Raspberry Cemetery


Ebony, Crittenden County, Arkansas




Recorded by Wayne and Debbie Yates


March 6, 2005


This cemetery is located on a mound just off US Highway 64, south of Ebony,

between Marion and Crawfordsville.  The mound is visible from the highway.


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Gus, Sabrina and Junie Mae, “Our Angels”, “We Love and Miss You” (wooden cross at bottom of mound with no surname – this appears to be a new grave)


CRITTENDEN, Eliza F., born Jun 22, 184? - died Mar 27, 1893 or 1898

“Wife of R. F. Crittenden”


CRITTENDEN, R. (Robert) F., born Sep 20, 1845 – Died Jun 18, 1899

(Major Robert Francis Crittenden, CSA)


CRITTENDEN, Robert F. Jr., born Jan 27, 1886 - died Jan 17, 1887

“Son of E. F. and R. F. Crittenden”


CURRIE, F. (Francis) Crittenden, born Oct 11, 1899 - died Apr 12, 1937


CURRIE, Phebe C., born Sep 7, 1875 – died Apr 19, 1952


CURRIE, R. (Robert) F., Jr., born Feb 26, 1904 - died Dec 10, 1943


CURRIE, R. (Robert) F., Sr., born Apr 26, 1873 - died Nov 26, 1938


ERWIN, Miles T., March 19, 1927 - ____________


ERWIN, Phebe Currie, Jun 7, 1932Oct 4, 1996

“Beloved Daughter of James Lewis and Mildred Mann Currie”

(double with Miles T. Erwin)


KEY, Richard P., born March 4, 1844, died December 13, 1876


LEWIS, Edward B., born Jan 17, 1842 - died Dec 1, 1886


RASBURY, C. (Cornelius) E., born Jan  5, 1852 – died Oct 2, 1910


RASBURY, Phoebe L., wife of, born June 14, 1845, died Dec 23, 1886



Individual Stones:


F. C. C. (Francis Crittenden Currie)

P. C. C. (Phebe Crittenden Currie)

R. F. C. Jr. (Robert F. Crittenden, Jr.)

R. F. C. Sr. (Robert F. Crittenden, Sr.)

R. P. K. (Richard P. Key)

E. B. L. (Edward B. Lewis)

P. L. R. (Phoebe L. Rasbury)

Broken stone (no visible initials, probably Eliza Crittenden)



Additional research relating to the families buried in this cemetery:


It appears that Robert Francis Crittenden and Eliza married between 1870 and 1880. The maiden name of Eliza may have been Lewis. Edward B. Lewis, a sheriff was also living near R. F. and Eliza Crittenden at the time of the 1880 census.  He had been born in Alabama, as had his father.  His mother had been born in South Carolina.  Eliza Crittenden had also been born in Alabama, with her father born in Alabama and her mother in South Carolina.  Edward B. Lewis and Eliza Crittenden may have been brother and sister. 


1870 Census Crittenden County, ARJasper TownshipMarion - 07 June 1870

59/62      R. F.Crittenden, age 33, Lawyer, born VA



1880 Census Crittenden County, ARJasper Township – The Town of Marion06 June 1880

472/472  R. F. Crittenden, age 33, Attorney, VA/VA/VA

Eliza F. L. Crittenden, age 25, wife, AL/AL/SC (is her maiden name Lewis?)

Phebe Crittenden, age 4, dau, AR/VA/AL

Mary R. Crittenden, age 6/12, dau, AR/VA/AL

Eliza J. Tucker, age 11, AL/AL/SC


473/473  E. B. Lewis, 36, sheriff, farmer, AL/AL/SC (Edward B. Lewis)

A. Boliver, male, 43, laborer

Buford Taylor, male, black, 18, laborer, LA/LA/LA


Jackson Township09 June 1880

109/109  C. E. Raspberry, 28, farmer, TX/GA/GA

               Pheba Raspberry, 32, wife, AL/GA/SC

               Mary Raspberry, 64, mother, GA/GA/GA



1900 Census Crittenden County, ARJackson Township30 June 1900

534/349  R. F. Currie, head, Apr 1873, age 27, Married 2 yrs, TN/TN/MS,  merchant

               P. F. Currie, wife, Sep 1875, age 24, Married 2 yrs, births 1/1, AR/VA/SC

               F. C. Currie, son, Oct 1899, 7/12, AR/TN/AR

               M. L. Crittenden, sister in law, Nov 1879, 20, AR/VA/SC


Jackson Township06 June 1900

425/466  Cornelius E. Rasbury, head, Jan 1853, age 44, Married 11 yrs, MS/GA/GA, farmer

               Evelina Rasbury, wife, May 1867, age 33, 1 birth, 0 living, MS/MS/MS



1910 Census Crittenden County, ARJackson Township – 10 May 1910

8/8          Robert F. Currie, head, age 36, Married 11 yrs, TN/TN/TN, merchant, general store

               Phebe F. Currie, wife, age 33, Married 11 yrs, births 4/4, AR/VA/SC

Francis C. Currie, son, age 10, AR/TN/AR 

Robert F. Currie, son, age 6, AR/TN/AR

James L. Currie, son, age 3, AR/TN/AR (James Lewis Currie, husband of Mildred Mann)

Mary L. Currie, daughter, age 1, AR/TN/AR


From Arkansas Death Index (are these also buried here?)

Sallie Lee Currie, white female, age 6, died Jun 24, 1946, Crittenden County

Lila Rasbury, died Dec 6, 1928, Crittenden County





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