s abt age 60. Buried behind the Harrison fence. Sec. C

WELCH, Jane ["Jennie"] – Sep 24, 1862 – Mar 12, 1948 Have other dates that may have come from a funeral home marker Sep 24, 1867 – Mar 13, 1946. Wife of Judson B. Welch. Their daughter Carrie married Sam McCoy. Is there a connection between this family and J. B. Hinson? Sec. E

WELCH, Judson B. – Feb 15, 1854 – Jul 8, 1931 (Judson Welch 48 born Apr 1852 in MS, was found on the 1900 census living in Union Co, MS, Ingomar and Blythes Gin precinct, Beat 2, with wife Alice age?? b. Oct 18?? in MS and children Mary E. 19 born Jan 1881, Arminta 17 born Mch 1882, Georgia E. 15 born May 1885, William T. 11 born Mar 1889, Emma B. 9 born Feb 1891, Samuel D. 4 born Jan 1896, and Pearl E. 1 born Jan 1898. Judson and Alice had been married 21 yrs. Judson B. Welch, 53 born MS, was found on the 1910 census living in Union Co, MS, ED 104, with wife Jennie, 41 MS, and children, all born MS, Isabella 19, Samuel 14, Pearl 13, Otey dau 6, and Carrie 7. Judge B. Welch, 72 born MS, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Jennie, 69 MS.) Sec. E

WHEELER, Boby Gene – NS – Died Aug 21, 1947 Age 15? yrs, 9 mos, 5? Days. Brother is Donny Wheeler. His sister married Dude Hoda. Boby was hit by a truck. Buried between Calvin Abbott and James Kirby (NS) and George C. Lindsey. Sec. H

WHEELER, M. E. – Born Sep 23d 1858 – Died June 26, 1906 Stone was broken. (J. P. Wheeler, 23 born in AL, was found on the 1880 census living in Tyronza Twp with wife M. E. 20 born AR and partner Abram Carter 22 born IL. M. E. Wheeler, 40 widow, born Sep 1859 in AR, was found on the 1900 census living in Tyronza Twp with children, all born AR, Lena 14 born May 1886, Cordelia 11 born Jan 1889, Clarah 8 born Jan 1892, Virginia 7/12 born Nov 1899 plus son-in-law W. J. McDaniel 29 born Feb 1871 in TN, daughter Rosie 19 born Sep 1880 and boarder Juliann Chapman 68 born Aug 1831 in TN. Sec. E

WHEELOCK, Edward Jr. – [Sep 24] 1935 – [May 15] 1998 Age 62 (called Bud) Month and day of birth and death taken from SSDI. Sec. ?

WHITE, Bedford – NS – Born Jan 26, 1923 in Clarkedale, MS. Died Feb 4, 1975 in Forrest City. Son of John E. White and Martha J. WINTERS. Husband of Faye MALONE. Surviving children were James Bedford White, William Boyd White, Robert White, Tommy Ray White, Mary Kathryn Russell, Jannet Boozer, Doris White and Connie White. Sec. ?

WHITE, Dan – NS – Brother to Wash White who married Mary Eubanks who then she married a Hodo. Sec. ?

WHITE, Mrs. – NS – no dates – Mother of Ray and Wallace WHITE from Turrell, AR. They lived on the Golightly Plantation. –PPM. Sec. ?

WHITE, Bettie Ann SMITH – NS – Died abt 1991. Daughter of Minnie E. (LINDSEY) BROWN. Wife of Burdell WHITE (son of Louise Linville) and mother of Terry WHITE. May have had a first marriage to a Lindsey.? Sec. C

WHITE, Odell Frank – Mar 16, 1908 – Mar 2, 1970 Blessed are the ones which died in the Lord. Citizens Funeral Home record shows birth year of 1907. Born in savannah, TN. Son of S. V. White and Beluah [sic] OWENS. Husband of Hazel HOWELL. Surviving children were one son, Burlice White, and daughters Doris Whitaker, Ethel Wadwell, Carolyn Harris, Judith Mize, and Miss Bethel White. Brothers were Terry White, Lois White, Burnest White, Earnest White, Homer White and Ralph White. Sister was Mrs. Minnie Smith. Sec. B

WHITEHEAD, ___________ - No given name. Handmade concrete marker. 1900? – 1950? To this area in late 1930s. Sec. H  ------- This grave later marked:  Fred Banks Whitehead was born Dec 27, 1899 in Alabama and died Oct 4, 1950 at 8 Road, Black Oak Township, Crittenden County, AR.  He was married to Eva Earline Hallmark (1918-1989) who later married Leland Kelley and is buried at Crittenden Memorial Park in Marion along with her second husband.  Banks and Earline Whitehead were the parents of Oneida “Sibby” Whitehead Hartley, wife of Acey Hartley, and Curtis Whitehead.

WILBURN, Clarence – Jan 1897 – Died late 1930’s. Son of James E. Wilborn/Wilburn and Annie (EARNEY) Wilburn PERRY. Sec. ?

WILLIAMS, Claud W. – Apr 8, 1884 – Oct 7, 1973 (D with Lillie A.) Came to this county in 1907. Was a brother to Mrs. Minnie (Williams) ABBOTT, wife of J. R. Abbott. (Claud Williams, 37 born AL, was found on the 1920 census living in Norvell Town with wife Lillie, 33 AR, and children, all b. AR, Cecil 11, dau Elmar 9, Lonnie 6 1/12 and Minnie 3 8/12.) Sec. H

WILLIAMS, (Mrs.) Ida Mae – NS – Died May 3, 1958 Aged 81 yrs, O mos, O days. Buried between W. R. Ingram and an unmarked grave to the right, then Eva Kimbrel. Sec. C

WILLIAMS, Lillie A. – Sep 7, 1888 – June 8, 1974 (D with Claud W.) Sec. H

WILLIAMS, Mary Ann – Died Oct 17, 1904 Age 48 Was a HILL when she died. Sec. C

WILLIAMS, Patsy Evelyn – NS – Feb 11, 1937 – Sep 23, 1940 Daughter of Sherman and Jewel (HOPKINS) Williams. Patsy died in Memphis of septicemia following an injury to her right hip suffered on Sep 19, 1940. Submitted by siblings, Marie and Bill Williams. Sec. E

WILSON, (Mrs.) Altha – Died Apr 2, 1941 Aged 34 yrs, 11 mos, 28 days. Calculated birth date 4 Apr 1906. Sec. E

WILSON, E. [Edward] C. – NS – Born 1868 – Died Dec 14, 1948 Aged 81 yrs (Ed C. Wilson, 62 all born MS, was found on the 1930 census living in the north central part of Tyronza Twp with wife Frances E. 50, and children Lucille 15, Howard 13, Louis 10, Jessie 8.) Sec. E? Note: A marker was purchased and place on this grave in July, 2002 – Edward Wilson, born 1868, died 1948.  Father of Louis Wilson.

WILSON, Louis – NS – Died in late Fall of 1938 – PPM  Was this the son of E. C. Wilson listed below? Sec. ? Note: A marker was purchased and place on this grave in July, 2002 – Louis WILSON, born 1920, died 1938

WILSON, Mary Jane – NS – no dates Sec. ?

WILSON, Pat (male) – NS – Died Mar 3, 1949 Age 30 Sec. ?

WINDERS, Betty Catherine – 1942 – 1946 Not dead but asleep in Jesus Daughter of Joe Winders and Flora Mae RILEY. Buried by side of W. H. POLK. Sec. E (Betty Catherine Winders was killed by a passing truck while trying to cross the road and holding onto the hand of her step-grandfather, John P. Linville. The truck left the road, striking the child.)

WINDERS, Joe Malcolm – Feb 27, 1921 – Jan 7, 1993 (by side of Betty Polk Winders LINVILLE) Excerpt from obit: of Earle, a retired employee of Stroupe Pest Control; seven sons, Bobby, Rickey, Dickey, Eddie and Kevin, all of Earle; Malcolm of Wynne and Chuck of Cherry Valley; two daughters, Bettye W. Orman of Crawfordsville and Tammy W. Webb of Parkin. Sec. E ----- On the 1930 census of Monroe County, MS – 9 year old Joe M. Windows (Winders) was listed in the household with his parents, Charlie Winders, age 68 (should be 58) and Bettie (Polk) Winders, age 39. He had an 8 month old brother, Louis D. Winders.  

WINFREY, Arvil – Son – Aug 11, 1921 – Apr 2, 1953 Son of Robert Winfrey. Sec. C

WINFREY, Beatrice L. – 1922 – 1948 (D with George W. Jr.) Sec. C

WINFREY, Boss – PVT US Army World War II – Sep 18, 1917 – Apr 26, 1987 (by side of Mary Lee) Excerpt from obit: a retired Earle policeman, born in AR, a Baptist; wife, Mary Winfrey; daughter, Shirley Forsythe [by a first mar.]; sister, Deallie Frazer of Earle. Sec. C

WINFREY, George W. – NS – Died Apr 12, 1956 Aged 47 yrs, 8 mos, 1 day. Calculated birth date 11 Aug 1908. Buried near George W. and Beatrice and Minnie A. Duncan. Sec. C

WINFREY, George W., Jr. – 1948 – 1948 [Age 5 mos, 3 days] (D with Beatrice L.) Sec. C

WINFREY, Mary Lee Spencer – Jul 5, 1921 – Feb 5, 1992 Wife of Boss Winfrey. Related to the Nulls. By side of Modine Swinford. Sec. C

WINFREY, Robert – 1867 – 1947 Father - By side of Arvil Winfrey. Sec. C

WORSHIP, Joe – NS – Died late 1920’s. –PPM. Sec. ?

WORSLEY, A. A. – NS – Apr 12, 1939 Aged 58 yrs, 1 mo, 16 days Calculated birth date 24 Feb 1881. Sec. H

WRIGHT, Amanda Gail – 1986 – 1986 – Daughter Sec. B

WRIGHT, Virginia Ann – 1957 – 1989 – Mother Sec. B




The following are inscriptions from pieces of broken stones:


______ , ______ – 1859, 8 – Died June 26th; 1903 (across the road) Sec. G

Initials J. R. Sec. H

? , ? – Born Jan 4th, 1856 – Died Feb 4th, 1900 J P W - does it go with dates and do dates go together? No

Paul M?? Died ?? Age ? y, 9 m (Citizens funeral home marker)

Geraldine ?_____ - Died Apr ??, 1961 Aged 2? y, O m, 26 d, (between Lindsey & Howard, funeral home marker; was she a COLLINS?)

28th 1895 Age 82 year

B Apr 14, - D June 14, 27 (this was the bottom part of a handmade stone)

There are three stones with no names – two heart shaped and 1 square.

Part of a stone read for death date _____ 28 1896 Sec. I

Initials: J. P. W., J. R., and J. C. P.


The earliest death date on a stone seems to be that of Susie CLOAR who died Jan 22, 1884.


Gibson Bayou Transcriptions



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