Clement Family Cemetery

Jericho, Crittenden County, Arkansas




(Taken from A History of Crittenden County, Arkansas by Margaret Woolfolk)


Located 1.25 miles east of Jericho on the west side of County Road 35

on the McNeely farm.



Anthony Marion Clement (1826-1888)


Mary Catherine Patrick Clement (1824-1918)


Lilly Virginia Clement James (1867-1908)

(Lilly Clement married Stephen Stonewall James II in 1888)


Robert E. Lee Clement (1865-1901)


Matilda C. Hardin Martin (1854-1896)


Benjamin Caleb Clement (1876-1889)



Stephen Stonewall James’s children included a daughter, America Cassandra (Cassie) and two sons,

Joseph Newman and Stephen II.  The latter married Lilly Clement in 1888.

She was one of the eight children of Anthony Marion Clement, a North Carolinian, and his wife

Mary Catherine Patrick, who had settled east of Jericho in 1869.

Another of the Clement children, Josephine, married William Malcolm Sidle (originally Sidellel)

and they had two children; Olga and William, Jr.  Olga married E. M. McNeely

and they had three sons, Billy Clement, E. M., Jr., and Claude. 

Mrs. Sidle was one of the county’s first teachers, instructing at the Clarkedale school.



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